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"Hot Garbage" is the twenty-sixth episode of the second season of Teen Titans Go!, and the seventy-eighth overall episode of the series.


When the Titans try to get Beast Boy to clean his dirty room, they discover that there is more to garbage than just plain trash.


The plot starts with Beast Boy exiting his room as he brings along with him his stinky smell out towards the Titans in the living room. The Titans are horrified and disgusted by its terrible smell. While Beast Boy doesn't even smell it, his friends can even see it and cut it. As they tried to fight against the smell, they pass out and die, while Beast Boy remains unaffected.

The Titans leave their bodies as ghosts and head outside to the Tower's roof so they can breathe the air again. However, Robin refuses to get killed by the garbage smell without a fight, and he forces all of the other Titan ghosts back into their bodies, and revives them, much to Titans' disappointment. Beast Boy is surprised, believing they were actually dead this time. Starfire is wondering how can he not smell his stinky odor. Robin confirms that it's coming from his room as they followed the smell. Just when they opened the door, they found an enormous pack of hot garbage infected in each corner of his room as Robin claims that this is a pigsty. However, Beast Boy has little pigs too (as Starfire adores them), among much dirty stuff including a hobo, Sticky Joe.

 Robin doesn't accept this style of living with garbage trees, mold, and Sticky Joe as Raven thinks that he's way too comfortable in his mess. When Starfire asked if he could get rid of the garbage, Beast Boy wouldn't accept that easily claiming that every pile of dirt is a memory to be cherished. Cyborg thinks that he seriously needs help to clean up, but nobody ever taught Beast Boy how to clean. Robin tells him that while they deal with his mess, Raven can help him. Beast Boy immediately accepts, but he tells them to be careful with his collection of scabs as he showed them much to their disgust. Beast Boy waits for Raven to pass by, but she grabs him by his head as they exited the room while the other Titans begin disinfecting his scabs.

Lesson One: Deciding What to Throw Out.

Raven starts a simple lesson by showing Beast Boy a banana peel on the floor and a trash can as he tells him what to do. Beast Boy claims that it's a piece of cake as he picks it up and throws it into the trash can. Suddenly he got nervous as he was searching for the peel after he smacked down the trash can. He finds a lot of "good stuff" there, much to Raven's failure. Back in Beast Boy's room, Cyborg was trying to get rid of the possums as they charged towards Cyborg making him shriek and run. While Starfire used Silkie as a vacuum cleaner, but Silkie didn't like it obviously.

Lesson Two: Throwin' Stuff Out.

In the kitchen's table, Raven tells Beast Boy he can only keep one out of three items: a shiny diamond, a rotten apple, and a pile of dirty socks. But Beast Boy was undetermined for he claims that all of them are great as he can't decide while slamming his head repeatedly on the table. Meanwhile back in the room, Robin is fighting against Sticky Joe with his staff while Joe with his spoon while eating beans. After he smacked down Joe's can of beans, Robin tells him to leave as he literally did, but before that he picks up his can back groaning at him.

Back in the kitchen, Raven claims that Beast Boy is a garbage magnet as he is sitting next to a trash can attracting more trash. She is wondering why he has been taught to live in the garbage. Beast Boy tells her because of his hero, another green character who liked to break the rules and that would be a television fur-ball broadcasting by telling everyone to love the garbage and the garbage will love them back according to Beast Boy's childhood reminiscence. Just as he loves the garbage, he suddenly changed his mind by not letting anyone getting rid of his mess as he runs to his room while Raven followed him. Beast Boy tells the Titans to stop cleaning up his trash, but Robin tells him that if he doesn't clean it up they'll make him do so. However, Beast Boy claims that it is his room as he starts to hide in his garbage, but Starfire couldn't see him anywhere. Robin starts to find him, but suddenly his garbage turns out to be a massive hidden trash-like cave after he brought the Titans along.

Back at the room:

The Titans begin to search for Beast Boy by smelling his scent. However, Raven found his footprints as they followed them while Robin kept smelling around, attempting to get a sign of Beast Boy's scent. They cross over the ocean of stinky slime while Raven cannot take the heat anymore as Cyborg says that it is hot garbage. Suddenly it starts to rain as they thought they could finally refresh after an exhausting trip, but they find out that it is a sweaty rain coming from above of Beast Boy's pile of sweaty shirts, much to their disgust. Raven summons an umbrella as Robin and Starfire got underneath it except for Cyborg. She doesn't have enough room for him, but he managed to squeeze in, making the Titans fell back into the ocean. Exhausted and disgusted, the Titans cannot take this much longer with the chase as Robin decides to clean up the mess themselves to find Beast Boy. However, Beast Boy showed up and scared them instead as he was dressed up like a king while the Titans thought it was a garbage monster. Beast Boy believes that they can't see the beauty in his mess, while Robin thinks that there is no beauty at all in this. While he has everything in his world of garbage, Beast Boy takes the Titans for a ride in his magic carpet as they flew away and explored the garbage world.

But even after their trip, Robin still believes that this is trash, and he's going to take it out with his staff as he starts collecting trash in his bag, even the structural support trash pillar which Beast Boy warned him about after. They all managed to escape out as the garbage world begins to collapse except for Robin, who got trapped inside. While plenty of garbage was about to fell on Robin for good, but not until Sticky Joe showed up with his motorcycle and rescued Robin before it was too late. Sticky Joe throws a pile of possum animals to dig in a trash hole for Robin to get out. As he was about to escape as well, he tells Joe that he was wrong about him and he'll never forget his heroic deed. The garbage felt on Sticky Joe at the moment when Robin came out of Beast Boy's garbage hideout as the Titans are all back in the normal messy room. Now they understood why he loves the garbage as they thanked him for enlightening them on the ways to fulfill, while Beast Boy is the dirtiest as he starts the TV on to sing the dookie in a jarring song in the end.



  • This episode aired one year after "Legs."
  • Despite Beast Boy's room being dirty throughout the whole series (possibly even longer prior to the series), the Titans hadn't had any intentions of cleaning his room before this episode.
  • Beast Boy's obsession over storing all of his belongings and believing they all have value is evidence of compulsive hoarding.
  • The underwear Beast Boy uses to cover the hole he makes has his true name "Garfield" stitched on it. This is the first time that any of the Titans' real names has been mentioned.
  • In the trash, you can see the fried chicken jar Silkie traveled to Mexico in in the episode "La Larva De Amor".
  • This episode reveals that Beast Boy has pigs in his room.
  • Beast Boy's garbage world is similar to the Trash Hole, the place where Raven banished Terra in "Terra-ized" and "Be Mine".



  • In Beast Boy's room on the left side of the wall, there is a drawing of Catwoman.
  • Disney's Aladdin is referenced when Beast Boy shows the other Titans how beautiful his garbage world is on a flying carpet.
  • The Grouch in the trash can is a reference to Oscar the Grouch from Sesame Street, who, naturally, lives in a trash can.


  • In "Ghostboy", Beast Boy DID have a desire to clean his room, and made Starfire do it for him. Though that simply could've been him messing with her.
  • Raven's lessons about throwing away trash are shown out of order. The first lesson is called "Deciding What to Throw Out", but the following sequence shows Raven instructing Beast Boy how to throw away a banana peel. The second lesson, "Throwin' Stuff Out", is about Beast Boy deciding between three objects what he should keep and what he should throw out.

Running Gags

  • Beast Boy treasuring his garbage.


The transcript for "Hot Garbage" can be found here.


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