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"Girl's Night Out" is the thirteenth episode of the first season of Teen Titans Go!, and the thirteenth overall episode of the series.


When Robin, Cyborg, and Beast Boy won’t let Starfire and Raven come along on their "Boys' Night Out", Starfire and Raven spring Jinx from prison and the three of them go have a wild girls' night out of their own.


The episode begins with Robin and Cyborg waiting for Beast Boy so they can all go on their boys' night

Boy’s Night out.

out. Beast Boy then comes out with slicked hair, ready to go. Starfire then comes in and asks them what they're doing. They tell her and she wants to join but they won't let her because she's not "crazy" enough. Starfire claims she is crazy enough but they still decline saying it's a boys' night out and no girls allowed. Before they go, Starfire grabs Raven and claims they will have an even crazier girls' night out. The boys doubt it and leave.

The two ask Jinx for a girl’s night out.

After they leave, Raven wants to go enjoy a movie alone, but Starfire wants to have a crazy girls' night out. After guilt-tripping Raven to join with her puppy dog eyes, Starfire takes her to the Juvenile Correction Facility. They got to see Jinx, who thinks they're there to gloat about putting her in prison, something Raven does when she's bored. Starfire tells Jinx that they want to invite her on a CRAZY girls' night out, claiming she will know how to have a crazy night and since she's a girl, she can join. However, Starfire warns Jinx that if she tries to escape, she will obliterate her with an eye blast.

Meanwhile, the boys are having their "crazy" night

Hat Party!!!

out which starts out with walking down the street and dancing. The male Titans then enter a hat store and try on and buy a bunch of hats. Meanwhile, Starfire takes the girls to an amusement park because

The three Girls are arrested.

the commercial for it said it was crazy. After Jinx helps them cut the line to the bumper cars, they get bored and Starfire admits she doesn't really know how to be crazy. After convincing her, Jinx gets Starfire to break her out of her handcuffs and she turns their bumper cars into fast getaway cars. They attract the attention of the police after speeding up their cars. After getting chased by the police, they knock over a building, and they all ride like a surfboard. After the building stops falling, the JCPD arrest them and put them in jail.

The boys continue their so-called "crazy" night out by eating crazy fries in

The Cops are after the girls.

crazy ways from a restaurant. While all of the girls are in jail, they all admit that they had a great time and Starfire breaks them all out so they can continue their crazy night. They break out and go past the boys, who are claiming their "crazy" night was the best one ever. The girls don't stay long because they're being pursued by the JCPD... again. The boys just shake their heads in disapproval and calling the girls' night lame while still claiming their night was the craziest ever. The episode ends with them howling like wolves.



  • This is Jinx's first appearance in the series.
  • In this episode, it is revealed that sometimes, when Raven is bored, she would visit any villain, often Jinx, and mock them for being in prison.
  • This episode is featured in the game Titans' Night Out on the Teen Titans Go! Arcade app.
  • The beams that blast out the prison walls are color-coded to the girls' powers:
    • Green for Starfire
    • Black for Raven
    • Pink for Jinx
  • Scenes from this episode were used in a Stop Bullying Speak Up ad aired in October 2015.
  • This is the first episode where Starfire and Raven go to prison.


  • This is the second time we see Batman and Comissioner James Gordon together. The first was in "La Larva de Amor."
  • This is the second time Lex Luthor appeared on money. ("Hey Pizza!")


  • The episode's title could be a reference to the episode of the same name of The New Batman Adventures, "Girl's Night Out".
  • Beast Boy's hair at the beginning resembles Alfalfa Switzer's from The Little Rascals, complete with the springy sound effect.
  • On the desk near the television, there is a Magic 8 Ball.
  • When the boys are thinking about hats, Cyborg imagines wearing a Riddler bowler hat.
    • At the hat store, Robin also purchases a ballerina tiara.
    • Beast Boy purchases a hat similar to the Cat in the Hat's.
  • Rather than sounding like police cruisers, the swarm of police cars have engine sounds similar to those of NASCAR stock cars.
  • Gangam Style, Running Man, and the Robot Dance were all performed during the guys' night out.
  • When the girls are being chased by the JCPD, they go past a cop car with Batman and Commissioner James Gordon in it, who are seen laughing. The two of them look confused for a second about the car chase that went past, then start laughing again, just like Beavis and Butt-head laughing.
  • Unnecessary amounts of JCPD squad cars chasing the female Titans and Jinx and forming a large roadblock with the squad cars is a nod to The Blues Brothers.
  • The fronts of the JCPD squad cars resemble 1974 Dodge Monacos, the familiar looking cars used in the The Blues Brothers, the first five episodes of The Dukes of Hazzard, and CHiPs respectively.
  • The girls riding the building in front of the moon is likely a spoof of the classic scene from E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.
  • When Robin, Cyborg, and BB are eating crazy-fries, one of the "crazy ways" they eat them is an allusion to the famed video game "Pac-Man".
  • The beams that blast out the prison walls are color-coded to the girls' powers (green for Starfire's eye beams, black for Raven's various powers, and pink for Jinx's powers).
  • When Jinx screams that there are free kittens in the parking lot, in that moment you can see her in a style that seems similar to Invader Zim.
  • Beast Boy references the "Twilight" franchise by saying "They probably stayed at home watching movies about vampires that kiss a lot".


  • Unless the title refers to one girl, the title is incorrectly spelled "Girl's Night Out" instead of "Girls' Night Out".
  • When Starfire tells Raven her planet does not have gender specific rituals on her planet, her hair falls. However, when she agrees to Raven about how Jinx know how to bring the fun, her hair stays in original shape.

Running Gags

  • The boys doing various amounts of stuff on their boys night out.
  • Starfire saying craaazy.
  • Raven not being into the whole girls night out thing.


The transcript for "Girl's Night Out" can be found here.


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