"Goblin Catch 'Em All" is issue #42 of the comic book series for Teen Titans Go!, found in Volume 4, "Smells Like Teen Titans Spirit."


When the Titans get swept up in the Goblin Grab gaming craze, Beast Boy gets swept up by Control Freak. Will his teammates rescue him or be distracted by their need to "Goblin Catch 'Em All?"


The skyline of Jump City has been completely engulfed by a humungous green blob. Even the pelican near the Titan's island is covered. Inside the Tower, Beast Boy jumps into action at the sound of an annoying alarm. Seeing that a Slime Monster is terrorizing the city, he starts to make a bunch of stupid slime puns, joking that it's "that slime of year" and "may the punishment fit the slime." But one no one laughs at his jokes, Beast Boy's a little confused... where is everybody?

Arriving to the scene of the crime, Beast Boy's surprised that he's the first person to show up. He's usually not even there, much less the first one. Spouting off a few more slime puns, which do not amuse the monster, Beast Boy decides to go solo. He jumps at the huge glob, only to be spat out onto the street. Covered in goo, Beast Boy trash talks the Slime Monster, but he's had enough fighting- for now. For the time being, Beastie's just going to go look for the other Titans. But first, he takes cover in a bush and takes off all his slimy clothes. Now dressed only in a leaf-loin cloth, he's now Nature Boy!

It's a busy day in the city, but no one is paying any attention to the naked green dude walking around. Beast Boy's wondering what's up; apparently, everyone's playing a new mobile game, Goblin Grab, a game where you create avatars, capture goblins, raise them, and fight duels with them. The gamer that Beast Boy's talking to suddenly realizes that the pointed-eared green boy he's talking to got's the look of a goblin. Not wanting to be grabbed, especially since he's unclothed, Beast Boy makes a break for Zippy's Pizza. Realizing that he has animal shape-shifting abilities, he turns into a mouse, hoping to avoid detection. However, a little girl spots him and IDs him as a goblin rat. A huge crowd runs after him, and Beast Boy has no choice but to duck into an alley. He's amazed at how crazy the city is going about a dumb game. Deciding it's best to just hideout in the alcove, he realizes he standing right on top of a "Gob-co Lures" trap. And just like that, everything goes black....

Hours later, Beast Boy gets a rude awakening: he's locked in a jail cell, wearing a ridiculous robe. Control Freak, apparently his capturer, starts to gloat that he's finally captured the rarest goblin of them all. Beast Boy's had enough of this nonsense. He grabs his communicator, which would've been really helpful earlier, and phones in the Titans. Unfortunately, those fools are also caught up in the goblin craze, with all of them on their phones battling it out. Even Silkie is dressed like a yellow goblin. But Beast Boy's a patient boy, and day by day, he waits. And waits. 15 days in, and he's still there. 134 days in, and he's grown a beard and can't feel his legs. Suddenly, Beastie has an idea. He tells Control Freak that there's one more goblin, an ultra-secretive awesomely-great goblin. Control Freak is at first skeptical, but Beast Boy convinces him by saying only a true goblin would know this. He tells the freak that the only way to catch the gob is to activate a goblin horde hot-spot in their current location. Thinking this is just too easy, Control Freak punches it in.

Seconds after he does that, the Titans barge into Control Freak's secret lair. Robin's happy they were the first to arrive, and Cyborg and Raven comment on how the junk-laden room is perfect for a goblin nest- or a lifeless loser. As Robin orders the team to capture Beast Boy, the poor green superhero is surprised they don't recognize him. To regain their trust in him, Beast Boy goes octopus on them and chokes Robin out. Raven, using one of her spells, breaks him free from the cage (and also gives him clothes). Beast Boy's overjoyed and hugs her, which makes her rethink freeing him. Amidst the confusion, Control Freak congratulates the Titans on capturing their "goblin," but as for him, he escapes capture by teleporting into the Goblin Grab game. Thinking he's safe in their, Robin mischievously orders the AI goblins in the app to beat him up... and just like that, Control Freak's vanquished.

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Thankfully, Raven refuses Beast Boy's affection.

In the end, Beast Boy manages to forgive the Titans for not showing up to the battle earlier, because at least they showed up to save him. Robin goes into inspirational speech mode, saying that they should all limit the distractions to what's REALLY important. Just then, Cyborg's phone starts making oinking sounds; he's playing a new game where he feeds a pig ham. And just like that, the Titans are once again captivated by an idiotic app while Beast Boy is stuck in the mouth of the Slime Monster again.


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  • This entire comic is based on the Pokémon game Pokémon GO, a free to play iOS video game that was immensely popular throughout the summer and fall of 2016. Goblin Grab is essentially the same idea, except the Pokémon are replaced with goblins.
    • In fact, the title of this comic, "Goblin Catch 'Em All," is a pun of the Pokémon slogan, "Gotta Catch 'Em All."
    • The comic is filled with Pokémon references, including Robin dressed in an outfit similar to Ash Ketchum and Silkie wearing a Pikachu costume.
  • When Beast Boy is on his 134th day of waiting in the jail cell, he looks similar to Master Yoda in the Star Wars franchise.
  • Control Freak is eating from a bag of chips called "Frido Chips," and obvious callback to FRITOS® crisps.

Running Gags

  • Jump City citizens mistake Beast Boy for a goblin multiple times.


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