Frosty is a character who made a debut in "The True Meaning of Christmas." He is a black and white dog wearing a top hat. He is owned by Santa Claus.


Frosty is Santa's dog. He has been seen standing or sitting next to Santa throughout the whole episode. Later when Robin was trying to remove the Titans from the Naughty List he is frightened by Frosty's bark.

Physical Appearance

Frosty is a white dog with black spots. He has a big black nose and he wears a black top hat and a pink and yellow stripped scarf.

Episode Appearances


  • He looks similar to Brian Griffin from Family Guy, Snoopy from Peanuts, Mr. Peabody from Mr. Peabody and Sherman, and Dudley Puppy from T.U.F.F. Puppy.


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