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"Caged Tiger" is the thirty-fourth episode of Season 1 of Teen Titans Go!, and the thirty-fourth episode overall. It first aired on 20 November 2013 on Cartoon Network.


After their "bro-cation" - a vacation just for the bros - Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Robin return closer than ever, but their bro-mentum is interrupted by Doctor Light. Teen Titans Bro![1]


Starfire, Raven, and Silkie are relaxing in the living room when the elevator opens to announce the return of Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Robin. The three begin to laugh while recalling past events causing Raven to question where the male heroes have been. The three reveal that they spent the weekend as a bro-cation, a vacation only for guys before they perform a handshake. Starfire inquires about the bro-cation, but the three refuse to answer claiming that whatever happens on the bro-cation, stays on the bro-cation. Raven remarks that the three should be sick of each other as she already is, but Beast Boy states that there's no harm in bros hanging out before remembering that it's time for the bros' bath time. However, the computer announces a crime alert in Jump City by Doctor Light, causing the three guys to disembark on the bro-train in order to combat the villain. Raven and Starfire decide to meet the three at the scene of the crime due to their inability to spend time with the bros.

Inside the elevator, Robin exclaims his enthusiasm to fight Dr. Light while waiting for the elevator to finish transporting them. However, it soon spots midway but Cyborg exclaims that he can repair he damage while Robin notices that he can't get any signal on his communicator. Beast Boy calmly states that he's happy to be stuck in an elevator with the guys as they're all bros before he and Robin compliment Cyborg as a super-bro due to him being part man and part robot. The two begin to wait until Beast Boy voices his regret in drinking a lot of water. Meanwhile, Raven and Starfire reach Dr. Light, who stationed himself and a large weapon on top of a building. The villain begins to fire his weapon at the two, but stops himself before asking about the other Titans's whereabouts. Raven and Starfire prepare to combat him answering that the three should be arriving momentarily. However, Dr. Light suggests that he'd rather wait until the male Titans arrive due to the weapon being designed to destroy all five of the Titans. Confused, Raven and Starfire agree to wait.

Back in the elevator, Cyborg struggles to repair the machine while Beast Boy squirms in the corner and Robin angrily paces back and forth. Beast Boy reveals that he needs to use the bathroom while Robin expresses his need to punch someone's face claiming he feels like a caged tiger before beginning to enact various fighting moves. Cyborg tells the two to relax and enjoy themselves as he finishes up repairing the elevator. Beast Boy asks about Robin's relationship with Starfire in order to distract himself from going to the bathroom. Robin excitedly reveals that she touched his upper arm six times during the week claiming that they're pretty much dating because of it. Cyborg happily reveals that he fixed the elevator and connects two wires together which activates an alarm. The three look around to notice weapons appearing from around the elevator and fire at them. After recovering from the attack, Robin tells Cyborg he must have set off the new security system he installed. Angered, Cyborg states that repairing the elevator will take a little bit more time while Robin happily watches his communicator receive a signal before being angered when it vanishes.

Dr. Light asks Raven if there has been any word from her friends, but she assures him that they'll be arriving soon. Starfire floats by and voices her wonder on how the villain acquired the name, Dr. Light. The villain refuses to share, but succumbs to Starfire's puppy dog eyes and reveals his name as Arthur before beginning to tell the origins of his name. He reveals that as a kid he used to play a trick for his mom causing Starfire to want to see the trick. He agrees on the promise that they won't laugh and places light bulbs into his ears before telling them to pull his finger. Starfire obliges as the pull causes the bulbs to light up, amazing both of the girls as they prepare to make lunch plans with the villain.

Still trapped, Beast Boy begins to squirm due to his inability to hold back his urine any longer. Robin voices his unhappiness with being trapped inside the elevator when there's crime needing to be fought before beginning to kick and punch at nothing. Cyborg continues repairing the elevator when Robin asks if it's fixed yet. Angrily, Cyborg reveals he would have been if Robin hadn't installed the security system while Robin claims that Cyborg doesn't know how to fix the elevator. The two begin to argue when Beast Boy reveals that he's going to urinate on the spot which he proceeds to do so, disgusting Robin and Cyborg. At Justice Java, Raven, Starfire, and Dr. Light, who added light bulbs to his nose and mouth, are finishing their food while Ed robs the store behind them. Raven begins to reach for the bill but Dr. Light insists on paying for the meal. Raven exclaims that Dr. Light isn't such a bad guy while he offers that he has a darkish thought before inquiring if they would want dessert.

Robin begins to hiss and act like a tiger as a result of his containment while Beast Boy tells the bros to relax. Cyborg angrily remarks that Beast Boy relaxed over the floor and to not call him bro. As a bird, Beast Boy sings the word bro in Cyborg's ear causing the robotic Titan to lash out at him while Beast Boy transforms into a dog and threatens to urinate on the floor again by raising his leg. Robin tackles the two to the ground and exclaims that the tiger has been unleashed before clawing Cyborg and Beast Boy. Cyborg activates missiles while Beast Boy transforms into a gorilla as the three begin fighting one another. Cyborg kicks Robin into the control panel and the hero is electrocuted but repairs the elevator as a result. The three quickly make up and hug while Beast Boy tells them to ignore the wetness.

Returning to the weapon with ice cream, Raven asks Dr. Light what he was planning to use the device for. He reveals that the device was meant to absorb light and use its energy to cause people to disintegrate, but reveals another function, a light show. Dr. Light exclaims that it feels good to not feel evil and asks how the female Titans feel about him joining the Teen Titans. Starfire remarks that it would be wonderful while Dr. Light reveals that the day marks a new era of his life until he is punched down by Robin as the three Titans have finally arrived. He exclaims that Dr. Light will spend the new era in jail as Raven and Starfire try to stop him from attacking, but to no avail. Robin beats Dr. Light with a staff and a body slam before Beast Boy transforms into a llama, gorilla, elephant, and whale to repeatedly knock Dr. Light down. Cyborg slams Dr. Light with various weaponry before firing missiles and a rocket at the villain. Badly beaten, Dr. Light swears revenge on all of the Titans. The bros celebrate their victory with another handshake as Starfire and Raven order an ambulance for Dr. Light. The bros board the bro-train and ride around the building as Starfire and Raven tend to Dr. Light's wounds.



Cast and characters

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  • The Titan elevator differs from its other appearances as the interior walls now have sticky notes of drawings instead of the superhero and supervillain logos commonly seen in other episodes.
  • This episode bears similarities to "Girl's Night Out": Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Robin have a males only outing similar to their boys' night out. Starfire and Raven bond with an enemy. In this case, it is Doctor Light.
  • A picture of a burrito and burger can be seen on the elevator, referencing "Burger vs. Burrito" while a picture of Beast Boy dancing can also be seen which references "Matched".
  • Food Content: Doctor Light, Raven, and Starfire eat lunch at Justice Java and later have ice cream as desserts.
  • This episode aired with a rerun of "The Left Leg".


  • Ed robs Diamond A'Plenty in the same way that he did in his last appearance, albeit without the use of Robin ("Driver's Ed").


  • Pictures of various superheroes and supervillains are displayed on the tower elevator's interior walls. These include: Batman, Billy Numerous, Gizmo, See-More, The Dark Knight Rises incarnation of Bane, Blue Beetle, Catwoman, Hush, Ra's Al-Ghul, Scarecrow, Slade, The Joker, The Penguin, The Riddler, The Ventriloquist, and Two-Face.
  • Robin angrily bets that Batman never had to be trapped in an elevator.
  • Batman is depicted on the Justice Java receipt jacket design.
  • A chibi version of Victor Stone is wearing a JLA muscle shirt, alluding to Cyborg's identity and the Justice League of America.
  • The music played in the elevator is a version of 2003 Teen Titans' theme song.
  • Robin says "That's a fact, Jack" to Cyborg, a phrase commonly used by Si Robertson in Duck Dynasty.
  • Cyborg uses Rumble and Frenzy's pile divers ability on Doctor Light, referencing Transformers.


  • Beast Boy states he drank water before the Titans disembarked to combat Doctor Light. However, he recently returned from the bro-cation and wasn't seen drinking any water.


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