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"Hot Salad Water" is twenty-sixth episode of the fourth season of Teen Titans Go!, and the one-hundred-eighty-third overall episode of the series.


When drinking tea turns the other Titans British, it's up to Robin to save America from another British invasion brought by the Queen of England herself and save his teammates.


The story opens up with Starfire, Raven, and Beast Boy having their bowls of cereal in the dining room. While the other Titans are eating cereal, except for Robin, Cyborg offers them drinks such as water, orange juice, and milk, but the three others aren’t satisfied until he finds a tea bag and decides to make tea with his own mechanical body. But before they can drink their tea, Robin suddenly comes running and attacks the teacup of Cyborg’s with a birdarang, causing the teacup to explode right in Cyborg’s face. Robin then scolds his friends for drinking tea, which Beast Boy calls “hot salad water” before Raven corrects him. After Starfire and Raven throw away their teacups, Robin yells at Cyborg, and Cyborg tells him to chillax. However, Robin warns them that tea is from Great Britain, and tells them how dangerous to drink tea. He gives an inaccurate history on tea linked to British Invasion and involved the Bald Eagle, the Statue of Liberty, and George Washington to save the day (which at first, Beast Boy questions it being part of American history, yet Robin forces him to keep quiet). He doesn’t forget to remind them that England has never forgotten about the humiliating defeat, throwing away the history book and claims that the British always have plans to take revenge on America. Raven thinks Robin is overreacting. However, Robin believes his beliefs are true. He then soon dumps Beast Boy’s teacup into the ocean, saying it's ¨where it belongs¨, putting caps with the word USA, and spraying the others with soda.

After Robin leaves with the help of his grapple gun, Starfire is upset that they aren't going to enjoy “hot salad water” anymore. However, a wooden crate containing tea bags have imported into the tower. Starfire thinks that it’s a sign that they're meant to drink tea. While Raven is suspicious at first, Beast Boy manages to convince her by making her, along with Starfire and Cyborg, agree with him that Robin is not always right and only drags them into trouble. They immediately disobey Robin’s order by drinking tea behind his back, and as they start to stick out their little finger, Starfire can’t help but chew the tea bag while she and the three other Titans start drinking tea in a British manner.

The very next morning, Robin (who is wearing an OBVIOUS USA cap with two mini-flags on both sides) hums a tune and enters the living room enthusiastically, greeting Raven, Beast Boy, and Starfire who are sitting on the couch with "Good morning, Titans." Raven then responses to him with "Good morning, Robin" and Robin displays his doubts, asking her whether she has forgotten the ANCIENT "Hello." Starfire excitedly tells him to join the three of them and watch the "telly" and he asks her back in a snotty and disrespectful way, "Who calls the TV a 'telly'?" Nevertheless, he soon sniffs an ominous breakfast smell, and he immediately questions Cyborg, who walks in with the plate of food. Cyborg replies that there are bacon strips, eggs, toast, and hash browns, which makes Robin feel relieved at first and claims it's a way to be American. Unfortunately, Cyborg continues with black pudding, baked beans, mushrooms, and tomatoes. Robin furiously calls the breakfast "full English" after recovering from shock and figures out that the four have drunk the tea, which Raven admits. Robin recalls how he has thrown the previous tea into the ocean like any "good American would" and Cyborg tells him that they've got some more, causing Robin to kneel and believing his worst nightmare is coming true--his friends are becoming Anglophiles, which Beast Boy is dumb enough to mishear as "hang low style" (even showing his panties...). Robin emphasizes his point again, saying Anglophiles are ones who love Great Britain. He then tells Cyborg and the others that there is nothing GREAT about Great Britain, and the tea has worked their minds. To make them remember being Americans, he sang a song that praises how awesome the USA is, and all his friends shout "USA!" three times.

The following day, Robin brings a box of fireworks into the dining room and asks who is ready to shoot them off. After he exclaims "USA" three times again, a red telephone box abruptly appears. After Robin scans it and suspects tyranny, he enters and gets sent to Big Ben through an underground tunnel. Upon arriving in Big Ben's English-style room, he is astonished to discover that all four of his friends are dressed in British attire and drinking tea like old British nobles. Robin inquires what happened to them being American, but is only met with Cyborg's offer on giving him a biscuit (which he rudely rejects), Beast Boy complains about his temper, and Raven elegantly asks him to join their tea party (pouring a cup of tea in front of him via telekinesis). Deeply enraged, Robin not only breaks the teacup but also aggressively knocks down the table. Such action angers the others, and as Robin asks where the tea is coming from, Starfire replies that they have been invited to join a spot of tea with a particular SHE. Then Starfire, Raven, Cyborg, and Beast Boy approach Robin and corner him to a door. Although he manages to escape thanks to his intelligence by using soda from two cans to spray them off, a greater horror hides behind the door awaits for him......He is met with crates of tea!!

And all of a sudden, there comes the Queen of England, who says "Lovely, isn't it?" Robin quickly realizes she is the culprit who brought tea to America, and she responds, "Bob is your uncle." Robin adds, "I have no uncle." The Queen answers rather angrily to explain the phrase means "You're right, young man." and then admits the truth: she is INDEED the one who planted the tea and his brainwashed friends are now under her control, those four will distribute the tea to different parts of the USA to help her manipulate all American citizens to return the country to the British Empire. Robin is clever enough to know she is still bitter about American independence, and though she denies it, he questions her reason for invading the USA. She finally discloses the actual intention of her evil scheme-- his ancestors threw good tea into the ocean, which upsets her because she regards it as wasting good tea and doing a frightful and unforgivable thing. Robin tells her that she won't get away with her wicked actions, but she says it is too late and summons the four possessed Titans, who have become her FAITHFUL servants, and call her Ma'am in unison, to "kindly dispose" of him. But when the four get closer, he abruptly mimics a chicken-like bird noise, which puzzles them and Raven wonders what's he doing. Robin retorts that he's calling upon American's oldest ally and runs away without hesitation...And right after he jumps out of Big Ben (unharmed for unknown reasons), he lands on the Bald Eagle!

As Bald Eagle soars in the sky with him, the Queen mocks that Robin's "little bird is no match for the biggest clock in the world," and decides to activate Big Ben's true form, turning it into a monumental robot. Robin promptly accepts her challenge and claiming that "these truths are self-evident," takes out a gun and shoots fireworks that display the words LIFE, LIBERTY, and THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. The Queen orders a Biscuit Barrage, though Robin and Bald Eagle still manage to dodge the attacks. Unfortunately, she then uses Double-Decker Destruction, and the Knight Bus knocks both onto the ground. She even chooses to be salty by saying she has had enough with Americans and it's time to finish them. But Robin responds with "Not so fast" and shoots off a firework, and suddenly the word "USA" disappears...

The Statute Of Liberty arrives at the rescue, shooting in the air and holding a can of soda as her weapon, which horrifies the Queen. She shouts "Not soda!" after Big Ben gets splashed by a purple pump of soda, malfunctions, and explodes. The Queen vows to avenge her loss and laughs menacingly, despite being sent flying. She lands, hitting an "A" on a billboard labeled "America," before fainting. After Robin thanks Lady Liberty for her help and salutes her, he remembers his friends. As he reaches them, they climb up from the ruins of Big Ben. Beast Boy removes his hat, not sure what just happened. Raven comments it's like a terrible dream full of salt and vinegar, and Cyborg adds "And mushy peas!." Starfire finally understands the dangers of tea and sincerely promises she will never drink of its dangerous leaves again. Robin states that they have one last thing to do, and...

He pushes the remaining tea into the ocean with all his might, and all five of them cheer for the USA elatedly as the crates float away, followed by Beast Boy jumping around and Starfire holding mini-USA flags. After Cyborg exclaims "America the beautiful!" with a short salute and Raven happily says, "Yay, America!" (while waving her flag), Robin eventually ends the story with a high jump kick and a shout-out of "America, heck yeah!" as the other four rejoice behind him.




  • Raven is the only one to not extend the pinky when drinking tea for unknown reasons.
  • This episode premiered one year after "TTG v PPG".
  • This is the the second Fourth of July episode of the series after "Money Grandma".
  • This is the third episode to include the word "water" in the title. The first two episodes were "Hose Water" and "Fish Water".
  • This episode is very controversial and offensive, upsetting both British and American audiences, due to the fact that Robin shows prejudice against British people and favors America. Audiences were also angry about the fact the queen was a villain, which could be considered defamation. Despite initially being pulled from UK broadcasting, the episode still airs as reruns in the UK.
  • This episode reunites Tara Strong and Jane Carr who are in the Nickelodeon show, The Fairly Odd Parents as Timmy Turner and Mama Cosma respectively.
  • This is the second episode with the word “hot” in the title, the first one being "Hot Garbage".


  • Robin's money puppet from "Two Bumble Bees and a Wasp" appears again for the second time in the series, despite being ripped up by Beast Boy. It might be possible that this is a replacement.
  • The call Robin used to call the bald eagle is similar to the one used he used to summon Team Robin in "The Best Robin".
  • Raven is seen unhooded for the 62nd time in the series.
  • When Robin is walking into the living room after the first time the Titans drink tea, he seems to be humming Mornin', which is a song he briefly sung in "Terra-ized".


  • The episode title references the beverage tea, which Beast Boy calls "hot salad water".
  • Robin saying he dumped tea into the water is a reference to the Boston Tea Party of 1773.
  • When Cyborg transforms into different beverage makers, he makes the Transformers' morph sound.
  • When Cyborg is discussing possible beverages for the other Titans, he milks a cow into a bottle with a label resembling that of Lon Lon milk from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
  • During Robin's song about America, he made several references;
    • When he mentions "Freedom" we see he is standing in front of a state penitentiary. This may be referencing how incarceration rates are the highest in the United States.
    • He mentions the family sitcom Full House. A photograph appears with the Titans dressed as the cast, with Robin as Danny Tanner, Beast Boy as Joey Gladstone, Cyborg as Jesse Katsopolis, Starfire as D.J. Tanner, Raven as Stephanie Tanner and Silkie as Michelle Tanner. Ironically, Robin's voice actor, Scott Menville, starred in the hit sitcom as a character known as Duane and even returned as the character in the sequel series, Fuller House.
    • Jersey Shore, Ernest Goes to Camp, and Samuel L. Jackson are also referenced in his song.
  • When Robin wakes up with the Titans gone, he hums a tune similar to the national anthem of the United States, The Star-Spangled Banner.
  • The bus that the Big Ben robot launches is a reference to the Knight Bus from the Harry Potter book series, although that bus is a triple-Decker and not a double-Decker. To confirm this point further, the bus has the words "Knight Bus" printed on it, along with a logo that appears to be a bespectacled Batman with a lightning symbol on his forehead. There is also a shrunken head on the rear view mirror and the license plate reads HOGWARTZ.
  • When the Queen smashes through a billboard that reads "AMERICA", she breaks off the "A", making it read as "MERICA". This is considered by some to be an extra-patriotic way to pronounce "America".
  • When Cyborg shouts "America the Beautiful!", it's a reference to a song with the same name.
  • The final screen reads, "America, Heck Yeah!" This could be a reference to the "America, F*** Yeah!" song from the movie, Team America: World Police.
  • Beast Boy speaking with a British accent acts as a call back to "Independence Day" from the original Teen Titans series.


  • Starfire said she would not want to drink milk, despite the fact she was eating cereal.
  • Robin says that tea is the favorite drink of Great Britain. However, in recent years, tea consumption has been in decline in England, even though most British still like to drink it. In fact, starting from the 90s, more British people have been switching their beverage preferences to coffee because of its cheapness.
  • Robin's recounting of the American Revolution is full of historical inaccuracies:
    • Most notably, the Statue of Liberty didn't reach the United States until 1885, long after the revolution had taken place.
    • Also, the colonists weren't forced to drink tea and they actually liked it. But when the British started taxing tea unfairly, the colonists protested in different ways, like the Boston Tea Party and by drinking other beverages instead, like coffee.
  • Robin also said that soda is a national drink of the US but soda wasn't invented until 1807 and United States' national drink is actually bourbon. However, it might be to avoid explicit references to alcoholic beverages in a cartoon aimed at younger audiences.
  • Robin hates tea in this episode but he has been seen drinking it in previous episodes such as "Mouth Hole". The other Titans have also been seen drinking it in "Breakfast Cheese" and didn’t cause any effects at all. This episode may however have occurred before "Mouth Hole" and ¨Breakfast Cheese¨, or either Robin lost his love of tea altogether and/or the Queen planted these special tea that has a brainwashing effect.
  • The Titans were portrayed as Anglophobic people in this episode, but in "The Fourth Wall", the Titans dressed up as posh British people to prevent their show from getting rebooted. This episode may have occurred before "The Fourth Wall" though, or they don´t really know how British people dress altogether.

Running Gags

  • Robin's strong dislike for tea.
  • Robin getting angry with the other Titans for drinking tea.
  • Soda being shaken and sprayed on people.
  • Pinkies being extended when tea is being enjoyed.
  • Robin showing his love for America and strong dislike of Great Britain.


The transcript for "Hot Salad Water" can be found here.


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