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--Did I? That sound ridiculous![[ Butterbean questioning teaching Raven about friendship (hostile personality).|[src]]]

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Butterbean is a fictional pegasus and star of the television series, Pretty Pretty Pegasus.


Teen Titans Go!

Season 1

Season 2

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Looks and Personality

Butterbean is a yellow Pegasus with a green mane, tail and set of wings. Like her friend, Sparkleface, she believes that friendship is the true answer and is known for problem solving (retrieving the candy keys to escape the candy dungeon to get to Princess Puffball's birthday, giving the cotton candy plants a shower of compliments, etc.). She was temporarily given a hostile personality from the battle performed by the Titans but was later returned to her friendship-loving state by Raven.


  • Butterbean's design changed slightly in Season 2. 
  • Starfire calls her "The Bean of Butter".
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