"Fouled Out" is issue #30 of the Teen Titans Go! comic book series.


When Titans East instigates a friendly softball outing, Robin sees a vast conspiracy by Speedy to undermine his team. And when his mania spreads to the other Titans, they’re going to turn a friendly game into a high-stakes death match.


Chaos strikes Jump City again as the sinister Cinderblock rampages through the streets. Good thing the Teen Titans are there to put a stop to him. However, before the team can even carry out Robin's orders, the massive menace falls over, his back covered in arrows... Cinderblock is defeated thanks to Speedy and the other members of Titans East! Robin's not too thankful, though—he had the situation under control (and to prove it, he tries reawakening the blocky villain to beat him up himself). But Aqualad and Bumblebee are more interested in a different challenge.. a baseball game. The Titans have differing opinions about this, but only on opinion matters: Robin's. And he's not one to back down from a challenge.

To prepare for the game, Robin has the Titans meet out in the front lawn to practice some baseball skills. At first, none of them are too excited about baseball. However, Robin eventually lures in Beast Boy, Starfire, and Raven with the really easy rules, cool caps, and scrumptious snow cones. That stuff isn't gonna do it for Cyborg though; to him, baseball is way too slow-paced and boring. Still, he reluctantly helps with practice by shooting baseballs at the others (sparing no speed, regardless of how hard Beast Boy gets hits).

Fouled Out (Cyborg)

What!? Dugouts are awesome!

Once they move on to batting practice, Cyborg decides to just ditch the team. Before he can get too far though, he runs into Diamond Dan, the Spirit of Baseball. The strange little baseball diamond shows Cyborg the great stuff about the sport: of course, the action's great, but even better is the dugouts! At face value, they seem to just be disgusting benches, but Diamond Dan explains that it's a real great place to cut loose and forget manners—no one can see them in a dugout! So thanks to his unusual diamond friend (who's really just a hallucination caused by a ball smashed into his head), Cyborg finally realizes how terrific baseball actually is.

The Titans can't worry about his brain/computer injury now, though... the Titans East team has just shown up, and they're ready to PLAY BALL! Cyborg is first up to bat, and to the Titans joy, he crushes the ball out of sight. Sadly though, super speedsters Más y Menos retrieve the ball and get him out, no sweat. Robin and Speedy suddenly break into a fight about the rules, and then the game falls apart. Starfire and Bumblebee joke that only fighting brings them together. And as if on cue, the mutant monster Plasmus rises from the water. Even in the face of this great threat though, all Speedy and Robin can do is argue...


Fouled Out (Speedy)

Cracka-lacka smack smack!

Fouled Out (Robin)

Giving Robin the smack down.

Fouled Out (Robin) (2)


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  • The Titans' team mascot is Silkie, as he is seen on the equipment and baseball uniforms.



Fouled Out (Starfire)
  • Near the beginning, Beast Boy mentions that the cheetah (his transformation) is endangered. Well, sadly that's true...[1]


  • The text when Starfire says "Batman" has a space between "Bat" and "Man." It should be one word.

Running Gags

  • Aqualad continuously trying to flirt with Raven, which disgusts her.


The transcript for "Fouled Out" can be found here.


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