Go Fish! is the #7 issue of Teen Titans Go!


As the Teen Titans engage in an epic game of "Go Fish", the H.I.V.E. Five comes knocking at their door!


The comic begins with each of the Titans sitting around at a table. The narrator explains that Cyborg is anxiously awaiting Starfire's decision during a game of Go Fish. The narrator is revealed to be Beast Boy, and each of the Titans yells at him to shut up. Starfire glances up at Cyborg, and screams "GO FISH!". With that, she slams a gigantic fish onto the table, accidentally hitting Robin in the face. Raven tells Starfire that is NOT how to play Go Fish, making her think that she used the wrong kind of fish. Robin reminds the Titans to stay focus, because the winner of the game with the most chips doesn't have to do chores for a month. Everyone notices that the chips are gone. Cyborg, chewing on something, tells them it is not his fault that they used real chips, and you can't eat just one.

Robin attempts to intimidate the Titans, reminding them that he has master detective skills. He tells them that they will all crumble under his withering gaze. Beast Boy transforms into a giraffe and peaks behind Robin's head to see his cards. Robin quickly stops him before he has a chance to really notice his cards. Robin yells at Cyborg, because Cyborg is using his scanner to measure the weight of the ink on his cards. Robin notices Raven's head isn't on her body, because it is in a portal, which is behind Robin. Robin starts screaming that none of them will ever be able to see his cards, then he realizes it is his turn. He turns to Starfire, and asks if she has any fours. Robin smiles evilly, and dramatic lighting surrounds him. Starfire asks if she heard him correctly, and he says yes. Starfire glances up to him, slaps him with a fish, and screams "GO FISH!". The Titans begin mocking Robin, who is still dead-set on winning the game.

Outside the Tower, the H.I.V.E. Five arrives on the shores of Titans Island. Gizmo announces that they have arrived, and they challenge the Titans to a fight. Several seconds pass by, and still nothing has happened. Back inside the Tower, Starfire screams "GO FISH" again, and slams another fish onto the table. Beast Boy asks if they heard something. Robin tells him to just keep playing. Back outside, Mammoth asks if they are even home. Gizmo screams that they are indeed home, they are just ignoring them. Billy Numerous asks him why they would do that. Gizmo becomes filled with rage, and tells him that they are doing it because he is short. Mammoth and Jinx begin to whisper and mock Gizmo, who apparently has complained about his being short many times in the past.

Gizmo announces that his being discriminated for his height will end now. Gizmo's backpack opens up and brings out numerous large and deadly weapons. Each of the weapons locks on to Titans Tower, and they blast the building. When the smoke clears, the entire tower is destroyed, except for one lone platform that is still standing way above the ground. On the platform is the Titans and their table. Each of them is still playing the game, oblivious to the fact that the entire Tower is now gone. Each of the villains grabs a jet pack and flies up to the platform. Gizmo tells the H.I.V.E. that he was right, that they are ignoring him. Jinx tells him that is looks like they are just wrapped up in their game. Peeking at Robin's cards, See-More tells them that they will be done in a minute, because Robin only has three fours left.

Robin stops and faces See-More. He glares at him, then becomes filled with rage and fury. Robin's face soon looks like an angry demonic being, as he screams at him for peeking at his cards. Robin then screams "TITANS, GO!!!", and each of the Titans drops their cards. The Titans attack the villains. After a short battle, the Titans defeat the H.I.V.E. Robin looks down at them and tells the Titans THAT's how you play Go Fish. The Titans turn around and realize that there is nothing left of there home, then Starfire asks if they can "Go Fishing" again tomorrow.



  • Silkie appears on the front cover, but does not appear in the comic.
  • This is the third comic in a row to feature the H.I.V.E. Five.
  • Apparently, Gizmo is very sensitive about his height, and throws a fit about being short.
  • This comic furthers the theory that Starfire does indeed have an attraction to Robin. Starfire tells him that he is cute, but he isn't paying attention.


  • The logo on the back of the cards is The Joker's logo from Batman: The Animated Series.


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