The promotional cover for Lil Yachty's remix.
Song by Lil Yachty
Released: Thursday, May 31, 2018 (audio) Friday, June 15, 2018 (music video)
Genre(s): Rap
Length: 2:01
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Lil Yachty - GO! (REMIX) - From Teen Titans Go! To The Movies Soundtrack

Lil Yachty - GO! (REMIX) - From Teen Titans Go! To The Movies Soundtrack

Lil Yachty "GO!" (REMIX) Teen Titans Go! To The Movies! DC Kids-0

Lil Yachty "GO!" (REMIX) Teen Titans Go! To The Movies! DC Kids-0

"GO!" is a remixed hip hop song performed by Lil Yachty for Teen Titans Go! To the Movies. It can be bought on the official soundtrack.

This rap song basically covers everything that's great about the Teen Titans.


T double E-N-T-I-T-A-N-S!

They the real heroes taking on the big menace,

Teen Titans flow! Teen Titans know! When there's real trouble baby, Teen Titans GO!

Go, Teen Titans, GO! (4x)

Beast Boy, can turn straight up into an animal

(Animal, animal?) Yes, any animal

Boom, pow! Yep, he's a kitty now

(Awwww) Check out this kitty, meow!

The-Star-the-Fire, the live, the wire

The alien princess in her alien attire

The energy blasts, supersonic speed

Is she down with the Titans? Oh the-yes indeed!

Booyah, booyah! Got his cannon blasters

Cyborg, woo baby, Mr. High Tech Master

(W-W-W-W-What, what?) Mr. Meatball Disaster

(W-W-W-W-What, what?) Mr. Boom Boom Blast Off

Teen Teen Titans, the Titans, the Teen Titans (4x)


Teen Teen Titans, the Titans, the Teen Titans (4x)

Boom with the smoke, bombs and birdarangs,

Bo staff hitting, steady doin' his thing!

Robin Robin the leader, Robin Robin in charge

(Show 'em his baby hands!) Nah, Robin Robin's are large

Cyborg: No no no, for real, those are some super small hands.

Robin: What? No they're not! Whatever, just keep going!

Go, Teen Titans, GO! (4x)

Raven is here to drop it on you even harder

There's no darker than she, Raven's dark as can be

Check it, Azarath Metrion Zinthos!

Teleport and magical powers, they adios!

Go, Teen Titans, GO! (8x)


  • In the music video, there is a kid holding a balloon wearing a white shirt with the DC logo on it.
  • Starfire is the only Titan who’s being referred by her nickname instead of her full name in this song.
  • During the music video, the Titans can be momentarily seen dancing while lined up horizontally. This may be similar to the dance the Titans do during the intro sequence of each episode.
  • This song has a battle remix variant, which is an altered version that the Titans sing during their final battle with Slade.
  • Robin and Cyborg's lines are dubbed over by Lil Yachty in this version, but the characters are still shown saying them in the music video.
  • The verse describing Starfire, especially the beginning, contains many instances of the word "the", which may be a reference to her lingo, characterized by her improper and excessive use of the word "the".


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