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"Girls Night In" is the forty-third and forty-fourth episodes of the fifth season of Teen Titans Go!, and the two-hundred-fifty-second and two-hundred-fifty-third overall episodes of the series.


Part 1: The Girls Night Out Crew decide to stay in and have a slumber party, but Blackfire's threat descends on Jump City.

Part 2: When Blackfire begins her plan to conquer Earth, the girls must pull out all the stops to defeat her.


Part 1

There's gonna be a girls slumber party at the Tower tonight, so Starfire is busy cleaning up the joint and setting up snacks. Her bowl of alien larva is a special treat for Blackfire—Starfire's hoping to have some great sisterly bonding with her tonight. Knowing how many times Blackfire has let her sister down though, Raven has gone ahead and invited some other guests: Ravager, Terra and Jinx. But three villains in the Tower is a major red alert for Robin. The gals try to explain that they're just here to party hardy, but he's not buying it. The doorbell rings, and Starfire's dismayed to see Bumblebee, not Blackfire, at the door. As she flies off whimpering, Ravager starts challenging Bumblebee's coolness. Luckily, before a fight can ensue, Jinx hits the boombox—party time!

Small problem, though: the boys think it's okay to party at a GIRLS slumber party. After getting smashed by Raven's dark magic fist, Robin, Beast Boy, and Cyborg joke that the party will be boring anyway—just a bunch of girls in mud masks fantasizing over Robin. Wanting them to leave, Raven states that's just what they'll be doing—so they should go. On their way out though, the guys drop some not-so-subtle hints that they'll be pulling some pranks... Raven teleports the morons away, so now the party can really start. Sadly for Starfire, Blackfire's not here yet, but oh well. The mud masks can't wait.

In the kitchen, the guys are busy crafting some clever prank ideas. Beast Boy's thinking about a pillow fight, and Cyborg wants to spray 'em with white stuff... shaving cream... but Robin feels they should do something bold—something scary. Unfortunately, the spooky masks he pulls out are too much for Cyborg to handle, so he submits to their dull ideas.

The girls are having fun eating alien larva popcorn when the crime alert sounds: an alien spacecraft is threatening Jump City. Amazingly, the heroes and villains are uniting to fight off the menace. Suddenly, the boys burst into the room, ready to shaving cream the place up. The prank is cut short, though, when Robin accidentally sprays some shaving cream into Cyborg's eye. To make sure the boys don't follow them, Raven suggests they stuff their sleeping bags with dummies—crude, but the guys will be too stupid to notice. After Starfire leaves a note for Blackfire, they head out. The boys burst into the room, oblivious to the dummies, and start pillow fighting. But Robin's such a jerk, he hits Cyborg in the eye again!

Looks like Ravager, Jinx, and Terra are finally making some good decisions in life.

The spacecraft descends upon the city, and to Starfire's joy, Blackfire emerges from the ship. Raven correctly figures this is a hostile invasion, but Star believes she's here for the slumber party. It turns out her naive thinking is wrong—Blackfire fully intends on taking over the planet with her armies, and she's more than happy to destroy those in her way. A fight ensues, and although Blackfire puts up an honorable effort, the 6 on 1 is hopeless... that is until her battle armor is summoned from her ship.

Part 2

Robin gives the audience a recap of all the girl action he got last episode, but Raven and Starfire set him straight; the girl action they're actually facing is a lot more dangerous—specifically, Blackfire taking over the world...

But while the gals are off saving the world, Beast Boy, Cyborg and Robin are hanging back at the Titans Tower, eager for some more pranks. They try the hand-in-warm-water trick on "Raven," but she doesn't start peeing. After ripping off a fake arm, Robin realizes they've been deceived! The girls have snuck out, and now the guys are gonna tell on them to mom and dad. So apparently, they have parents?

With her new battle armor, Blackfire easily overpowers her assailants, trapping them in metal braces. However, Starfire breaks free from said brace and flies toward the villain, imploring her for sisterly love. Vexed by Star's constant affection, Blackfire shares her true feelings in a game of "Truth or Death"; she wishes she didn't HAVE a sister. With a heart literally shattered, Starfire is blasted back down to Earth—and although the other girls are there to save her, the damage has already been dreadfully dealt.

This is no time for sorrow, though... Blackfire has gone ahead with the invasion, opening a huge light beam portal in the middle of Jump City. An alien gunship emerges, and the girls realize they must stop this before it begins. After cheering up Starfire, they charge the spacecraft; it's gonna be a great girl power moment. But suddenly, the boys fly in with the T-Plane—busted! But this isn't exactly the right time...

True Tamaranian energy.

Blackfire puts all the heroes (and villains filling in as heroes) behind laser bars. Starfire's feeling down again, but the other gals re-inspire her by calling Blackfire a "florfka" (Tamaranian for "jerk"). Thanks to Bumblebee's shrinking powers, the girls escape the laser prison, and Star instantly engages Blackfire. The fighting is brutal—alien strength mixed with intense energy bolts. The metaphorical high ground flips back and forth until, Starfire, with the help of her true sisters, shoots Blackfire back into the portal, destroying it!

Starfire and her real sisters!

Sparkles rain down from the sky, creating a sort of disco-party vibe. So Jinx thinks it's time for Girls Night Out Five! Robin says that he's gonna tell on them to "Mom."


Beast Boy scolding Robin for spraying sensitive Cyborg.

FaceTime with Ravager.





  • This is the third time Jinx cooperates with one of the Teen Titans. The first two times were in "Opposites" with Cyborg, and in "Operation Dude Rescue" with Starfire and Raven.
  • This is the second time Ravanger and Terra cooperate with one of the Teen Titans. The first time was in "Operation Dude Rescue" with Starfire and Raven.
  • This episode has a similar premise to the Teen Titans Go! comic, Sleep Over, as well as the season two episode, "Slumber Party".
  • This is Blackfire's second major role in the series after "Mr. Butt", and her fourth appearance overall (eighth if cameos and flashbacks are counted).
  • Beast Boy's affection for Terra is shown once again (she does not take it kindly, though).
  • The girls telling the boys they aren’t allowed at their slumber party mirrors "Girl's Night Out", where it was the boys telling Starfire she wasn’t allowed to join them on their boy’s night out.

Planes usually can't hover like a heli. But this is the T-Plane. It can.

  • The T-Plane appears for the first time in the fifth season.
  • Raven is seen unhooded for the 98th time.
  • Terra is once again shown crushing Beast boy with boulders.
  • Akin to "Mr. Butt", Starfire once again attempted to bond with Blackfire, only to be coldly rejected/betrayed.
    • This is also the third time Starfire fought with Blackfire. The first instance was in "Mr. Butt", and the second time was in "The Titans Show".
  • Robin's one-sided crush on Starfire is shown once again.
  • The boys treat the girls similarly to "Operation Dude Rescue" when they were trying to act like "gentlemen".
  • Music from the end of "Super Robin" is heard during the boys' fantasy of the girls talking about Robin.
  • The boys are once again portrayed as dumb and sensitive while the girls are shown as tough.


That armor actually matches Blackfire's hair quite nicely.

  • Blackfire's battle armor might be based on the one her 2003 counterpart worn in the 2003 Teen Titans episode "Betrothed."
  • At the beginning of the episode, Starfire is hanging up some decorations of Batman and Catwoman.
  • Jinx smears Bumblebee's mud mask to look like Batman. The hero then hides behind her forearm, a common pose of the Dark Knight.
    • As for Jinx's, hers is smeared to look like Bart Simpson's.
  • In Pt. 2, Blackfire's light beam portal mimics General Zod's World Engines in the 2013 Superman film, Man of Steel. The girls mock the unoriginal device during the episode, probably referencing the aforementioned movie.
    • This can also be considered as an inside joke on jabbing the common trope of villains using giant beams of light to destroy the world, which is becoming unoriginal, of course, since it exists in tons of super-villain plots.
  • The boys telling the girls on busting them at mom and dad is a mild reference at Phineas and Ferb, which has Phineas' sister (aka Ferb's stepsister) Candace always warning them that she would bust them at their mom.


  • Oddly, Terra, Rose and Jinx are still friends with Starfire and Raven, even though the three of them fought Starfire and Raven in the "The Titans Show". It could be possible that they were pretending to fight each other in the episode, or that they have an on/off friendship.
  • Blackfire's hair and cape should not fly in the wind because there is no wind.
  • The boys tell the girls that they are telling on the girls to their parents, but most of the girls (and the boys) don't have parents, because they're either orphans or have left their parents long ago.
    • This may have been done for comedic effect, however.

Running Gags

  • The boys teasing the girls before Raven slams or teleport them away.
  • Robin unintentionally hurting Cyborg and him running off crying dramatically, then Beast Boy argues with Robin.
  • Starfire expecting Blackfire to come but her ending up disappointed every time.
  • The boys trying to prank the girls in dumb ways.
  • The boys saying that they're "telling" on the girls to their parents.
  • Starfire grabbing and then throwing away her battleaxe.
  • Jinx playing the boombox.
  • The words "Girls Night In" popping in front of the screen.
  • The girls dancing.


The transcript for "Girls Night In" can be found here.


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