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Breaking the Fourth Wall is a comedic devise used in fictional stories in which a character realizes they're in a TV show, book, or movie. It is broken several times in Teen Titans Go!. Some ways to break the fourth wall are by characters talking to the audience, characters noticing a censor bar, etc.

Season 1

The Date


  • After Starfire accidentally hits Beast Boy on the head with a watering can, Beast Boy is seen looking at the camera with a confused look.

La Larva de Amor


  • Robin saying how the story will end.


  • Starfire winking at the camera in the end.


  • Beast Boy winking and giving a thumbs up at the camera.


  • Raven says "EVER," and the word appears and crushes Beast Boy.
  • Beast Boy and Raven's wedding lasts eleven seconds in which each episode lasts eleven minutes.

Colors of Raven

  • When Red Raven was yelling at the other Titans, Orange Raven looks at the screen and burps
  • Starfire gives a speech at the end directly at the camera

The Left Leg

Staring at the Future

  • The Titans noticing the word "Responsibility," floating above their heads.

No Power

  • Robin shoving the word "Bra," back into Beast Boy's mouth and him spitting it out again.


  • Robin shrugging at the camera when he heard Raven singing.

Breakfast Cheese

  • Robin's swelled face getting crushed by the transition.

Uncle Jokes

  • Beast Boy saying "try this again," and rewinding to an earlier scene.

Real Magic

  • Mumbo whispers to the camera to watch him "disappear".

Puppets, Whaaaaat?

  • The Titans "puppet selves," being live action and a human hand being seen controlling them.

Season 2

Mr. Butt

  • Blackfire pulling over a large censor bar to cover up Starfire's nudity.


  • Robin throwing dirt at the camera.
  • Brain points at the letters and spells it correctly

Salty Codgers

  • Raven and Starfire look at the camera.


  • When Beast Boy yawns, he shoved the word "Yawn" back in his mouth; the same thing happens to Raven. When Robin yawns, he punches the word "Yawn."
  • When Robin falls asleep, the word "Yawn" presses the button to keep him in a tube.
  • Cyborg shoots the speech bubbles of the facts Starfire states.
  • Starfire's Knowledge stating facts cauing the Titans attacks to go astray.


  • Cyborg saying it was around "six-ish," which is when the episode aired.

The Mask

  • Robin says he removed his mask for the original Teen Titans show a clip from the original show.

Body Adventure

  • Cyborg sneezes the Crab at the screen.

The Best Robin

  • Brother Blood actually predicting that multiple Robin's would show up.

Let's Get Serious

Rocks and Water

  • Cyborg points to the word "Third Wheel," above.

The HIVE Five (episode)

  • Gizmo is briefly seen glaring at the screen while Beast Boy prank-calls him.
  • Starfire winks at the camera while flying away with the cat.

The Return of Slade

  • After the Titans' battle against Slade, they talked about how the storylines came together, the battle containing action, drama, and comedy, and stating that the audience couldn't see it because it was too awesome.

Season 3

Leg Day

The Fourth Wall

  • This episode mainly focuses on the fourth wall.
    • Control Freaks informs the Titans that they are in a TV show and will reboot them if they don't shape up.
    • The Titans calling the viewers creeps
    • He shows the Titans some clips from the original series. The Titans then complain about why they didn't have a sixth season and why it got cancelled.
    • The Titans try to improve their show and get less haters.
    • The Titans break through the screen at the end to foil Control Freak's plan.

Grube's Fairytales

  • In the Hansel and Gretel based story, Cyborg reaches for a cheese stick from the split screen.

Animals, It's Just a Word!

Garage Sale

  • While in the attic, the Titans mention the names of some of the episodes where their mementos originated from.
  • In the Titans' memories, there are doors leading to past episodes.
  • Cyborg pointing the "All Sales Are Final" sign.

How Bout Some Effort

  • Gizmo looks at the camera at the end.

Batman v Teen Titans: Dark Injustice

  • Raven mentioning Teen Titans Go!
  • Cyborg talks to the screen.
  • The Titans pulled a prank at the audience.

Bottle Episode

  • The Titans (except Robin) looked at the screen.
  • The Titans remembering past episodes.

Wally T

  • Robin believes that Wally T. is a fan of Teen Titans GO! Robin asks Wally T. if he likes Teen Titans GO! or the original Teen Titans series and he chooses the original series, in which Robin sighs in disappointment. Cyborg says that he doesn't blame him for liking the original because in terms of animation and arts style, the original show is way better.


  • Robin talking and telling the PPG Narrator to say what he is doing out loud.

The Titans Show

  • Robin breaks the fourth wall by stating that if the Titans were on a TV show, their experiences on a deserted island would be a week long event known as "Island Adventures".
  • Starfire also breaks the fourth wall by predicting the ending of the episode, with fighting the villains.

Snuggle Time

  • A kitten's face getting squished by the transition.
  • The Cyborg saying adding "The" to his name making it villainish.

Season 4

The Inner Beauty of a Cactus

  • Raven briefly breaks the fourth wall by looking at the screen in confusion when Starfire (who is speaking in Beast Boy's manner) says that her aura is tight.

The Self-Indulgent 200th Episode Spectacular!

  • The Titans enter the real world through exiting the virtual they live in order to find a way to save Jump City.


  • Robin tells the audience on how Cinderblock is going to terrorize the city.
  • The screen is broken when Starfire shouts "ATTACK! The goose!"

Season 5


  • Beast Boy expresses his agreement on Robin's statement of people can still pursue for a job in entertainment business even without talent while looking at the audience.
  • Raven also looks at the audience when she says she describes Helen Mirren as a sassy beard.

Forest Pirates

  • Robin breaks the fourth wall when he questions whether a cast requires adding a new addition as a means to keep a series interesting.
  • Raven also does the same by looking at the screen when she makes a rhetorical question on how her "Whatever" catchphrase can give people a laugh.

Had to Be There

  • Robin decides that it would be best to not mention any events prior to Bumblebee joining the Titans. He is then seen burning banners of Seasons 1-5 with a flamethrower.
  • The dates the Titans are travelling back to are the original air-dates of the episodes traveled to.

Cartoon Feud

  • Cyborg breaks the fourth wall by mentioning Frank Welker, the famous veteran voice actor who has voiced Fred Jones and Scooby-Doo.

Season 6

Brain Flip

  • Robot Man breaks the wall by sticking himself onto the screen to ask the audience to give him a high-five.

Beast Boy on a Shelf

  • At the end of the episode, Beast Boy looks at the audience and gives them a smile.

Rain on Your Wedding Day

  • Cyborg looks at the audience when he interprets irony as "iron-knee".

Where Exactly on the Globe is Carl Sanpedro? - Part 1

  • The Titans and Berto break the fourth wall when they wink at the audience to visit San Pedro.

Where Exactly on the Globe is Carl Sanpedro? - Part 3

  • Raven briefly looks at the audience after she bumps onto a tree in the botanic garden.

Where Exactly on the Globe is Carl Sanpedro? - Part 4

  • Cyborg, Beast Boy and the girls look at the audience after they successfully make Robin submit to their request of going to Dubrovnik.

TV Knight 6

  • Raven talks directly to the audience on how to paint.
  • Batman and Commissioner Gordon look at the audience, laugh and switch off the screen with a remote at the end of the episode.

Toddler Titans…Yay!

  • The Titans constantly talk to the audience to get out of "Toddler Titans YAY!" multiple times throughout the episode.

Cool Uncles

  • Raven looks at the audience with a shadow thumbs-up at the end of the episode.

Butter Wall

  • Cyborg tells the audience that he finds Mr. Breakfast scrumptious.

Villains in a Van Getting Gelato

  • The Brain tells the audience that the Titans’ dialogue sounds like it’s written by middle-aged men.

Hafo Safo

  • Safo and Foot Doctor shrug at the audience.

Season 7

Pig in a Poke

  • The Titans teach the young audience about being aware of scams.

Space House - Part 2

  • The other Titans and Superhero Girls break the fourth wall when they think if they go with Robin, Wonder Woman, Jessica, Zatanna and Beast Boy, it'll be way too overkill and it'll way too many characters to keep track of.

Teen Titans Go! to the Movies

  • Cyborg points to the screen when he tells Slade to look toward the screen and tells him to say something inappropriate to the viewers.
  • Stan Lee grabs the camera and introduces himself to the viewers, until one of the directors tell him that he's accidentally in a DC movie and leaves.
  • At the end of the movie, everyone but Robin demands that the end credits to play. Robin attempts to prevent the end credits by using his grappling hook to clutch onto the screen, causing it to crack.


  • All of the Titans have broken the Fourth Wall more than three times:
    • Robin breaks the Fourth Wall the most in the series.
    • Beast Boy breaks the Fourth Wall the second most in the series
    • Starfire breaks the Fourth Wall the third most in the series
    • Cyborg breaks the Fourth Wall fourth most in the series
    • Raven breaks the Fourth Wall fifth most in the series
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