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Quote1.png The good thing is, I can keep re-taking the test until I pass. And I will pass, because I am a master driver! Quote2.png

"Driver's Ed" is the third episode of the first season of Teen Titans Go!and the third overall episode of the series.


Poor Robin gets his driver's license suspended after wrecking the Batmobile, and must take a Driver’s Ed course. What he doesn't know is that his driving instructor, Ed, is a robber that has some sinister tricks up his sleeve where he uses him as a getaway driver.


The episode begins with Robin, tricking the other Titans to drive him around town for his selfish needs by telling them it's a very urgent emergency. Day by day, he causes Beast Boy to lose his game, Cyborg to lose some of his data, Silkie to get swollen up and Raven's Demon to escape from its realm. Needless to say, none of them are pleased.

Star is Angry.

The next time Robin needs someone to drive him around town, no one wants to take him. Robin is confused why no one will budge, so Cyborg explains to him they're all fed up with Robin interrupting their personal schedules to drive him around for trivial things. Starfire agrees with Cyborgs' point, who thanks her but fails to recognize her because of his data loss. When asked why he can't drive himself, Robin tells the others that his license is suspended after he wrecked the Batmobile, telling them it was a little "fender-bender", much to the amusement of the other Titans. He also tells them he met a guy on the Internet that can get his license back. Raven warns Robin that she does not believe this is a good idea, but Robin is assured that things will work out. He is even more assured he'll pass his test, proclaiming himself a "Master Driver".

Robin Dropping the Beat.

Robin goes where his instructor told him to meet. On the car window was a paper that said to start the engine. A man exits a bank with a bag of robbed money, puts the bag in the trunk and gets in the car. He introduces himself as Ed his instructor explaining how the test will work. If Robin messes up at all during the test, he'll get a deduction, with too many resulting in Robin failing. Robin then starts driving just as the police start to tail them. Despite Robin's efforts, Ed keeps giving frivolous deductions to Robin during his test, causing him to fail.

Back at the tower, the Titans once again laugh at Robin for failing, though Star assures him by saying its common for people to fail their test. Robin states that he can always retake the test until he passes, which he's confident he will, once again declaring himself "Master Driver". Robin walks off, and the other Titans voice their skepticism about Robin passing. Sure enough, Robin continues to fail each and every retake, still in the dark on why his driving instructor is really failing him.

The Wild Chase.

One day, the Titans are at a cafe and noticed Robin in front of a jewelry store when he was supposed to meet his Driver's Ed instructor. Ed robs the store and gets in the car. Raven tells the others that he is his getaway driver, and Starfire says that Robin may not know that he is one. They decide to chase Robin to warn him about Ed. Robin notices them, but thinks that they are going to make fun of him, so he speeds away from them. Later, after a wild chase (with Cyborg at the wheel of the T-Car), Robin stops the car somewhere by a park, with the T-Car crashing and blowing up in the same area, a flying tire bonking Cyborg on the head and restoring his memory of Starfire.

The Demon Pulls Ed.

Back to Ed and Robin, the Boy Wonder's wild driving has exhausted his instructor, prompting him to pass Robin at last if only to lose him as a getaway driver. Ed confesses to his true motives, bragging that Robin couldn't figure it out. In turn, Robin reveals he did realize, thus not warning Ed about the Demon behind him.

On cue, the dark entity snatches Ed, dragging the petrified criminal into its dimension, all while Robin celebrates finally becoming a "Master Driver", striking a pose as the episode concludes.



  • In a four-day period, Robin annoyed his friends by making them drive him to so-called "emergencies":
    • Beast Boy took him to Burger Splode! for a monstrous appetite for a cheeseburger, fries, a milkshake and a small side salad.
    • Cyborg took him to Game Bear to get a copy of Dog Simulator 2000 (a parody of the Microsoft Simulator series).
    • Starfire took him to the Cave where Aqualad is the DJ for the night.
    • Raven took him to the beach so he could surf.
      • Raven is also revealed to be able to drive without using her hands.
  • Oddly, Starfire and Raven drive Robin when they could have instead just flown or teleported him to his destination.
  • This is the first episode to be centered around only one character.
  • When Robin met Ed at the casino, a sign said that Mumbo Jumbo was going to perform that day.
  • This is the first appearance of the T-Car in Teen Titans Go!
  • Robin's grappling gun has a different design.
  • Ed also appears in Pie Bros, the person who gets locked up in jail after Beast Boy does a poor lawyer job.
  • It is revealed that Robin can't drive. However in later episodes he is shown to be better at driving.


  • The game Robin bought, "Simulator Zoo", also appeared in "Pie Bros".
  • Raven's demonic red eyes are shown for the first time.
  • Once again, the BAT-O's stand is shown and Food Bear is shown for the second time since "Legendary Sandwich."
  • This episode is the debut of the recurring Seagull.
  • Robins' grievance about not having powers would later be explored in "Super Robin".


  • Beast Boy plays a video game where the main boss is a large brain, giving a nod to the Doom Patrol's nemesis: The Brain.
    • It can also reference the Metroid series, the character Beast Boy plays is a nod to Samus Aran, while the brain boss is a nod to Mother Brain.
    • The game over message "You Are Die" is a reference to some older video games having poor translations when they were ported to the US, like Zero Wing's "All your base belong to us" (However, Zero Wing was only translated for the European release of the Sega Mega Drive port, and thus never saw an American release).
      • It can also be a reference to the iconic X-Men line, "Welcome to die."
  • Silkie eating the zorkaberries and becoming puffy is a reference to the original Teen Titans episode "Can I Keep Him?" where Silkie grows to a gigantic size after Starfire feeds him zorkaberries.
  • The face of DC Western hero, Jonah Hex, is on the casino that Ed robs. Also, the one performing there tonight was Mumbo Jumbo, a villain from the original Teen Titans series.
  • The music that Robin dances to in the car is a soundalike instrumental version of Stuntin' Like My Daddy by Birdman and Lil Wayne.
  • Later in the episode, Cyborg, Starfire, Raven, and BB get coffee at a store called "Justice Java" with Superman drinking a cup of coffee on the sign. This store would reappear in later episodes.
  • During the police car chase scene, the song that's playing is a soundalike to Yakety Sax by Boots Randolph.
  • When the T-car bounces off the planets, the sounds emulate those of a classic pinball table.
  • This episode shares the same title from Sabrina: The Animated Series.


  • Robin destroyed the Batmobile by crashing it into a lamp post; however, in other media (such as LEGO Batman 2: DC Superheroes) the Batmobile has shown to be nearly indestructible.
  • When the Titans are first outside the cafe, Robin and Ed's car are absent, but after Raven notices, they are suddenly in front of the jewelry store.
  • It is shown that Robin has bad eyesight; this is seen when he takes the eye test. Yet in future episodes, his eyesight seems fine.

Running Gags

  • The demon Raven failed to defeat randomly showing up.
  • Cyborg being unable to remember who Starfire is.
  • The same cop keeps blindly shooting at Ed's getaway car.
  • Ed saying "that's a deduction."
  • Robin saying that he is a Master Driver.


The transcript for "Driver's Ed" can be found here.


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