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The Brain is a scientific and technological genius and the leader of the Brotherhood of Evil.[2]


Project B.R.I.A.N.

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Through unknown circumstances, the Brain kidnapped the Teen Titans and imprisoned them in a cell within his building for eight months in order to experiment with their powers for "Project B.R.I.A.N", although it was actually intended to be called Project B.R.A.I.N. When he visited the Titans once more to gloat about the inevitable success of his project, Robin swore that he would never complete his plan. The leader had Beast Boy pretend to be injured for the Brain to let his guard down, but he saw through his plans and electrocuted the Titans for attempting to escape. The Brain was soon alerted to Robin attempting to mess with the circuits and shocked them once more. Once the Little Buddies defeated Monsieur Mallah, the Brain spotted them attempting to free the Titans and transferred his brain to a mechanical suit powered by the Titans' powers.

Through the support of their abilities, the Brain successfully managed to stop Painbot, Super Robin, Dave, and kill Beat Box. Saddened by his friend's death, Birdarang transformed into a long-limbed android and destroyed the Brain's robotic suit, leaving the organ discarded on the floor.[1]

Teen Titans Go! comic book series

Brotherhood of Evil

The Brain introducing his associates.

The Brain and his associates, the Brotherhood of Evil, were scheduled to perform in the talent show, Jump City's Got Your Talent Right Here! before the Teen Titans. He introduced his allies and announced that their performance would consist of the Brain singing a capella medley of Lady Gaga songs while the others performed interpretive dance. Horrified by this, Robin ordered the Titans to attack and halt their performance. The Brain was carried away by Monsieur Mallah while Beast Boy, as a tyrannosaurus rex, chased after them. He was eventually defeated alongside the other members by the Titans, and was kicked off the stage by Robin in celebration.[2]


Through his intellect, the Brain is able to create complex strategies, and dabble in sciences and technology in order to benefit his villainous urges. He appears to be menacing as the Titans were afraid of the consequences that would befall them when Robin attempted an escape which ranged from losing their food privileges or electrocution. The Brain generally remains calm even when Beast Boy's stupidity messed up his name, but became dumbfounded when he discovered someone as smart as him idiotically misspelled his own name, showing a high view of himself. Due to being reduced to a brain, the Brain's physical limitations are limited yet, once inside a mechanical suit, he violently incapacitated most of the Little Buddies and even resorted to kill Beat Box. However, without this advancement, he was simply reduced to a brain in a jar.[1]

On a lighter note, the Brain enjoyed participating in Jump City's Got Your Talent Right Here! and was even seen smiling throughout his time on the show. He also hinted at being a Lady Gaga fan as he planned to sing a capella medley of her song for his part in the performance yet quickly grew serious once the Titans interfered, going as far as to order his allies to kill them despite the fight being broadcast citywide.[2]

Physical appearance

The Brain's brain is held in a mobile capsule that is black in color with gray metal pieces. It also has a decorative design of an evil face in black and white. The brain itself is visible because of the clear glass dome on top and is the Brain's weakness.


As a result of being limited simply to a brain, the Brain does not possess a physical threat, but his intellect allows him to perform dangerous science experiments and execute strategic maneuvers.

  • Super intelligence: Through his intelligence, the Brain proves to be a capable and formidable foe, and became the second villain to capture all of the Titans. By building a device to extract their powers, he successfully constructed a robotic suit to harness their abilities and was able to modify some of their powers to suit the robot's needs such as a mechanical arm becoming a snake.[1]


Teen Titans Go!

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Teen Titans Go! comic book series


  • The Brain appears to be a fan of Lady Gaga.[2]
  • The Brain is the fifth of six major supporting characters from the 2003 TV series Teen Titans to appear in Teen Titans Go!.
    • He was the nineteenth villain overall to appear.


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