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"Friendship" is the fifteenth episode of the second season of Teen Titans Go!, and the sixty-seventh overall episode of the series.


Control Freak traps the Titans in the newest episode of Pretty Pretty Pegasus, and the only way to escape is to solve the conflict of the episode. In order to do this, Raven tries to use love and friendship to resolve the predicament, but the other Titans look towards the path of violence instead.


The episode begins with Raven watching an episode of Pretty Pretty Pegasus on the TV in the store, as the other Titans beat up Control Freak in the background. After Robin whacks him with his staff, Control Freak is pushed to the television area as he watches the show with Raven. He continues to suffer from the wrath of the persistent Titans, excluding Raven, while Cyborg pounds him to the ground, Beast Boy chokes him as a Python, and Starfire Shoryuken-ing him. As he lands on the ground, he sends all the Titans into the Pretty Pretty Pegasus World with his remote, including Raven as the last.

As Raven is sent into the world, she starts making faces as she geeks out. The Titans are confused as to where they are and ponder at the weird actions of Raven. A screen of Control Freak then pops up, and he tells them where they are. Raven, who is exhilarated, thanks him. The screen shuts off, leaving the Titans to explore the large, beautiful place.

They approach a gate that leads to two Pegasi, Sparkleface and Butterbean. Raven wants to talk to them, but Robin doesn't allow her near them as he thinks Beast Boy should be the first to communicate with them. He weirdly turns into a disfigured horse with wings (which hints at how he can't turn into mythical creatures). Robin ignores the moaning, and Beast Boy approaches the two Pegasi. They both are frightened at the hideous sight, but Raven pushes Beast Boy away and runs to the both of them. She introduces the Pegasi to the Titans and begins geeking out again, making weird faces. Sparkleface is about to sing the Friendship Song, but Robin stops her in her tracks. They then tell the Titans that they have a problem of their own: the unicorns were playing thunderous music; the Titans then agree to help them.

Both Cyborg and Robin begin making fun of the structures, but Raven gets irritated by them when they arrive. The Titans peek inside and see three unicorns as they created loud music through the huge tube poking out from the house. Raven ignores the Titans' violent thoughts to defeat the unicorns and rings the doorbell. The unicorns appear as Raven asks them to keep down the music. The unicorns decline, but Robin interrupts, and the Titans attack the unicorns. As they are beaten, they point out that their music was to keep the Gumdrop Goblin asleep to prevent him from stealing all the candy. The Goblin then awakens and heads for the Titans and the others.

The Titans tell them to play their music. Unfortunately, they are incapable of doing so because they are all beaten, and one has a broken horn. They ready themselves as the Goblin approaches all of them. Sparkleface and Butterbean then, out of character, weirdly suggest fighting, as Raven is surprised at their decision. The Goblin quickly beats the Titans, flying them off into the air. The Goblin continues beating the candy as Butterbean encourages the unicorns. One of the unicorn's horns heals as all three played their music. The Goblin quickly calmed down as Raven approaches him with rainbow powers and hugs the Goblin with them. The Goblin then understands and leaves, as the others are now cheering. The other Titans walk back as they arrive back to reality. They all say bye as Control Freak stared at the TV, watching them, crying. It ends with Control Freak congratulating them, but the Titans, except Raven, begin beating him up again as Raven stares and rolls her eyes.



  • This episode aired as a sneak peek at the Teen Titans Go! panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2014.
  • This episode aired one year after "Books", and 10 years after the original Teen Titans episode "Haunted".
  •  Alexander Polinsky reprises his role as Control Freak from the original series.
  • This episode aired during Jeff Bennett's 52nd birthday.
  • This is the second time that Control Freak has appeared, as well as his first real appearance in the show, as his appearance in "Nose Mouth" was a cameo.
    • This is also his first major role in the series.
  • This is the only time that Beast Boy's shape-shifting isn't instantaneous, as animal features slowly sprout from him, as opposed to the usual quick popping sound.
  • It is shown that Beast Boy's shape-shifting has limits, as he states that he cannot turn into mythical creatures. When he attempts to transform into a Pretty Pretty Pegasus Pegasus, he ends up turning into a disfigured horse with wings. However, in the episode, "Spice Game", this fact is contradicted, as Beast Boy turns into a dragon, which is a mythical creature.
  • In "Breakfast Cheese", Raven insisted on violence and Starfire insisted on peace. However, in this episode the roles are switched, with Raven leaning towards peace and Starfire leaning towards violence.
  • This is the first time Raven's creepy smile is used. It later appeared in "Coconut Cream Pie".
  • This is the first episode without the Titans Tower.


  • This episode is similar to "Breakfast Cheese," where one Titan decides to use peace or happiness, while the other Titans want to use violence.
  • Pretty Pretty Pegasus is shown yet again. This is the third time that it plays a major role in an episode. ("Legendary Sandwich," "Nose Mouth")
  • One of Raven's facial expressions appears to be similar to Pink Raven's.
  • When Cyborg pops out his weapons as an alternative way to deal with the unicorns if friendship didn't work, he's in the same fighting pose from "Opposites", when he was about to go for a date with Jinx.


  • This episode is similar to the original Teen Titans episode, "Don't Touch That Dial", where the Titans are also sent into the TV dimension while chasing Control Freak.
  • Beast Boy's disfigured horse form was probably inspired by the character Discord from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
  • This episode is similar to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic because Pretty Pretty Pegasus is a parody of it.
  • During one scene when the Teen Titans approach the unicorns' building, the song Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious plays.
  • Also, the song "A Shave and A Haircut" plays when Raven rings the doorbell.
  • The way Starfire attacks Control Freak after yelling "I cannot make the television reference!" is very similar to the Shoryuken move from the Street Fighter series. (Jumping and uppercutting while spinning in one spot)
  • When Control Freak is zapping the Titans, you can see a shop called "Dent TV", referring to Two-Face, a Batman villain. It also says that you would get twice the savings, referencing his name.
  • Beast Boy can only change into animals that actually exist and those he has seen, not fictional or mythical animals. This is shown here as well as in the original series episode "Betrothed," when he changed into an alien creature he had seen before.


  • When Raven and Control Freak are watching Pretty Pretty Pegasus, Control Freak is slammed into the glass, cracking it. But when the Titans come out of the show at the end, the glass is fixed.
  • Beast Boy states that he can't turn into mythical creatures. But in "Spice Game", he turned into a dragon, implying that he can, but simply chooses not to.
  • Raven wears a pin when she rings the doorbell of the home, but during the scene where the four other Titans (Robin, Cyborg, Beastboy, and Starfire) fight the unicorns, the pin has disappeared.

Running gags

  • Raven making a variety of strange faces after the Titans get sucked into the TV.
  • Raven freaking out about being in her favorite show and meeting Sparkleface and Butterbean.
  • The Titans beating up Control Freak.
  • The Titans failing to learn their lesson that not all problems are solved through violence.


The transcript for "Friendship" can be found here.


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