"Hey You, Don't Forget about Me in Your Memory" is the seventh episode of the third season of Teen Titans Go!, and the one-hundred-eleventh overall episode of the series.


Robin convinces the Titans to return back to school with him so he can finally become the all-American class president-type he's dreamed of being.


Beast Boy is telling a story of the Titans' summer, recalling the magical time they spent at a lake. However, he switches the tale to a funeral for Robin, who protests that he's still alive. Beast Boy claims he's adding emotional depth to their summer, but Robin interrupts again, saying that he is not dead. Then he tells the Titans that summer's over and asks if they know what that means. However, Cyborg believes he is referring to Labor Day, and the Titans begin cheering for the holiday. But then Robin stops them and says that they're going back to school, confusing the Titans. He claims that school is where you go to discover the identity that will describe you and crane-kick the bully from the evil karate dojo while falling in love with a girl named Elissabeth Shue.

Cyborg reminds him that they're teenagers with no parents who can do anything they want and asks why they would give that up. Robin claims that their unique personalities are perfect for a school environment and assigns each of the Titans labels: Starfire is the homecoming queen, Cyborg is the jock, Raven is the basket case, and Beast Boy is the nerd. Beast Boy questions his label as he says he thought he was more of a bohemian, but Robin tells him to shut it as school isn't about who you are on the inside but dressing up the outside so that everyone can judge you by your looks. Raven asks Robin for his label, and he claims to be the all-American boy next door who stands up to bullies, becomes student body president, and eventually valedictorian. Raven tells Robin that they're not going to school just to be assigned arbitrary labels, but they change their mind when Robin offers to buy them new clothes.

The Titans dress up as their labels and enter Jump City High School, where Starfire says that it feels like the beginning of a meaningful new experience. Beast Boy agrees, saying that there's so much hope there, and Raven begins to agree with her, claiming that school wants her to learn and grow as a person and then blushes, but Robin interrupts by telling her to stick to her label by being less optimistic. Then he says that they have to find a bully that he can take down, but Cyborg says he has English class. Beast Boy offers to walk with him to his class, but Robin stops them, claiming that they can't hang out together as Cyborg's a jock who would never be friends with a nerd. He mocks, abuses, and accuses Beast Boy of trying to break down social boundaries, and crane kicks him.

The principal catches the Titans and gives them detention in the library. Cyborg complains about being at the school for five minutes and being thrown in detention. Robin says that as an all-American boy, he has to take down bullies. Raven scoffs at his label, calling him a crazy crane-kicking guy, and Starfire admits that she's still unsure who was the bully in the situation. Robin claims Beast Boy was trying to bully Cyborg into hanging out with him, and Beast Boy asks why he cares about labels so much when it's on the surface that counts. Robin scoffs at Beast Boy's words and calls it ridiculous and then claims that all high school kids have their parts to play and states that his next part of his label is to become student body president.

Sometime later, Beast Boy tells Cyborg he made the academic decathlon, and Raven announces that a piece she wrote has made it to the school's newspaper. Beast Boy claims that they're learning so much about themselves and that school is the place to be when they notice Robin, in his underwear, campaigning for student body president. He flips over to them and claims that he's naked at school because the student body will have no choice but to vote for the best student body. Beast Boy and Cyborg laugh, but Robin singles out Beast Boy, and crane kicks him. The principal spots them again and places them in detention. Starfire says she cannot believe they are in detention again, and Beast Boy says he's going to miss the academic regional championships. Robin interrupts him by saying that the principal disqualified him from becoming student body president. Raven tells Robin that he's missing the point of school which is about learning who you are and finding your place in the world. Robin tells her to stick to her label and announces that there is one final way to become the All American Boy: He has to become valedictorian.

After rigorously studying and taking his final test, Robin tells Cyborg, Raven, and Starfire that he thinks ---knows his hard work paid off. The Titans are proud of Robin, and Beast Boy informs the Titans that they've posted the valedictorian announcement. The Titans gather around the list, and Starfire tells Robin he had made it into the list. Robin cheers for becoming valedictorian. Unfortunately, Cyborg tells him that he's salutatorian which Raven says is second. Starfire announces that Beast Boy is valedictorian. Cyborg, Starfire, and Raven celebrate, but Robin becomes enraged at being second and claims that he was supposed to be number one as he's the all-American boy next door and crane kicks Beast Boy, Cyborg, Raven, and Starfire. He then chops Beast Boy, punches Starfire, makes Cyborg trip, and attacks Beast Boy again by making him slap himself before throwing a bike on top of them.

The principal catches them and expels them from the school, throwing them out. Cyborg sarcastically thanks Robin for getting them expelled from school. Starfire sadly declares that they will never find their true potential. Robin admits that the others were right and shouldn't have assigned them those labels. Starfire says she's glad he understands that it's impossible to describe the complexity of a person with a simple label. However, Robin says that he was assigned the wrong label and that he's a bad boy with a troubled past and an uncertain future, and that the compass is his heart and the companions are his fists. He hands Beast Boy a letter he wrote and tells him to read it. In it, Robin wrote that he understands that they were expelled for crane kicking everyone. But that they shouldn't have to write him a letter about who they think they are. Beast Boy asks when the principal asked them to write a letter, but Robin tells him to keep reading, or he would total him. Which Cyborg said "totally" as a question, and Robin answering it in the same way. Beast Boy reads that they can be assigned the simplest labels: A green guy who can turn into animals, a cyborg, a space princess, a half-demon, and a super cool bad boy. And that should answer his question, ending the letter.

A video begins playing where an unknown singer sings "Crane Kick" while Robin, as a bad boy, chases Gizmo, Dr. Light, and Mumbo Jumbo until he defeats them with crane kicks and the episode ends.




  • This episode was advertised as "Hey You, Don't Neglect Me in Your Memory" but the actual title is "Hey You, Don't Forget about Me in Your Memory".
  • This episode has the longest title in the series, having 35 letters.
  • On the Class Ranking list, viewers can see that Barbara Gordon gets third place, with Jaime Reyes (Blue Beetle) coming in fourth.
  • This is the only episode where Robin bullies Beast Boy.
  • Robin serves as the episode's real main antagonist.
  • This episode received mostly negative reviews from fans of the original Teen Titans series. The main subject of criticism is the fact that Robin is being very abusive to the other Titans (especially Starfire of all people) for no apparent reason. Another criticism is that the other Titans are also blamed for Robin's actions despite them (except Robin) not doing anything wrong.
  • Music from "Super Robin" is reused.
  • Animation from "Leg Day" is reused.
  • When this episode aired in Asia, the scene where Robin crane kicks and beats up the Titans was heavily edited, due to the violent content or in response to the negative criticism it received in the United States. In truth, even the music video (Crane Kick) was removed and the edited version of this episode ends with Beast Boy reading a letter instead.


  • The "Vote for Robin" campaign sign from "Money Grandma" returns.
  • Beast Boy and Raven's romantic feelings for each other are once again displayed. Their strong blossoming romance is apparent when Beast Boy reminiscences about all of the good times they shared all summer. Their mutual romantic affections for one another is clearly implied in the episodes such as "Terra-ized", "Be Mine", "Pirates", and "Rocks and Water".
  • This is the second time that an episode ends with a song. The first time was "Leg Day".
  • This is the eleventh time that Beast Boy doesn't make any of his animal transformations.
  • Raven is being labelled as "Basket Case" for the the second time, the first time being Laundry Day.


  • The title of this episode is a reference to the song, "Don't You Forget About Me" by Simple Minds, which is featured prominently in the movie, The Breakfast Club. The film itself is also parodied; the Titans being sent to detention located in the school library, the stereotypical labels Robin gives the team: "Jock", "Nerd", "Homecoming Queen" and "Basket Case", and the retro, 1980's-esque clothes they are wearing. The Breakfast Club was released in theaters on February 15, 1985. The film was digitally remastered and was re-screened throughout 430 theaters in celebration of its 30th anniversary in 2015. The Titans outfits and personalities are loosely based the following characters:
    • Robin - John Bender (Judd Nelson)
    • Cyborg - Andrew Clark (Emilio Estevez)
    • Beast Boy - Brian Johnson (Anthony Michael Hall)
    • Starfire - Claire Standish (Molly Ringwald)
    • Raven - Allison Reynolds (Allie Sheedy)
  • After campaigning for class president in his underwear, Robin says "YEAH, BOY!", which may be a reference to one of Buhdeuce's catchphrases from the Nickelodeon animated series, Breadwinners. Adding to this, the episode's writer wrote a couple of episodes for Breadwinners. Steve Borst, a former writer for Teen Titans Go!, co-created Breadwinners with Gary "Doodles" Diraffaele.
  • The colorful graphics used during the musical number are a reference to the opening credits of Saved by the Bell.
  • When Robin is crane kicking the Titans, he says "Wax on", "Johnny, you're a creampuff", "I hate this stupid bike!" and "Sweep the leg", which are all references to The Karate Kid. "I'm from Reseda!" is a reference to the prologue to The Karate Kid II. The crane kick itself is a reference to Daniel LaRusso's iconic move, which he uses to defeat Johnny Lawrence.
  • Robin's school outfit resembles Fred Jones' clothes from the Scooby-Doo franchise.
  • Right after the Titans get expelled from the school, the music that plays is reminiscent to an instrumental of Lionel Richie's Say You, Say Me.


  • During the episode, Cyborg says they don't have parents; however, Raven has Trigon (her father), and Cyborg once mentioned his father was either the one who hooked Cyborg up to his robot parts after his accident or his dad was a toaster(it changed).
    • Though he might have meant that they had no authoritative leadership.
  • After Beast Boy, Raven, Cyborg, and Starfire leave Robin's grave in the flashback, Beast Boy and Raven are holding hands, however, as they are walking away, Beast Boy's arm is around Raven.
  • Unless you count Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Starfire going to school to become cool in "Cool School", none of the Titans have ever attended school. Therefore, it was technically incorrect for them to say that they were going back to school.
  • In the scene where it shows the initials "BB+Rae" carved into the tree, it has no periods in between the initials "BB", however, when the camera zooms out, the periods are seen. Though Beast Boy could have carved them off screen.
  • During the summer flashback, Cyborg is seen jumping into water, even though he said in "Real Boy Adventures" that he can't, due to being vulnerable to it.
    • However, his body parts might be waterproof equipment that we never knew about until the episode aired.
  • When Beast Boy reads the rest of the letter, Robin is only wearing one lighting bolt earring.
  • Robin kicked Beast Boy, his glasses were broken, but when the principal caught Robin kicking Beast Boy, the glasses are fixed.
  • If one has Hulu, the scene where Robin crane kicks the Teen Titans for not getting valedictorian has him saying that "he is from Reseda". The captions read it as "he is from a scene, uhh!"
  • Irony: Robin labels Beast Boy as the nerd despite Beast Boy being the dumbest out of the titans, thus being the opposite of the nerd label.

Running Gags

  • Robin using the crane kick technique to beat up Beast Boy.
  • Robin labeling on the other Titans.
  • Robin continuously putting the "Basket Case" label over Raven's head.
  • Raven blushing after speaking optimistic words.
  • The Titans getting detention for no reason and eventually getting expelled.
  • Robin calling Beast Boy a "nerd".
  • The Titans being hopeful in school.
  • Robin being obsessed with becoming the all American boy.


The transcript for "Hey You, Don't Forget about Me in Your Memory" can be found here.


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