Graham and Stella Horvath are the real life children of Teen Titans Go! creator Aaron Horvath. Stella is shy, so she chooses not to speak with the Teen Titans, while Graham recognizes them and asks them to play a game.


In "The Self-Indulgent 200th Episode Spectacular!", the Titans go to Aaron Horvath's home to get him to write an episode, but they only find his children. After Graham informs the Titans that his father is busy (pooping) he asks them to play a game of "Fight the Bad Guy". The Titans are the bad guys and Graham uses his imagination to become a dinosaur to fight them.

He easily defeats the Titans and sends them away with a whip of his dinosaur tail.


Season 4


  • Aaron Horvath has mentioned before that his children watch Teen Titans Go! way too much. 
  • Although Stella is the younger child, she is depicted as taller than her brother Graham in her debut episode.