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--My father never took the family photos or invited me to do the torture."
"There, there, princess, he may not have been there for you, but I'm here now.
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"Caramel Apples" is the thirteenth episode of Season 2 of Teen Titans Go! and the sixty-fifth episode overall. It is also the second holiday episode in the season, and the fourth overall. It first aired on 18 September 2014 on Cartoon Network.


Trigon arrives to wreck the Earth, but only because his daughter Raven didn't get him anything for Father's Day. Starfire misses the fatherly relationship, so she starts spending time with Trigon.[1]


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Robin attempts to tell the other Titans a funny story, but is promptly grabbed by Trigon, shocking the other Titan as they are grabbed as well. Trigon chastises Raven for being an ungrateful brat and vows to let her watch him destroy Jump City. Robin begins to inspire the Titans into action, calling on their friendship and teamwork in order to defeat Trigon, effectively motivating Beast Boy and Cyborg. However, they are defeated and scattered across the ruins of Jump City. Robin once again attempts to inspire the Titans, but Trigon snaps his fingers and the ledge containing the males falls into a gorge. Starfire questions Raven for Trigon's actions and she reveals that he's being a baby due to not get him anything for Father's Day. Shocked, Starfire realizes that Trigon is attacking the city due to his hurt feelings and gives him a hand-drawn picture. The demonic conqueror thanks her for cheering him up and promptly disembarks, promising to not continue destroying the Earth.

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Meanwhile, Robin, Beast Boy, and Cyborg fall deep into the chasm, landing in what Robin deduces to be the center of the Earth. Beast Boy suggests Cyborg to use his technological upgrades to fly them out, but the half-robot reveals that his thrusters were broken in the fall. Beast Boy and Cyborg begin to cry due to being in a hopeless situation, but Robin tells them to hold on to friendship, courage, and heart to emerge victorious. Beast Boy and Cyborg, inspired, proceed to follow Robin, but are burned by a burst of flames before one of Cyborg's arms falls off.

Back at Titans Tower, Trigon returns much to Raven's annoyance as she thinks he's returned to persuade her into following his footsteps. However, Trigon reveals that he is visiting Starfire and gifts her a kitten due to her giving him a Father's Day card. She thanks Trigon, but Raven orders her dad to leave and he complies, heading to sit on the rock outside Titans Tower. Starfire approaches him and offers him to join her for a silly dance party in her room. Trigon agrees to participate and he, Starfire, and her kitten begin dancing. Raven watches the spectacle from the doorway and turns away, glad that Trigon isn't her problem anymore.

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Robin uses his binoculars to find an exit across a cavern, but warns Beast Boy and Cyborg that they have to be quiet when traveling. However, Cyborg claims that he and Beast Boy are the loudest people they know, almost causing several stalactites to fall on them. Beast Boy tells Robin to go on without them, but Robin tells them that he won't leave them behind due to needing them for the battle against Trigon unaware that Trigon and Starfire are still having a silly dance party. He tells the two that he'll never abandon those who'd call themselves Teen Titans and motivates Beast Boy and Cyborg to cheer the group name, motivating them even further. Robin enters the cavern, but Beast Boy and Cyborg are crushed by rocks when they attempt to follow.

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On the couch, Trigon goes through a scrapbook filled with pictures of Raven and explains the story behind each one to Starfire before wondering where that little girl had gone. Raven tells Trigon that she grew up and changed and rips up the scrapbook yet Trigon simply snatches a picture from the air and explains it to Starfire as the first time he and Raven tortured a demon. Starfire explains her upset over not having a fatherly relationship like the one Raven and Trigon shared, but Trigon responds that he would fill the role, visibly disappointing Raven as she finds a picture depicting her on Trigon's shoulders. Angered, Raven calls their interaction weird and reminds them that they're not related, but Starfire accuses Raven of being jealous of Trigon gifting her the kitten, but the half-demon transports the cat onto a ledge in the center of the Earth.

Robin, Beast Boy, and Cyborg come across the cat which Robin claims to be a symbol of their bravery. He explains that the cat survived the Earth's core using his instincts, but by himself and that they have each other, meaning that they will survive. Beast Boy worriedly tells Cyborg that he's beginning to feel inspire again as Cyborg attempts to stop, but feels fireworks in his heart. Robin tells them that they will survive as Beast Boy and Cyborg wait for something bad to happen. When nothing comes, they claim that they'll be okay, but the kitten begins to claw their bodies before a burst of flames incinerates them and a mountain of rocks crush them, causing Cyborg to lose an arm.

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Raven vents her frustration over Trigon and Starfire's bonding through her Pretty Pretty Pegasus dolls, but is spotted by the two of them. Starfire angrily remarks if SparkleFace, who Raven called dumb, is supposed to be her to which Raven agrees. The two female Titans begin to growl at each other, but Trigon claims that there must be a better alternative to resort their anger. Raven agrees with her dad and uses one of her toys to smash Starfire out the Tower. Raven gathers her magic into a form of a raven while Starfire propels herself upward with starbolts and the two begin a fistfight until Raven succeeds in knocking Starfire down into a bush as it begins to rain. She attempts to reason with Starfire by telling her that he's only going to hurt her, but Starfire responds that she doesn't care as she only wants to be treated like a father's princess before using her eye blasts to smash Raven in the ground.

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Starfire realizes what she's done and apologizes to Raven. Raven forgives her too as Starfire questions the reason behind their fight which Raven deduces to be the work of Trigon. Trigon, who watched the fight at the top of Titans Tower, teleports to the girls' location, angered that the fight had ended just as it was getting good. Raven realizes that Trigon wanted the two of them to fight the whole time as Trigon reveals that seeing Raven lash out in anger reminds him that she's still his little girl. He calls that the greatest Father's Day gift ever and Raven responds that she and Starfire have another gift for him. She opens a portal to suck Trigon inside as Starfire shoots a blast at Trigon, sending him into the portal as he tells them that he'll see them at Thanksgiving. As the portal closes, the rain stops as well and Raven apologizes to Starfire, claiming that, despite his being a demon, she still wants him to love her. Starfire relates to Raven that she too longs for the fatherly relationship. The two agree to be each other's fathers and Raven tucks Starfire in bed and teaches her how to ride a bike before gifting each other a tie and a fedora.

Cyborg and Beast Boy finally reach a still ruined Jump City and celebrate by dancing, but are interrupted as Robin begins labeling their victory for their teamwork and statuses as fine heroes. Beast Boy worries over Robin being inspirational and Cyborg begs him to make Robin stop, causing Beast Boy to transform into a goat and headbutt Robin off the ledge and into the chasm. Cyborg praises Beast Boy and the two resolve to never be inspired again as Cyborg's arm falls off once more.



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  • Raven is revealed to have destroyed a universe when she was three years old.
  • Fourth episode to revolve around a holiday ("Second Christmas", "Be Mine", "Money Grandma").
  • This episode aired exactly one year after "Colors of Raven".
  • Running Gags: Robin inspiring Beast Boy and Cyborg only for them to get injured.
  • This episode aired with a rerun of "Baby Hands".



  • Skeletons resembling Mario and Luigi from Nintendo's Super Mario Bros. franchise appear in a chasm in the center of the Earth.
  • A picture of Cyborg and Beast Boy the 2003 Teen Titans TV series appears.



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