Fade Away
Song by Beast Boy
Released: Wednesday, February 12, 2014
Venue: Titans Towers garden
Trash Hole
Genre(s): Love


Length: 1:00
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Teen Titans Go! - Beast Boy sings Fade Away

Fade Away is a song in "Be Mine" sung by Beast Boy as a cat for Terra on Valentine's Day. The song later was re-sung by Beast Boy in "Rocks and Water" as a song used to comedically show how Terra drifted away from her relationship with Beast Boy. This song is originally by his voice actor, Greg Cipes, for his reggae band, Cipes and the People.


You can't fade away

The way I feel for you

There ain't no word I can say

For what I'd do for you

And every single day I make it through this game called life

It's always filled with pain and strife

Reality will cut you like a knife, it ain't right

But with you by my side we will win this fight

In the battle of dark and light

Oh take my hand hold it tight

When we dance I feel alright

By your side is where I'll be

Endless love won't fade you'll see

When you walk you walk with me

Terra together let the light shine

By your side is where I'll be

Endless love won't fade you'll see

When I walk you walk with me

Together let the light shine



  • The song "Fade Away" Beast Boy serenaded Terra with was written by Greg Cipes back in 2007, as part of the band Cipes and the People. The song is modified for the episode adding Terra's name as well as Cipes singing in Beast Boy's voice. Cipes has performed the song in its entirety with these modifications as well.
  • This is the second song to have a reprisal, as it appeared again in "Rocks and Water." The first song to do so is I Love Pie.
  • This is the first song about a Titan's love for someone else.
  • The "Rocks and Water" reprisal focuses on Beast Boy and Terra breaking up.
  • This song was heard again in "Bottle Episode" and sung briefly by Beast Boy in "BBRAE" when attempting to woo Raven.


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