Don't Look is issue #10 of Teen Titans Go!


A package for Raven leaves the rest of the Titans asking, "What's in the box?!"


One regular morning is interrupted by the sound of the Tower's doorbell. Each of the Titans (minus Raven) break into song as they approach the door. The Titans answer the door to find a mysterious package. Raven enters and grabs the package before anyone can open it. Raven travels back to her room, with Cyborg following close behind. Cyborg asks her what she has in the box, and Beast Boy appears, also asking what is in the box. Robin appears and asks her if she wants help carrying it. Starfire also appears, and is also curious as to what is inside the box. Raven angrily tells them all that they need to leave her package alone, or they will be sorry.

Later that day, Robin, Cyborg, Starfire, and Beast Boy all relax at the kitchen table. Each of them wonders aloud what is inside the box. Gouda, a cloaking-cloak, flipbertgorfers, they are all dying to know what Raven is hiding. Beast Boy begins to scream, and freaks out. Beast Boy transforms into a cheetah and sprints to Raven's room. When he arrives outside, he begins to pound on the door, demanding that she let him see the package. After a brief argument, Raven warns him to not look. Beast Boy insists that he should be able to see it, and Raven finally opens the door. Raven reminds him, "Don't say I didn't warn you!". Beast Boy pushes past her and sprints toward the package. He picks up the package, and his face is instantly covered in dust. When the dust clears, Beast Boy is revealed to have moose horns and a mustache.

Cyborg walks in the room, shocked to see his best friend looking so strange. Cyborg walks over and picks up the box. He begins to lecture Raven, telling her she cannot go around giving people horns and a mustache. Cyborg also tells her that she has to get rid of whatever is in the box. With that, Cyborg glances into the box, and is also covered with dust. When that dust clears, Cyborg has two giant robotic horns, and a small mustache.

Later, at the dinner table, Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Starfire are eating sandwiches. Cyborg wonders aloud why he had to look so badly. Starfire feels bad for them, and decides that she will speak to Raven about getting their faces returned back to normal. As she leaves the kitchen, Cyborg warns her, "Whatever you do, DO NOT look in the box". Beast Boy asks him if he wants to make a bet that she WILL look in the box. Cyborg insists that she wouldn't, but is interrupted when Starfire enters the room. Starfire now has long, curly purple horns and a short black mustache. Starfire's embarrassment is interrupted when Silkie enters the room with yellow pointed horns and a bushy black mustache.

Robin enters the kitchen, exhausted after a killer workout. He is suddenly startled to see his friends with horns and a mustache. Robin thinks for a second, then asks them if they looked in Raven's box. They all nervously lie, "No...". Robin asks them to tell him what is in the box, even though he is "not curious". Beast Boy tells him that there is no way they are telling him. Starfire then tells him if he wants to know, he must join them in wearing horns and a mustache. Robin sits down at the table and scoffs at them because, unlike them, he has "willpower". One minute later, Robin sprints out of the kitchen and towards Raven's room. A few seconds later, Robin screams as he enters the room once again with tiny white horns and a giant black mustache.

Back in Raven's room, Raven opens her package and examines her Butterbean doll. Raven begins to laugh, and decides that she should also put a spell on her shampoo to keep them out of it. The doorbell suddenly rings again, and each of the Titans sitting at the table refuses to answer it. Suddenly, each of them bursts into song once again, as they make their way toward the door.


Robin: There's someone at the door.

Starfire: Oh, Who can it be?

Beast Boy: Dude, did we order tacos?

Cyborg & Beast Boy: Or pizza delivery?

Robin: Maybe it's Batman. This place is such a mess!

Starfire: Or maybe it is a villain?

Cyborg & Beast Boy: Who gave them our address?

Beast Boy: If we do not answer, maybe the will go away.

Cyborg: No, that's not the answer, they'll just come another day.

Starfire: The Cyborg is right. We must answer or we will never knooooooooow.

Robin: Titans, Go!

(The Titans open the door)

Robin: A package?

Starfire: Oh, what could it be?

Beast Boy: Maybe it's a--

Raven: (spoken) IT'S FOR ME.



  • This is the first Teen Titans Go! comic to not feature any villains at all.
  • The name of this comic inside of the printed comic book is "Don't Look".
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