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"Employee of the Month: Redux" is the twentieth episode of the fourth season of Teen Titans Go!, and the one-hundred-seventy-seventh overall episode of the series.


While the other Titans are trying to stop a cow-stealing UFO, Beast Boy gets a job to buy a moped.


The episode starts with a shot of a farm when a UFO zooming over it, abducting a cow. The cow is revealed to be a fake, as Cyborg pops out of with the rest of the Titans. The UFO tries to escape, and the Titans chase it, but it ultimately gets away. Beast Boy (who had been lagging) finally catches up, and the Titans go back to the Tower. While most of the Titans are going over how the UFO keeps evading them, Beast Boy comes over with a magazine talking about a moped he wants the Takayama 3000.

He asks all the Titans to help him, but they all rebuff him. He complains about this, and Raven suggests he get a job. He goes off to look for one and ends up in front of a restaurant called Mega Meaty Meat with a "workers wanted" sign in the window. An odd-looking guy who is the manager comes out and asks him if he would like a job there. He starts to explain that he is a vegetarian and wouldn't like to work at a place like that, but then he explains that there is a moped involved, which quickly changes his mind. A bit later, the Titans show up, and all seem a bit put off by the place (All except for Cyborg, who is too hungry to notice.), but they cannot reflect on it any longer as the UFO reappears.

Raven asks if he's coming, but he says he'll get fired if he leaves. They rush out and chase the thing again, this time leading it to a wall in which it crashes. They then see that there is a cow inside, but Cyborg identifies it as not the pilot but the power supply. Back at the restaurant, Beast Boy is experiencing something worse than an alien invasion: the lunch-hour rush! To escape the hungry mob, he runs to the back room and finds multiple cows strapped into a machine he talks to a block on a screen who reveals himself to be the one behind the UFOs.

When he comes out, he is nothing more than a block of talking No-Fu in a small robot suit. Unfortunately, he has the whole restaurant in the sky, and his other UFOs will be making quick work of the Titans. Luckily, the Takayama 3000 can fly! Beast Boy grabs the canister in which the No-Fu is kept in and hops on the bike, frees his friends, and blows up the mother-ship. When he lands, he explains what was going on, and they all agree it was a pretty weird day. The episode ends with Cyborg eating the alien tofu leader unknowingly and saying: "What?," when the others look at him quizzically.



  • This episode aired one year after "Finally a Lesson".
  • In the original episode, Beast Boy is about to abandon his post at Mega Meaty Meat to join his teammates on a mission, and Raven tells him that he'll lose his job if he leaves. In the new episode, in the same situation, Raven asks Beast Boy if he's coming, and he says that he can't because he'll lose his job.
  • Scott Menville replaces Rob Paulsen as the voice of No-Fu aka "The Source".
  • Greg Cipes also voices Meaty, the manager of Mega Meaty Meat.
  • In the original episode, Cyborg was the one who told the cow to put its arms or tentacles up, but in this version, Robin is the one saying it.
  • Because this episode is a GO! episode, some scenes such as Beast Boy becoming a video game beta tester, and getting fired, him becoming a clown to give balloon animals to kids, then quitting, becoming a Hoover salesman, and getting fired for accidentally blowing up the Hoover, him interrogating No-Fu for information, and threatening to eat him with BBQ sauce, till he coughs it up, him fighting off an army of clones resembling the store manager, by using water to turn them into No-Fu (a weakness coughed up by The Source), he spending hours altogether evacuating the cows, before the mothership self-destructs, and finally, the moped getting destroyed in the end, were all either removed or given a little twist, given the fact that this episode is shorter than the OG version of this episode.
  • The UFOs which appear in this episode have an alternate blueprint: them being cube-shaped. But, in the OG version of this episode, they were flying saucers.


  • This is the second time in an episode where Beast Boy gets a job to buy something. He first did this in "Pie Bros", where he got a job at Mother Mae-Eye's pie shop to buy a birthday gift for Cyborg.
    • Overall, this is the first time that Beast Boy gets a job to buy something for himself. 
  • This episode has some similarities with "Pie Bros," because Beast Boy wants a job so he can get something, and also there is at least one villain encountering the Teen Titans without Beast Boy or Cyborg noticing, and the episode ends with Cyborg or Beast Boy eating someone's body made into food with the Teen Titans looking at either one of them, making one or both of them to say: "What?".


  • This episode is effectively a remake of an episode from the original series titled, "Employee of the Month", with just a few minor tweaks (such as the store manager's appearance). Here are some other references to the episode:
    • Beast Boy's love for mopeds.
    • Many lines are reused from the original episode.
    • Starfire even mentions that their battle at the farm seemed strangely familiar, which could be another callback to the original episode.
  • The name of the moped, "Takayama 3000", refers to one of the character designers of the series, Junpei Takayama.
    • However, in the original episode, the moped had no weapons, had white plastic covering, and was called the Tidwell 3000, which refers to James "Scooter" Tidwell, a crew member on the OG series, because his name being used for the moped, and it's ironic that the moped is an actual scooter, because Tidwell's nickname is Scooter.
  • The three UFOs Beast Boy netted in his imagination sequence resemble the one from the original episode, the escape pod from the fourth Star Wars movie, and the ship from E.T. the Extraterrestrial.


  • TBA

Running Gags

  • Meaty constantly calling Beast Boy wrong names.
  • Meaty saying that "He'll be in the back".


The transcript for "Employee of the Month: Redux" can be found here.


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