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Quote1.png You are sentenced to righteous termination! Quote2.png
--Evil Dragon

You may be looking for the Dragon.

The Evil Dragon is the main antagonist of the four-part special, which is divided into chapters about Cyborg's favorite song.


A long time ago in the universe of The Night Begins to Shine, he controlled the world, and almost nobody challenged him. But when B.E.R arrived, they brought The Night Begins to Shine, and made a new, more shinier version of the world. The dragon was mad, and wanted the song to make the world in his image once again. In the episode "Chapter One: I Saw You Dance," the Teen Titans arrived at the alternate universe, and accidentally came across the dragon.

He desired the song, and he said he would pull the song out of Cyborg's metal bones. The Titans battled the dragon, but he ended up sucking Robin, Starfire, Beast Boy and Raven into their reality. After neglecting the dragon's request for the song, Cyborg was eaten by the dragon, but escaped with the power of the song in "Chapter Two: The Story in Your Eyes".

The dragon ended up trapping Cyborg, and was later joined by the other Titans and B.E.R in "Chapter Three: Playing Hard to Get". The dragon acquired the song, and made the world in his own image. When all hope seemed lost, B.E.R summoned Sweet in "Chapter Four: The Night Begins to Shine". Sweet battled the dragon, and won. Cyborg delivered the final blow, and defeated the dragon, though he swore they had not seen the last of him.

Physical Appearance

Large and mostly red with a yellow underside and orange scales and two dark red horns on his head. Has a pair of massive wings, large reptilian eyes and razor sharp teeth.

Episode Appearances

Season 3

Season 4

Season 6


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  • He is different than The Dragon from "Riding the Dragon".
  • He is the first dragon that is a major villain since Malchior from the first Teen Titans series.
  • He also is the first villain that the Titans required outside help to successfully defeat.
  • This dragon, voiced by David Kaye is possible a homage to Transformers: Beast Wars, where he voiced Megatron, who transforms into a big evil red dragon.