Grey Silkie (aka Lazy) is a separated emotion of the Teen Titans' pet, Silkie. Along with the other clones of Silkie, he takes on Robin's Emoticlones.  Lazy Silkie's only appearance so far is in the Season 2 episode "Some of Their Parts".


At the beginning of the episode, Grey Silkie is temporarily separate from the other 4 Silkies when Silkie ate the Mysterious PrismRobin rejoins Grey Silkie with the others, however, preferring that people are better in their whole.  After Robin divides himself into his five personalities, despite what he said before about people being better in their whole, the Ray Gun for the Prism is broken again.  Silkie swallows it again and is divided.  Starfire begs the Silkies to bring Robin back together.  Grey Silkie takes out Blue Robin, the crazy side of Robin, by a random pair of legs kicking him up on the top of them and kicking Blue Robin in the face.  After all 5 Robins are defeated, Grey Silkie is reunited with the other Silkies.


Grey Silkie's body is identical to the whole Silkie's.  As he is lazy, his eyes are closed in a sleeping form.  His antenna, stinger, and eyelids are a darker grey than the rest of his body.

Episode Appearances

Season 2

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