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"Gorilla" is the twelfth episode of the first season of Teen Titans Go!, and the twelfth overall episode of the series.


Beast Boy has turned into a loud, obnoxious gorilla and refuses to change back, driving Robin crazy. Gorilla Beast Boy takes over the leadership of the Titans, leading to chaos, so Cyborg teaches Robin how to become an alpha male so he can reclaim his role as leader of the Teen Titans.


Robin is leading Starfire, Cyborg, and Raven in jumping jacks. He tells Raven to fix her form, reminds Cyborg he doesn't have glutes when the

Robin is regarding the titans to do jumping jacks.

half-robot complains about his glutes, and orders Starfire to go faster which she does, rupturing the space-time continuity. Robin tells the Titans to stop resulting in Cyborg's disassembling and Starfire dressed as a pharaoh. Cyborg wonders if they've finished their workout, but Robin reveals

BB is a gorilla.

they'll be doing nine hundred jump squats. Cyborg builds himself together and retorts that the "we" doesn't include Robin, who claims he's sacrificing the workout to supervise them.

The elevator doors open to reveal a gorilla-transformed Beast Boy who greets the Titans and wonders if he's late. Robin reveals that he is and orders him to transform out of the gorilla to exit the elevator. Beast Boy refuses and slams the doors onto Robin, apologizing for breaking the doors. Robin repeats his command to transform out of the gorilla, but Beast Boy

You’re grounded!

refuses and jumps onto the couch. He plays on his phone as Robin attempts to remind him of his status as a team leader, but the gorilla ignores him. As such, Robin punishes Beast Boy by ordering him to wash all of the Titans' dishes for a week. Beast Boy refuses under the excuse that gorillas don't do dishes. Angered, Robin yells at Beast Boy to transform back into a human, but he claims that gorillas don't listen to commands. Starfire and Raven persuade Robin to not let Beast Boy know he's bothering him or he'll continue to do it as a banana peel hits him in the face.

Carrying a load of boxes, Robin collapses near Beast Boy and asks for help, but the gorilla refuses. While eating, Beast Boy drops banana peels on the floor causing Raven to slip on it. Robin asks Beast Boy to pick up his mess, but the gorilla once again refuses. In front of Justice Java, Mammoth is terrorizing Jump City and avoids attacks from Starfire, Raven, and Cyborg. He charges at Robin, who pleads for Beast Boy's help, but the gorilla is swinging on a lamp post.

He is not Helping.

Robin throws his staff down in defeat as Mammoth slams him on the ground and flees.

At Titans Tower, Robin vents to the Titans over his frustration with Beast Boy. Starfire asks if Robin's upset because he's not in control, but the leader claims he doesn't need to be in control before ordering the three to sit properly. Beast Boy arrives and greets the others before greeting Robin as the guy's he not listening to. Robin, having being tired of his antics, grounds Beast Boy, but he scoffs it off claiming he doesn't need to listen to him before wondering who made Robin leader. Robin reveals it was his first action as a leader and is informed that gorillas chose their leader by strength as Beast Boy sits on him. Beast Boy officially declares himself the new leader as per the law of the jungle. Robin attempts to get the others to help, but they agree with Beast Boy saying it's the law of the jungle, who calls the Titans into action into doing something, upsetting Robin.

At the Jump City Park, Beast Boy stations the Titans to guard the monkey bars against bullies under the grounds that they're a gorilla's natural habitat and must be protected. A Little Girl attempts to

That‘s not nice.

approach the monkey bars, but is scared off by Beast Boy, Starfire, Cyborg, and Raven. At a swamp, the Titans are fighting crocodiles as Beast Boy has deemed them the natural enemies of gorillas. At a zoo, Beast Boy reveals that he's going to free the captive gorillas which he, Cyborg, Raven, and Starfire do. Robin criticizes Beast Boy's authority, angering the gorilla to hang him onto a hook by the cape. Robin attempts a compromise, but Beast Boy angrily states he's done talking and leaves with Starfire and Raven.

Cyborg stays behind and blames Robin of letting things go out of control. He passes the blame onto Cyborg, Starfire, and Raven for listening to Beast Boy, but Cyborg

Robin is been tickled.

reveals they have no choice as he's taken over the position as alpha which means Robin grew soft to allow such a thing to happen. Dismayed, Robin realizes Cyborg is correct, but the robotic Titan offers to help Robin regain his position by training him at the zoo due to his hatred of bananas. At the monkey cage, Cyborg tells Robin the first step is to act like an alpha and tickles Robin with a feather. He berates Robin for laughing as he's supposed to be tough and that laughing is a sign of weakness, but the Boy Wonder continues to laugh otherwise.

At the tower, Beast Boy transforms the living room into a jungle and makes himself a nest. Starfire shares her criticism of Beast Boy's leadership skills and its effect on the Titans but Raven claims nothing's change. However, she soon picks Starfire's hair and eats a bug.

Jungle tower.

Batman calls the tower, resulting in the three Titans to go ape-crazy and destroy the control panel. Back at the zoo, Cyborg tells Robin to do whatever he says and orders him to steal a white tiger's steak, but the tiger mauls him. At the elephant pen, Cyborg tells Robin not to question him and orders him to clean the elephant, but the animal begins to eat the former leader. At the snake den, Cyborg orders Robin to kiss each of the snakes. Robin realizes Cyborg's trick and reminds the robotic Titan that he's the leader before throwing him into the den. Cyborg congratulates Robin and he embarks to regain his alpha position.

Beast Boy, Starfire, and Raven continue to go ape crazy as Robin arrives to take back his leader status. Robin and Beast Boy wrestle with Robin eventually gaining the upper hand. Cyborg suggests to

BB has learned his lesson.

find Beast Boy's weakness and offers him a feather that Robin takes to tickle Beast Boy into submission. The gorilla begs to stop, but Robin refuses until Beast Boy sees him once again as the leader. He transforms out of the gorilla and tells Robin he's his leader. Robin orders Beast Boy to make him a sandwich which Beast Boy obediently does. Raven and Starfire congratulate Robin, but he scolds them for forgetting who their leader was, threatening them to never forget again. Robin praises his position as Batman calls once again, sending Cyborg, Starfire, and Raven into acting like gorillas and smashing the control panel.



  • This is the longest time that Beast Boy has gone in an animal form.
  • This is Mammoth's first appearance on the show, but only as a small cameo when the Titans are fighting him.
  • Raven and Starfire are noticeably more obedient than usual, as they have rebelled against Robin on several other occasions.
  • It's revealed that Beast Boy can't hold his animal form while he's being tickled.


  • This is the third time Cyborg's head has been detached from his body. ("Laundry Day", "Hey Pizza!")
  • Justice Java from "Driver's Ed" has moved its location.
  • This is the first time Beast Boy takes over leadership of the team. He later does so in "No Power" and "Brain Food".
  • This is the first time Beast Boy says "Titans, Go!", which he later says again in "Brain Food".
  • This is the second episode to have Beast Boy as the main antagonist. The first was "Ghostboy".


  • Beast Boy saying crocodiles are the natural enemies of gorillas is a reference to the Donkey Kong series, in which the main enemies are King K. Rool and his army of crocodiles.
  • The Howie scream can be heard from Robin before he and Beast Boy charge in the final battle.
  • Robin says "D'oh!" which is Homer Simpson's catchphrase.
  • The laugh Beast Boy makes while being tickled by Robin is a nod to a scene in Disney's The Jungle Book, where King Louie the orangutan is tickled by Baloo the Bear.


  • Cyborg is revealed to not possess "glutes" even though in "Truth, Justice, and What?" he is shown to have one.
  • Raven should not have slipped on the banana peel that Beast Boy tossed on the floor as she was floating in air at the time.
  • When Robin grounds Beast Boy, Raven momentarily switches to a different spot on the couch. She is also seen putting the book down even though she had already placed it down earlier.
  • When Cyborg was telling Robin to take the tiger's steak, the captions misread Cyborg's saying of "kitty cat" as "kick-a**". This is most likely due to early translation or a simple misunderstanding.
  • Cyborg joins in acting like a gorilla at the end even though he wasn't present during Beast Boy's animalistic influence.

Running Gags

  • Beast Boy staying in his gorilla form through the episode (until the ending).
  • Cyborg ordering Robin what to do in the zoo.
  • Beast Boy saying 'Titans Go!'.
  • Starfire and Raven acting crazy with Beast Boy.


The transcript for "Gorilla" can be found here.


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