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This article focuses on the episode. For the junior novelization, see Burger versus Burrito.

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"Burger vs. Burrito" is the twenty-third episode of Season 1 of Teen Titans Go!, and the twenty-third episode overall. It first aired on 3 September 2013 on Cartoon Network.


Cyborg and Beast Boy are in perfect sync, except when it comes to their taste in food. What’s the best food ever created, burgers or burritos? The two friends have an all-out competition to settle things once and for all.[1]


Beast Boy, transformed into a cat, is dancing on the couch. He transforms into his human self and continues dancing when Cyborg approaches and begins asking if he wants to play a video game. Beast Boy, already anticipating what Cyborg was going to ask, shows that he had set up the system. He begins to suggest that they get sodas, but Cyborg brings out two cans, knowing what Beast Boy was about to say. Cyborg also claims to know what Beast Boy is starving for and says burger while Beast Boy says burrito. The two begin arguing over what they truly meant and gasp when they can't agree. Cyborg says that it feels like he doesn't even know Beast Boy anymore when Robin, Starfire, and Raven exit the elevator. Beast Boy tells the Titans that Cyborg believes burgers are better than burritos while Cyborg tells them that Beast Boy doesn't understand that burgers are more delicious. Beast Boy demands that they tell him which one is better, but Starfire and Robin are unable to decide while Raven says she's doesn't care. Robin decides that both Titans will present their cases as to why they believe their choice is better.

Cyborg shows a presentation about the burger, highlighting its stackable structure, open-sided architecture, and aerodynamically perfect design which he explains has led experts to believe the burger is a gift from a more highly advanced civilization from space. He ends his presentation and Beast Boy rises from the living room floor wearing a sombrero and strumming a guitar. He begins singing his "Burrito Song", but Cyborg interrupts with his "Burger Rap". Beast Boy yells at Cyborg for interrupting him and tackles him, causing the two to start fighting. Robin orders them to stop and Cyborg slaps Beast Boy's hand away before he asks the Titans which food they prefer. Starfire is still indecisive while Raven still claims to not care. Robin suggests resorting to a taste test to decide. Beast Boy and Cyborg compete in a "Titan Chef" competition and cook a burrito and burger for the other Titans. After trying both dishes, Robin, Starfire, and Raven compliment the foods the exact same way, frustrating Beast Boy, who demands to know which one is better. Robin says that they should agree everybody has their own preference and to leave it at that, but Beast Boy and Cyborg refuse.

Throughout the day, Beast Boy and Cyborg play practical jokes on each other. Cyborg tapes a sign reading "I Heart Burgers" on Beast Boy, and Beast Boy stuffs a burrito into Cyborg's robotic body. Cyborg retaliates by stuffing burgers into banana peels and Beast Boy peels each one. As Cyborg is taking a shower, Beast Boy switches the toiletries with burritos and Cyborg uses one as shampoo, hurting his eye. When Beast Boy attempts to enter the elevator, it is filled with burgers which collapse on him. The crime alert blares and the Titans enter the T-Car, but Cyborg notices that the car won't start and checks the engine; only to see that is has been replaced with a burrito. During this, Robin, Starfire, and Raven get caught in the middle of their pranks. Eventually, the tower is split in half and each side is decorated with propaganda of burgers or burritos. Cyborg paints a sign reading "Burgers Rule" onto the burrito side and Beast Boy traps Raven in a giant burrito for sleeping on the burger side. She enchants his ears to wrap around his head and unscrews Cyborg's bolts, causing his parts to collapse. After getting rid of the tortilla, she tells the two that they're sick and tired of getting caught in their feud. Robin decides that an all out food competition would settle things once and for all.

The first round is speed and involves tossing a burger and burrito down a hill. The burger falls apart before finishing the race, earning the burrito a point. The second round, accuracy, is using the foods as weapons which the burger wins. The third round, aerodynamics, involves placing the foods on two separate tables while a fan blows on them. The burger falls apart again and Beast Boy teases Cyborg for claiming that they were aerodynamically perfect in his presentation. The fourth round is heat resistance and the foods are placed in separate microwaves set to the maximum time possible. The burrito eventually explodes and Cyborg gloats to Beast Boy by taking a bite out of his burger and asking how his burrito is doing. Beast Boy slaps the burger out of his hands, but Robin tells them to stop arguing and save it for the final round. Starfire wonders what the final round could be as they've covered the usual food competitions. Raven says she still doesn't care and Cyborg begins suggesting an idea, but stops midway. Beast Boy says that he's not going to finish his sentence as those days are over, but accepts the challenge as he knows what his idea is.

The Titans gather at the top of the tower where Beast Boy tells Robin that they're competing in the Ultimate Burger Burrito Smackdown which involves a gigantic Burger Robot and equally sized Burrito Monster. Cyborg says that he used burgers and tasty robotics to create his robot while Beast Boy says he got help from Raven. Raven explains that he wouldn't stop bothering her which is why she relented. Robin says that the battle is insane, but the two continue with the smackdown nonetheless. The robot and monster are unable to get the upper hand and, at one point, Robin, Starfire, and Raven decide to get pizza only to be smothered in food from an attack. Eventually, the Burger Robot and Burrito Monster leap over the tower and destroy each other, smothering the roof with burritos and burgers. Cyborg tries a burrito that fell on him and claims that they're good. Beast Boy tries a burger and notices that it's a veggie patty. The two agree that burritos and burgers are good and decide to get desserts. Beast Boy shouts ice cream while Cyborg shouts pie. The two stare at each other for a moment before agreeing on ice cream on top of pie and celebrate the return of their renewed friendship by dancing.



Cast and characters

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  • Second episode about Beast Boy and Cyborg's friendship ("Pie Bros").
  • Running Gags: Raven stating "I don't care" when asked if she preferred burritos or burgers. Robin, Starfire, and Raven saying the same thing on their opinions on burgers or burritos.
  • Food Content: The episode centers around Beast Boy and Cyborg's feud over which food — a burger or burrito — is superior.
  • This episode aired with a rerun of "Super Robin".


  • Cyborg and Beast Boy finish each other's sentences again ("Pie Bros").
    • The episode was briefly acknowledged when Beast Boy said, "Those times are over!" The episode was the first to show the two finishing each other's sentences.
    • This episode also draws similarities due to Beast Boy's and Cyborg's friendship being threatened until resolved by a food battle.
  • This is the sixth episode where Raven becomes a demon ("Driver's Ed", "Dog Hand", "Laundry Day", "Meatball Party", "Terra-ized").


  • Batman appears on a poster supporting the burrito side.
  • Catwoman appears on a poster supporting the burger side.
  • The song playing when Beast Boy and Cyborg are pulling pranks on each other is extremely similar to Stevie Ray Vaughn's Couldn't Stand the Weather.
  • Beast Boy has a burrito poster that parodies the Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises as "The Burrito Rises."
  • Cyborg and Beast Boy competing against each other with their favorite food is strongly reminiscent of a battle held annually by Smosh, a YouTube channel.
  • Iron Chef is parodied as "Titan Chef".


  • Cyborg and Beast Boy's favorite food is pizza, but it is said to be burgers and burritos in this episode.
  • Beast Boy wears a sombero and speaks in a Spanish accent when he sang about the burrito, but the burrito was originally invented in the United States.
  • Cyborg says he used veggie patties in his hamburgers, but they are clearly shown containing meat.
  • Raven is shown reading a book during Cyborg's whole presentation, but when Beast Boy starts singing his song, her book disappears.


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