"Idol Hands" is issue #3 of the Teen Titans Go! comic book series.


When Starfire signs the team up for the popular reality show "Jump City's Got Your Talent Right Here!", Robin becomes obsessed with showing the world just how talented the Teen Titans really are.


The Titans relax in the living room, watching an episode of Jump City's Got Talent. Starfire announces that she has signed all of them up to be on the show next week, to which Cyborg and Beast Boy cheer in excitement. In contradiction, Raven begins to lash out at Starfire, claiming it is a terrible idea, and they will all be humiliated in front of millions of people. When nobody seems to listen to Raven, she asks Robin to be the voice of reason. Robin tells that Titans that he is the leader, and he says that they are not performing, to the delight of Raven. Starfire begins to flirt with Robin, asking him to change his mind. Robin is unable to resist her, and announces that he has changed his mind. Raven scowls as she disappears into a portal, while Robin begins to plan out a training session for everyone's act.

A week later, the Titans watch as the other teams perform on the show. Robin announces to the Titans that none of the other teams have a chance, as there is only one team left before them, and they are the only team with superpowers. Then an unexpected twist occurs as the final team before the Titans is revealed to be none other than The Brotherhood of Evil. The Brain, leader of the brotherhood, announces that he will be singing an acappella medley of Lady Gaga songs while his team does interpretive dance.

The Titans shriek in horror, realizing that they don't stand a chance against interpretive dance. Before the villains can even begin the performance, Robin screams "TITANS, GO!" The heroes run out onto the stage and begin a battle with the villains. After "one titanic, earth-shattering battle", the Titans have beaten the Brotherhood. Robin announces that the Teen Titans rule. Thinking the fight was their performance, the host asks them to wait while the judges calculate their results.

The first judge, a golden-age superhero, known as "The Red Bee" begins to criticize their fighting styles. He told them that back in his day, real superheroes fought with trained bees, and votes no. The next judge is revealed as the former child star of "Date with Debbi", Debbi Anderson. Debbi says that she thinks its swell that young people are following their dream, but their skills are from "nowheresville". The final judge, the most strict of them all, is revealed to be the evil tyrant, Darkseid. Darkseid merely quotes Simon Cowell's famous words: "Dreadful, simply dreadful!". After a short pause, Darkseid goes on to criticize Raven's fashion choices, commenting that the people in the bleakest fire pits of Apokolips have better clothing than her.

Raven's eyes glow red as she fills with anger. She faces the judges and says "My father always taught me: 'If you can't say something nice -- THEN CONDEMN THEIR SOULS TO ETERNAL TORMENT.'" Immediately afterward, Raven teleports the three judges away from the studio.

On a dark, demonic realm, the three judges are being stared at by demon-like creatures. The Red Bee and Debbi become filled with fear, but Darkseid kicks back and says he feels at home. Back at the studio, the host asks Raven how she did teleported them away. Raven glares at the judge, then simply says "Talent".





  • Beast Boy says that has gots the moves like jaquar, a referece to Maroon 5's song, "Moves Like Jagger". 
  • Jump City's Got Talent is a parody of the global Got Talent talent show. 
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