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--If boys are so much better than girls, then prove it. We challenge you to a contest: boys vs. girls.[[Raven challenging the male Titans.|[src]]]

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"Boys vs. Girls" is the twentieth episode of Season 2 of Teen Titans Go! and the seventy-second episode overall. It first aired on 6 November 2014 on Cartoon Network.


The male Titans and the female Titans compete against each other to prove once and for all who is better - boys or girls.[1]


Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Robin are eating pizza sloppily when Robin asks if they watched a sports game last night. Cyborg brags that his team scored all the points when Robin brings up a racing event and comments on the speed of the cars. Beast Boy corrects Robin by interpreting them as much faster and scarier-looking. Cyborg tells them to be quiet and burps, causing Beast Boy and Robin to cheer. On the other side of the couch, Raven and Starfire criticize the boys' behavior as noisy and annoying. The male Titans cheer over their manliness and begin rapping the word "boy". Beast Boy dances his way to the couch when Raven summons a meteorite to crush him, yelling for him to be quiet. Surviving due to transforming into a cockroach, Beast Boy scurried to the other boys and asks them if they know what's wrong with Raven. Cyborg asserts that Raven's problem is that she is a female and not a boy. Robin agrees with Cyborg, and says that the females wish they were males.

File:Robin warns of cooties.png

Robin claims that Raven and Starfire are contaminated with cooties.

Starfire questions why they would want to become males, and Robin claims that males are superior due to the fact that girls are always lying around, wondering how they look, and being emotional. However, Raven and Starfire point out that the boys do all those things in an excess amount compared to them. Robin, however, refuses to admit defeat and claims that boys are better as the girls have cooties. Beast Boy and Cyborg immediately shy away from Raven and Starfire. Robin further proves his point by presenting a chart that claims girls lack sugar, spice, or anything nice, but are fueled with cooties. Starfire asks Raven if she has cooties, but the half-demon reveals that cooties don't exist. She challenges the boys to a contest, boys vs. girls, to determine which gender is superior. The male Titans huddle for an unnecessary amount of time until they agree to Raven's challenge.

File:Starfire races cheetah Beast Boy.png

In a series of challenges, the girls surpass the boys in every way.

Outside, the Titans warm up for the challenge with Beast Boy and Starfire racing against one another for the first challenge. Starfire wishes Beast Boy good luck, but he simply tells her that she is going down. The race begins and Beast Boy gets a head start by transforming into a cheetah. However, Starfire flies ten laps around the island by the time he finishes one. Robin and Raven are challenged to smart a complex math equation for the second challenge which Raven easily completes, shocking Robin. The final round, strength, is performed by all the Titans in a tug-of-war contest. Cyborg transforms his body into a monster truck to gain an advantage, but Raven summons demonic fists to lift the rope into the air, causing the male Titans to fall into the ocean outside Jump City.

File:Beast Boy finds it difficult to relate to the girls.png

Beast Boy and Cyborg decide to become girls, but are unable to relate to them.

Once the male Titans return to Titans Tower, Raven announces that the girls won. Beast Boy and Cyborg yell at Robin for lying to them about boys being better than girls and decide to be girls. Robin reminds them of the cooties, but Raven assures the "girls" that he lied about them as well. Cyborg scans Starfire with his robotic eye which classifies her as cootie free. Beast Boy attempts to talk to the girls, but is unable to do so. He and Cyborg ask them what they do and Raven responds that she reads from her spell book and battles a giant demon while Starfire tells them that she makes pudding with the saliva of a Tamaranean monster. Beast Boy and Cyborg cheer excitedly and the four leave the living room, causing Robin to plan a way to inflict the girls with cooties.

File:Robin stares at the cooties capsule.png

Robin decides to steal cooties to affect the females and prove that boys are better than girls.

At night, Robin sneaks into the Top Secret Government Laboratory and into the Hazard Lab which contains a jar filled with cooties. Robin takes a sample and returns to the tower where he pours its contents underneath Raven and Starfire's doors. He laughs maniacally until being told to quiet down by Cyborg twice. The next day, the girls are eating breakfast when Robin walks by and is met with disgust by Beast Boy and Cyborg. He brews coffee and asks them if they enjoy being girls which they respond to enthusiastically by shouting "girls", taking a selfie, and rapping the word "girls".

Raven and Starfire begin feeling itchy and scratch themselves which Beast Boy and Cyborg think means they are afflicted with cooties. Cyborg scans them with his cootie detector and confirms the ailment, causing him and Beast Boy to become boys again. Raven realizes that Robin caused them to be affected with cooties and he admits to it. He tells them that he also has a cure and promises to use it on the females so long as they admit that boys are better than girls. Starfire refuses, but Raven realizes that all they have to do is touch the boys to infect them with cooties as well. Robin becomes torn over the thought of cooties or the prospect of Starfire touching him, but he and Beast Boy enter Cyborg who transforms into a rocket and flies out of the tower.

File:Raven and Starfire infect the boys with cooties.png

Raven and Starfire infect the boys with cooties.

The boys runs through the streets of Jump City and easily tire themselves, thinking that they'd lose the girls. Starfire appears above them and claims that females have more endurance. She and Raven chase the boys until they run up a staircase. Raven appears before them and they leap off the building and into a sewer drain where Starfire is waiting. Robin activates his grappling hook to propel them back onto the streets. Beast Boy leads the boys into a vault at the Jump City Bank and activate the security system, unknowingly trapping them with Raven, who claims they are smarter. Starfire rips off a chunk of the wall and claims they are stronger before she and Raven back the boys into a corner. They touch the boys and afflict them with cooties, causing Robin to activate the cootie catcher. The weapon absorbs all the cooties and locks them inside, curing the Titans of the ailment.

File:Raven tells the Titans to stop talking.png

After curing the ailment and apologizing for their actions, the boys celebrate their apology and are promptly interrupted by Raven.

The Titans exit the bank vault and Robin gives a speech to apologize for their behavior and admit that girls are better than boys. Raven and Starfire thank and forgive Robin, but Cyborg and Beast Boy mention that only boys could give amazing apologies. They begin to rap again, but Raven uses her magic to cover their mouths, telling them to stop.



Cast and characters

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  • The challenges and participants were as follow:
    • 1. Speed - Race ten laps around the island, performed by Beast Boy and Starfire.
    • 2. Smartness - Solve a complex math equation, performed by Robin and Raven.
    • 3. Strength - A tug-of-war contest, performed by all the Titans.
  • Other containers in the Hazard Laboratory read Creepy Crawls, Heebie Jeebies, and Wickedy Whomps.
  • This is one of the few episodes in which Robin doesn't say, "Titans, Go!".
  • Fifth episode to focus on all of the Titans ("Legendary Sandwich", "Artful Dodgers", "Books", "Dreams").
  • This episode aired exactly one year after "No Power".
  • Running Gags: The Titans shouting either "Boys, boys" or "Girls, girls".
  • This episode aired with a rerun of "Serious Business".


  • The Titans wear their dodgeball uniforms albeit with different designs for the competition ("Artful Dodgers").
  • Cyborg transforms into the same rocket he did to escape after telling Beast Boy about Terra in the Trash Hole ("Be Mine").


  • Wonder Woman appears on a screen break after the girls defeat the boys. Fabric around her is embroidered with Batman and Superman symbols.
  • A figure resembling Killer Croc can be seen in the background of the sewer.
  • When Beast Boy is riding a hot rod, his appearance references Rat Fink.
  • Robin mentions that girls lack sugar, spice, or anything nice, referring to the ingredients (sugar, spice, and everything nice) used by the Professor to create the titular characters from The Powerpuff Girls.
  • Raven, Starfire, Beast Boy, and Cyborg take a selfie when shouting "Girls, girls!".
  • The beginning of the chase montage references a Scooby-Doo chase sequence.
  • When Starfire and Raven chase the boys around Jump City, part of the sequence references the video game, Pac-Man.
  • The way the cootie-catching device caught the cooties is similar to one of the ghost-catching methods used by the characters of the Danny Phantom series.


  • The boy symbol is depicted as a downward pointing arrow when it should be an upward pointing arrow (This was likely done to resemble a y).


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