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"Dreams" is the forty-ninth episode of the first season of Teen Titans Go!, and the forty-ninth overall episode of the series.


After an exciting evening of crime fighting, the Teen Titans go to sleep for the night and each member has a unique dream of their own.


The Titans return to the Titans Tower after (once again) defeating the H.I.V.E. Five. They gather toward the couch where Silkie is snoring asleep, and argue about who's finishing moves were more awesome. Beast Boy and Cyborg are excited cause they love bedtime for how quiet it is and the stories. Starfire notices Silkie being asleep, knowing Silkie looks adorable when he is asleep (To what Robin says he does.) However, Silkie trembles, as Starfire worries that he is having a nightmare. Raven doesn't believe Silkie is a creature who can dream, but Cyborg says he thinks everyone can. Robin claims that dreams are windows into our most desires. The Titans talk about what they dream about. This reminds the Titans that it is bedtime, so they all go to their rooms and tell each other goodnight.

Silkie is curled up next to Starfire in her bed. In Starfire's dream, she asks the team to join on a picnic with her. None of the Titans are interested and they groan to the point that Starfire screams so loud that their heads change into those of cats. Starfire gleefully declares a "kitty picnic", and then they are suddenly at the park enjoying a picnic.

Starfire is happy because of how cute they all are that she begins playing with the cat-headed Titans, petting them and licking Raven.

In reality, Starfire is nuzzling Silkie's underside, causing him to wake up, so he goes to the next room to sleep. Silkie scuttles into Cyborg's room, curling up on his shoulder.

In Cyborg's "dream mode" (text on screen), Cyborg is in a side-scrolling, Mega Man-esque game, where his mission is to get pizza for the hungry team. He jumps up on rooftops crawling with crabs and UFOs, shooting them out of his way and avoiding toxic chimney smoke (a reference to Birds). Cyborg has trouble crossing over a chimney at one point, but after eliminating a UFO, he passes through. He does a rolling move to defeat several crabs at once, and he later reaches at a cave. The final boss is the Pizza Knight, a powerful and deadly Roman gladiator.

During the battle, the Pizza Knight nearly destroys Cyborg, but Cyborg pauses the game, equips a power-up, and annihilates the villain with one blast named the Booyah Blaster. A giant pizza floats above the boss's remains and Cyborg takes the beautiful prize.

He does his victory dance in real life, but causes Silkie to fly off his body and to go to the Beast Boy's room, where we see his dream.

In the dream, Beast Boy is a real life green chameleon and he is dancing the same dance back and forth on the cement street with funky music playing.

Back in the real world, Beast Boy kicks Silkie in his sleep, causing him to move to Robin's room where we see his dream.

In the dream, the Titans (in the original series' animation style) battle Brushogun from the movie Trouble in Tokyo. Robin leaps up in the air and smacks Brushogun in the face with his staff, causing it to explode. Inky goo flies all over the place, knocking down Starfire. Robin runs over to her, and they stare affectionately into each others eyes, agreeing how awesome the ink monster's defeat was. They start making out and Cyborg, Raven and Beast Boy stand by watching, amazed and wanting to tell everyone. They then run around telling people that Robin and Starfire are finally kissing, including people in a bar, The Titans East in a scene from Titans East Part 1 from the original series and Scarface, an ink monster made by Brushogun.

In the real world, Robin is kissing Silkie, causing the terrified larva to flee. Silkie then drops from a thread onto Raven who is floating above her bed as she sleeps. 

Inside of her dream, Raven is in an underground cave, with lava surrounding the rock she is meditating on. Trigon appears and orders her to join him in his quest to rule the world, but she refuses. He tells her it is her destiny, and she has no choice. Raven still refuses, which infuriates Trigon. Trigon reveals the rest of the team, who are all locked in cages above a lava pit. He tells her that if she does not join him, he will kill them. Raven manages to overcome Trigon, and rescues her friends. The Titans thank her, but her red Trigon eyes suddenly appear on her face and she telling them that she only saved them so she could kill them herself. She kills them all with a blast, and then laughs, taking over the world by riding the Earth as a horse with her friend's skeletons riding in the back.

In the real world, Raven is riding Silkie like a horse jumping up and down, which annoys him to the point of leaving.

Silkie scuttles back to where he started, the couch. He falls asleep nodding in rhythm to the music playing in his dream.

In Silkie's dream, he is merrily strolling down the street (he is pictured as a real life man in a Silkie costume) toward the restaurant "Sacco's Tacos". A montage starts, where he happily eats tacos, drinks soda, and gets ice cream. Silkie and Starfire dance, traveling to places around the world including The Eiffel Tower, The Statue of Liberty, the Egyptian pyramids, and Mount Rushmore. Back in reality, Silkie nods to the beat, enjoying his dream and the episode ends.



  • Jinx, Gizmo, and Mammoth are all mentioned in the beginning of the episode.
  • This episode aired on the first anniversary of the beginning of the series.
  • Cyborg turns off his light, even though in "Slumber Party", he is too scared to turn off his light. Though the hallway light may have been an explanation.
  • Cyborg is shown without the nightcap and teddy bear that he had in "Nose Mouth".
  • Beast Boy is seen for the first time wearing pajamas, as he was always previously shown sleeping in his regular clothes ("Tower Power", "Nose Mouth").
  • This is the first episode to feature three styles of motion picture.
  • The episode follows Silkie as if he were walking down the hall, with the same order of rooms as seen in the original series. Starting from the hallway, the room order is: Starfire, Cyborg, Beast Boy, Robin, and Raven.
  • Starfire's dream of playing with cats may be a nod toward her people's evolving from a feline-like alien species on Tamaran.
  • Beast Boy's and Silkie's dreams feature live-action, with Beast Boy's having a live-action lizard and Silkie's featuring a live-action person wearing a poorly-disguised Silkie costume and featuring animation of Starfire recycled from earlier episodes.
    • The live-action Silkie was confirmed to be portrayed by Aaron Horvath.
  • The Titans said goodnight to each other in this order: Starfire to Raven, Robin to Starfire, Cyborg to Beast Boy, Beast Boy to Robin and finally, Raven to Cyborg.
  • This is the second time Robin dreams of saving Starfire.


  • This is the second time Raven and Robin are seen dreaming, while this is the first time the rest of Titans are seen dreaming. The first time Raven and Robin are seen dreaming is in "Nose Mouth."
  • This is the second time Silkie's eyes have been shown open. The first time was in "Starliar".
  • In "Parasite", Robin decided to join Starfire's feast day while the other Titans disapprove it. However in this episode, during Starfire's dream he complains about going on Starfire's picnic with the Titans. It's possible that Robin was afraid that Starfire would bring more mouth worms. But this might be because in "Parasite", Starfire thought no one liked her traditions, which made Starfire dream of this.
  • Starfire is once again shown enjoying licking others, which she previously did with Silkie and Raven in "Missing".
  • The music that plays in Cyborg's dream is the same one that plays in "Power Moves" while Beast Boy is playing Bubble Bots.
  • This is the sixth time Raven is seen unhooded, as she was unhooded during Robin's dream. This is her last unhooded appearance in season one.
  • Silkie's dream about tacos and travel refers to the episode "La Larva de Amor" where Silkie is a romantic explorer seeking to travel the world with the woman he loved.
  • "Sacco's Tacos" is a taco restaurant featured in "Lazy Sunday."


  • Robin's dream is made up with stock footage from the original series with re-dubbed audio fitting his Teen Titans Go! personality by having everyone say he's cool, as well as including his kiss with Starfire from the end of Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo which is made to seem more like making out. It also includes a shot of the Titans East from the original series episode, “For Real”, albeit mirrored.
  • In Cyborg's dream, the move he makes to eliminate the row of crabs is similar to Sonic's Spin Dash from the Sonic the Hedgehog series.
    • It could also possibly be a reference to Metroid's heroine Samus Aran, the protagonist is able to morph into a ball.
  • The encounter between Raven and Trigon is a clear reference to the final confrontation in the original series episode "The End: Part 3".
  • This episode gets a reference from "The Amazing World of Gumball" episode "The Night", where the citizens are having dreams and (mostly) nightmares. Also, the "SpongeBob SquarePants" episode "Sleepy Time" may be referenced by this episode.

Running Gags

  • Silkie keeps trying to sleep with one of the Titans in their room, but changes his location when his sleep is disturbed by their dreams.


The transcript for "Dreams" can be found here.


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