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Carlos' bodyguards are security guards in the employment of Carlos. They respond to his orders without question and are loyal to their employer.


The bodyguards stood on either side of Carlos as he watched Sonia Conchita Hernández pour her feelings to Silkie. Angered by Sonia's love for the maggot, Carlos and his bodyguards raided a dance party to confront Sonia. When she attempted to leave, they blocked her path and shook their heads. Carlos ordered his bodyguards grab the two and take them to his hideout. While standing guard in front of the balcony, the bodyguards arm-wrestled, but immediately stationed themselves to their posts when they falsely assumed that Carlos was walking past them. However, it was merely a bust of their boss being carried around by Silkie as a distraction.[1]


Teen Titans Go!


  • The bodyguards have opposing sets of facial hair. One bodyguard has a mustache while the other has a goatee.


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