Green Silkie (aka Barfy) is a separated emotion of the Teen Titans's pet, Silkie. Along with the other clones of Silkie, he takes on Robin's Emoticlones with his excellent barfing powers.

Barfy Silkie is so far only in Season 2, specifically "Some of Their Parts".


Some of Their Parts Image7

Beast Boy's new look, thanks to Green Silkie.

At the beginning of the episode, Green Silkie is temporarily separate from the other 4 Silkies when Silkie ate the Mysterious Prism. Robin rejoined him, however, preferring that people are better in their whole.

But Robin turned himself into 5 different versions of himself, thinking he could have the ultimate team. After the ray gun for the prism is broken, Silkie swallows it again and is divided. The Teen Titans beg the Silkies to bring Robin back together. Green Silkie does his part in taking out Red Robin, the obsessive side of Robin. In the first 1 on 1, Green Silkie vomits a stream of throw-up all over the Robin emotion, immobilizing him. After all 5 Robins are defeated, Green Silkie is reunited with the other Silkies.



A stream of vomit from Silkie. Green Silkie, that is.

Green Silkie is green. You should be able to tell that just by reading his name. His body is very similar to the whole Silkie, in that it is composed of 3 sections. The last part of his body has a tail in the shape of a stinger. Small, darker green arms protrude from his body, and a some antenna are atop his head. Green circles line his back and head, and he is constantly making a face as if he's going to barf or has already discharged.

Episode Appearances

Season 2

Teen Titans Trivia

  • The only other emoticlone that is green is Green Cyborg, who displays very good tactics.
  • Green Silkie is constantly shown in regular Silkie by his tendency to barf all over everything.


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