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--Ah, if only we could take our love of reading to a new level![[Robin after the Teen Titans discover the wonder of reading.|[src]]]

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"Books" is the twenty-seventh episode of Season 1 of Teen Titans Go!, and the twenty-seventh episode overall. It first aired on 2 October 2013 on Cartoon Network.


The Titans discover the wonders of reading, but after opening a book that brings their thoughts to life, they must fight their own imaginations![1]



When the Teen Titans are bored, they decide to read books.

The Teen Titans are gathered around the couch. Robin, Starfire, Beast Boy, and Cyborg begin complaining about their boredom and when Robin tries to motivate them to band together, Beast Boy tells him his speech is boring. Raven, who is reading a book, snaps at the Titans and suggests that they read a book. The Titans are oblivious to what makes a book special and Raven explains that they are worlds of imagination that can take them on an imagination adventure. After some doubts, they decide to give books a try and Robin asks Raven if they could see some. Raven teleports a stack of books into each of the Titans' hands: Beast Boy is given The Return of the Invisible Man, Robin is given The Biography of Benjamin Franklin, Cyborg is given The Adventures of Pinocchio, and Starfire is given The Birdwatcher's Guide to Pelicans! The Titans fall in love with their books and begin reading them vigorously.

As the Titans are reading their books, they each express their new found love of books with Robin asking if there was some way to take reading to another level. Raven suggests starting a book club and the Titans enthusiastically decide to participate, but are unsure how to proceed. Raven explains that in a book club, the members comment on books they read. Starfire, Cyborg, and Robin each share their feelings about the book, but Raven says that they are supposed to share thoughts and decides to demonstrate. However, her thoughts cause the Titans to believe she took the fun out of reading and Starfire tells Beast Boy to talk about his book to restore the fun. Beast Boy reveals he loved his book so much that he wrote a song about it and raps about his book. Sighing, Raven takes off until she is stopped by the Titans, who want new books since the've finished theirs. She suggests that they read each other’s books but the others refuse. They each plead for her to give them new books, but she slaps Robin and tells him to get it together before teleporting away.

The Titans, needing to read, decide to split up and look for books around the tower. Cyborg heads to the fridge where he eats some of the food, but fails to find books. Starfire lifts the portraits hanging on the wall, but, upon lifting a picture of Batman finds Batman behind it. Beast Boy reports that there are no books underneath the couch, and decides to search inside a sleeping Silkie where he finds Birdarang. In the laundry room, Robin goes through the dirty clothes and the washer and dryer but fails to find anything. Starfire announces that she found a book, but the others are disappointed that it is a comic book as it has pictures and thus cannot fuel their imagination. Cyborg believes he hears a book behind a wall and rips a piece off of the tower where he spots a demon and reports having déjà vu. Robin emerges from the toilet, looking around in the bathroom, but fails to find books.

Outside, Beast Boy is digging holes in the lawn as a dog when he sniffs a book. He digs out a chest and throws it in front of the Titans. Starfire praises Beast Boy while Robin glances at the chest, skeptical that there is a book inside. Cyborg picks the lock on the chest and opens it, revealing a demonic book. Raven approaches the Titans, asking if they've found another book. Cyborg shows the book to Raven, who recognizes it and demands they not read it. Beast Boy says they have to in order to fuel their imaginations, but Raven warns that it's evil. The Titans ignore her warning and proceed to read it. However, the book absorbs their imaginations and creates evil versions of Pinocchio, the Invisible Man, Benjamin Franklin, and three pelicans. Raven berates the Titans for refusing to listen to her as she attempts to close the book and informs Robin that they have to turn off their imaginations to stop them.

Beast Boy attempts to do so, but is unable and beat up by the Invisible Man. Robin attempts to outrun Benjamin Franklin as he is electrocuted while Cyborg tells Raven she made reading too much fun and is attacked by Pinocchio. Starfire is pecked by the pelicans and she attempts to fly away only for them to pursue and launch fishes at her. As she dodges the projectiles, she says that there has to be a way to turn off their imaginations. Raven realizes they have to take the fun out of reading and the Titans decide to host a book club. One by one, the Titans provide thoughtful insights and opinions on their books, effectively turning off their imaginations and causing the creations to return to the demonic book. Raven informs the Titans that she plans to destroy the book so that it can't hurt them ever again while Beast Boy and Cyborg tell her that she should have warned them how dangerous books could be as they almost died. Raven shares her hopes that the experience with the demonic book doesn't diminish their love of reading, but the Titans simply awkwardly stand in silence.



Cast and characters

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  • Cyborg's circuits are shown for the seventh time ("Laundry Day", "Hey Pizza!", "Gorilla", "Tower Power", "Burger vs. Burrito", "Matched").
  • Second time Beast Boy retrieves an item from inside of Silkie ("Hey Pizza!").
  • Cyborg references "La Larva de Amor" when he says déjà vu after watching the Eye Demon through a hole in the wall. He had done the same in the aforementioned episode.


  • Doctor Fate is featured on the cover of the book Raven is reading at the beginning of the episode.
  • Batman is posted as "Missing" behind a milk carton, but appears behind his Titans Tower portrait and waves at Starfire.
    • He is subtlety referenced during "My Book" which shows a fictitious map of Gotham City, cited as Gotham By Gaslight 1889, which references the DC Comics one-shot, Gotham By Gaslight.
  • "The Joker" playing card, which is commonly used as the Joker's calling card, can be seen underneath the living room couch.
  • Posters of Wonder Woman and Superman appear in the laundry room.
  • A portrait of Alfred Pennyworth can be seen in the bathroom.
  • When Starfire opens the comic book, the Titans are depicted as they were in the comic book series, New Teen Titans.
  • Cyborg's fingers are a Swiss army knife.


  • The Titans claim to not be able to find books around the tower when there were multiple ones beside the couch during their book club. Additionally, a library is revealed to be housed in the tower in "Brain Food".


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