Galactic Prison is a place out in space which houses several super villains, such as Blackfire. In "Mr Butt", Starfire was taken here mistaken for her sister, and later broke out again.

The prison is patrolled by Tamaranian Drones who keep it protected. it is located on a large asteroid and is built right into the asteroid. inside are countless cells containing nasty criminals.

Known Inhabitants


Season Two

Season Five


  • The Galactic Prison is filled with countless jail cells, each containing a nasty-looking criminal known throughout the whole galaxy. 
  • On the outside, the prison is cubic with four large towers in the corners.
  • it sits on a large asteroid with windows carved into it, meaning that it is deeper then it looks.
  • On top of the four towers are large white lights, witch turn bright red during a jailbreak.


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