"Egg Hunt" is the 17th episode of the sixth season of Teen Titans Go!, and the two-hundred-seventy-eighth overall episode of the series.


Robin still regrets not being able to find an Easter egg when he was a kid, so the Titans head to Gotham to solve this mystery.


It's Easter and the Titans are cheering for the holiday. Starfire eats up her delicious Easter egg, Beast Boy holds up a dirty chocolate Easter bunny, Cyborg forcing himself to shove down a tray of marshmallow chicks. Raven doesn't seem to have a favorite thing but it turns out she answers with a smile and says "Cuz I like everything!" Starfire then pulls up an Easter basket to begin the holiday, but shockingly it's Robin being the Easter bummer this time! He throws a birdrang at Starfire's basket, tosses away Cyborg's marshmallows, and smacks Beast Boy's chocolate bunny at his face, saying there will be no Easter this year because he had a terrible Easter in his childhood.

Exasperated, the four Titans comment on how almost all of Robin's memories are boring and painful, but Robin shuts them up by saying it was only 'painful'. He begins to tell them that there was one small child, and Beast Boy thinks it's Jason Todd. He continues but Cyborg thinks it's Tim Drake, and Raven says it's Carrie Kelly, one of her favorite Robins. This angers Robin and he shouts "I AM YOUR FAVORITE ROBIN". He then continues that he is a brave boy before he flashes back to his old memory, saying Batman once hid the egg which he had looked everywhere but sadly never found it. This tucks the heartstrings of the Titans' and they all begin to cry, with Robin joining in. Trying to cheer Robin up, the four Titans decide to organize an egg hunt for him to search for the missing egg. Robin disagrees and says it was like from years ago, and moreover, it might be smelly and rotten. Raven then comments on how bad he usually smells. The Titans block their noses to prove Raven's claim because of Robin's repulsive odor.

After Robin drives the car and throws a tantrum upon knowing that he is not being considered as the favorite Robin, the Titans are off to the Bat Cave and go off to search. Raven checks behind the coin, Starfire looks behind Batman's stinky clothes and Beast Boy checks in the Crime Lab. Cyborg searches under the chair and smells something familiar, Robin's stinks. Robin then tells them it's not in here and wallows in self-pity for being a terrible detective. Beast Boy is seen leaning on a canon and accidentally fires it. The Titans are worried about it exploding, but fortunately it's a clue instead. The Titans are happy, and they read their first clue.

The Titans proceed to go to the next location in search of the clue: The Bat-Signal. They find the second clue when Beast Boy "accidentally" leans against the light.

The next clue leads them to the Gotham prison, where they search through the cells of various criminals to find the next clue. They end up finding it in a drawer of socks.

The next clue says that the answer will be staring him in the face. The Titans proceed to go to Wayne Manor. Robin looks in the toilet, and sad, cries. However, his tears are colorful, and Robin says they have been like that as long as he could remember. Robin then proceeds to look under his mask and finds his parasitic twin holding the rotten egg, much to the disgust of the other Titans.



  • Robin and Starfire's relationship is strained yet again. In one scene, Robin throws a birdarang at the basket Starfire holds, which explodes in her face.
  • This episode reveals that Robin has not been able to find an Easter egg as a kid until he realizes that Batman has hidden the egg inside his eye.
  • Robin's Parasitic Twin has a more high-pitched and squeakier voice than his previous appearances.
    • This is also the first time Robin shows his parasite twin to the other Titans, confirming Starfire's suspicion in "The Mask".
  • This is the only Easter-themed episode not to have the Easter Bunny appear.
  • This episode premiered at 7:00 p.m. during the Teen Titans GO! Easter Egg Hunt marathon on Friday, April 10, 2020, which went from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and during the Easter Egg-stravaganza.
  • This episode reveals that Raven has a collection of chocolates hidden in the sides of her cloak in case of celebrating Easter.



  • The poster which Mr. Freeze has put in his prison cell pictures Mrs. Freeze (Nora Fries), his wife.


  • Robin states that his tears have been colorful since childhood. However, when he cried in previous episodes and even at the beginning of this episode, his tears were normal.
    • Although in most parts his tears are not colorful in the majority of episodes, in this episode his colorful tears were the results of his parasite twin hiding his egg inside his eye.
    • Although he couldn't find his Easter egg, Robin participates in every egg hunt.
  • According to Batcave’s security system, Jason Todd is Batman’s favorite Robin. However, this is extremely unlikely since Jason Todd went down the path of dark vigilantism and murder, something Batman would definitely not be proud of.
  • The Bat-Signal would not have been seen, since it was a clear sky. There need to be clouds for the light to diffuse.

Running Gags

  • Robin complaining he's not a great detective.
  • One of the Titans thinking that they smell the egg, which instead turns out to be Robin.
  • Raven getting upset with Robin about being oblivious about a clue.
  • Robin's smelliness being emphasized.
  • Beast Boy finding every clue by leaning onto something.


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