H.I.V.E. 5 is the fourth game Teen Titans Go! game on Cartoon Network's website. Unlike the other Teen Titans Go! games released on the Cartoon Network, this game has no badges.


The Titans take a day off and visit the amusement park only to encounter the H.I.V.E. Five, who is also on their day off!!





  • Similar to Housebroken Hero, Beast Boy also has a slightly different hairstyle and head shape in-game. However, on the main menu of the game, Beast Boy is seen with the same look he always has on the show.
  • The music featured in Raven's minigame is from "Power Moves".
  • With all of the minigames, this game is exactly like the game One-on-One for the original Teen Titans series. Each character and minigame plays exactly the same, they just face different enemies. Obviously, it is also drawn in Teen Titans Go! style with different backgrounds.
    • One-on-One was taken off the Cartoon Network website with this game likely replacing it.
  • If the player loses in Starfire's game, she says "Krebble nebbits!" like she did when she died in Ghostboy.
  • The boss theme for Jinx is from Power Moves when Robin forces Cyborg into different Jump City stores, Starfire's stage theme is from the same episode during the episode's very end, Cyborg's stage theme is from The Left Leg as Gizmo's battle theme, Gizmo's boss theme in-game is from Lazy Sunday when Beast Boy and Cyborg sneak into the community center to get the couch back, Raven's stage theme is from No Power when Cyborg tries to heat up a frozen burrito with a flame thrower, See-More's boss theme is the theme from Titans' Night Out, Beast Boy's stage theme is from Staff Meeting when Robin first picks of a twig from the Universe Tree as his new staff and in Matched as the song Cyborg whistled before seeing Robin's repulsive Aquaman costume and the music playing after you defeated a boss is a stage theme from Housebroken Hero and also played in Books as the Titan's imaginations battle theme.
  • The pose the Titans have on the character selection screen are very similar to the pose they had in "Super Robin."


  • On the main menu screen, Jinx's eyes are mistakenly colored green instead of pink.
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