"Family Plan" is Volume 2, issue #22 in the Teen Titans Go! comic book series.


It's time for Raven's loveable family reunion in the middle of Hell! Trying to have some fun, the Titans can't help but be little worried about all demonic entities around them. Could this really just be a family get-together, or is Trigon the Terrible up to something again?


Just as the Titans arrive at a signpost welcoming them to the Netherworld, a godforsaken cry (literally) pierces the air. Cyborg instantly regrets wanting to travel here, and Beast Boy breaks down in tears about spending forever in Hell. Robin tries to build their team spirit, but Starfire reminds him that they aren't here to save the world... It's Raven's family reunion!

For it being the darkest and evilest place ever, the Netherworld is actually quite decorative and welcoming. Multiple Azarathian demons are mingling throughout the banquet room, and Trigon greets Raven's friends. Robin warns the wicked father not to pull any tricks, but Trigon merely offers him a cheese puff. He then shows him 3 of his brothers: Horrace the Horrid, Barry the Beastly, and Myron the Mildly Irritating. Cyborg unfortunately remembers the last brother from one of their previous adventures with Mystery Incorporated as Myron taps on his head. Last but not least, Trigon introduces Raven's grandmother, who mistakes Robin for Rae (she has poor eyesight). Robin fills her in that he's not of demonic blood, and she goes after Beastie instead. Not wanting to get his cheeks pinched, he runs off to warn Cyborg, who's checking out all the food with Raven. Unfortunately, all of munchies are composed of demonic body parts, so Cy's gonna pass on food for once. Remembering that her grandma possesses/murders anyone who insults her cooking, Raven tries to warn Cyborg. But it's too late; he's already deemed it toxic waste, and now he and Beastie have a demon grandma chasing them...

As she's watching her two friends, some jerk shoves Raven "two-eyes" in the face... it's her brothers, the Sons of Trigon. Raven remarks that she doesn't have any time for sibling rivalry, but the boys don't know what that is. She explains that it's when you hate a brother who's the smartest, strongest, and/or best-looking. The fools immediately burst into a huge free-for-all about who'd the greatest, and Raven jovially leaves the squabble.

Family Plan (Starfire)

How rude!

Meanwhile on the dance floor, Starfire's trying to make small talk with some of Raven's teenage cousins. Not wanting to bother with the space princess, they pretend to only hear a bug squeaking. Starfire doesn't know of any squeaking insects, so one of the demons likens her voice to slime not even worth scraping off her shoe. After making fun of her hair and clothes, Raven pulls her away from her cousins, deeming them just a bunch of harpies. Literally.

Robin, paranoid as ever, is threatening to take down Trigon before he can take over the Earth. One of the demon guests laughs at the idea of taking over the dump they calls Earth, and Trigon informs them that he's not hosting an invasion, but an intervention. Raven and the other Titans are quite confused, so the villainous incubus explains that, ONCE AGAIN, he's trying to convert Raven over to wickedness. Angry that this whole party has been about turning her evil, Raven immediately starts scolding her father. However, Starfire calms her down... she explains that all parents act this way when their children grow up, and she tries coaxing the demon relatives into letting Raven find her own path. Although Starfire brings some of them tears, they give her a very clear denial by shouting in her face with the force of 1000 windmills. Trigon asks his daughter one last time to come home, and she seems like she's about to acquiesce...

Only it's the exact opposite! Raven explodes in blistering fury, revealing her evil-spirit form. All of her relatives make a break for it as Raven slowly crumbles down the Netherworld; it seems that she's about to kill everyone in the banquet room. Even the four Titans are worried about dying, but thankfully, Raven calms down for them. Starfire embraces her, thankful for her love, but all Raven really wants to watch Pretty Pretty Pegasus. Not able to contain himself, Robin starts gloating about their victory, but he's cut short by a flash of green light. Just like that, they've left Hell.

From their hiding places, a few demons hear Trigon crying. They think he's sad about Raven's failed conversion, but the malicious-yet-loving father is just so happy that Raven destroyed their world without caring for anyone's safety.


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  • Myron the Mildly Irritating returns from the second part of the Scooby-Doo Team-Up crossover, "Teen Titans -- Ghost! Part 2".
  • This is arguably the first time Azarath has been visited by the Titans in Teen Titans Go!. The place itself hasn't appeared in the TV show yet.
    • The reason this is arguable is because Azarath is never explicitly mentioned in this comic. Although it seems to be the home of Raven and her relatives, the place is only referred to as "the Netherworld."


  • In the first frame, the signpost that reads "Welcome to the Netherworld" has a sign underneath it reading "Hey, it beats Hoboken." Hoboken is a city in New Jersey, USA.
  • Raven refers to her cousins as "harpies", which are half-bird half-female monsters in Greek mythology. Although they have dragon wings instead of feathered wings, this description pretty much fits them.


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