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--I'm gonna be a cat and Starfire is going to love me and we're going to be together forever![[Robin.|[src]]]

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"Cat's Fancy" is the first episode of Season 3 of Teen Titans Go! and the one hundred and fifth episode overall. It first aired on 31 July 2015 on Cartoon Network.


Robin becomes a cat to make Starfire love him.[1]


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Somewhere in Jump City, Doctor Light placed a light bomb to detonate and destroy the city. The Teen Titans arrive to deactivate it, but can't agree on a way to do it. After Beast Boy yells that they're all going to die, Starfire decides to fly the bomb into space. Once it detonates, however, Starfire falls back toward Earth, falling into unconsciousness. Robin rushes over to check on her and begins crying when she doesn't open her eyes, but Starfire groans as she awakens. Robin, relieved, begins to tell her how he truly feels, but Starfire is distracted by the presence of a nearby kitten and begins cuddling with it. She decides to adopt the cat, naming it Nibbles, and flies off, upsetting Robin.

That night, at Titans Tower, the Titans are watching Starfire play with Nibbles and she begins chasing him. Cyborg notes how much Starfire loves the kitten and Robin asks if they think she would ever show him that much affection. Raven jokes that she might if he has whiskers and fish breath, but Robin takes the suggestion seriously, saying he already has fish breath. Beast Boy advises Robin to turn into a dog as he believes them to be better than cats, but Robin says he has to be a cat for Starfire to love him. Raven, dumbfounded, asks Robin if he's really considering transforming into a cat and he says he is. Beast Boy tells Robin that if he becomes a cat, Starfire will become a cat lady and that relationship isn't the one he wants. Cyborg wonders how Robin plans to transform into a cat and jokes if he's going to wish on a shooting star. Robin agrees with Cyborg's suggestion and runs to the window where he wishes on a shooting star to transform into a cat. The next day, Robin wakes up to see his hands have become kitten paws. He excitedly cheers for his transformation and walks in front of a window, noting that he's still a human but with kitten paws. At his door, Raven, Beast Boy, and Cyborg laugh at their practical joke and Robin realizes his paws are actually just gloves. Raven laughs that Robin actually believed a wish would transform him into a cat and Cyborg says that shooting stars don't grant wishes. Robin throws them out of his room and promises to become a cat and that Starfire will love him, but Beast Boy reminds Robin that he doesn't have fur or whiskers.

The next day, Raven is reading a book, Cyborg is sitting, and Beast Boy is playing a video game on the couch. The lights suddenly turn off and Robin, dressed in a cat suit approaches them. Beast Boy is shocked that Robin went through the transformation and Cyborg tells Robin, who's only meowing, to use his words. Raven attempts to talk sense into Robin by saying that Starfire won't like him better just because he is a cat. However, at that moment, Starfire enters the living room, spots Robin and throws out Nibbles. She begins petting Robin and claims he's ten times cuter. Cyborg scoffs, saying he's only at least seven times cuter and Robin hisses and begins clawing at him. Starfire, noting his feistiness, decides to name him Sassy Pants. Raven laughs and tells Starfire that the cat is Robin, but Starfire says she knows, but she cannot resist his charm as a kitten. She takes Sassy Pants and the two go to play, shocking Beast Boy.

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Starfire begins playing with Robin with a laser pointer, and when Cyborg fixes the couch, Sassy Pants claws up an armrest. Sassy Pants excitedly eats his tuna while Raven shakes her head. Starfire tries bathing Sassy Pants, but he jumps out of the way and she falls into the tub. Sassy Pants licks himself on Beast Boy's bed, and when Beast Boy sprays him with water, he attacks him. At one point, Raven says that Robin sleeps all day ever since he became a cat and Cyborg notes his cruelty. Beast Boy says he wishes Robin would stop pushing him off tables, and Cyborg says he knows what would cheer them up: lasagna. Sassy Pants, smelling the food, wakes up and kicks Beast Boy off the table before gulping down the food. Cyborg scolds him, but Sassy Pants only dryly thinks that it's Monday and drops the plate on Beast Boy. Later, Starfire is playing with Sassy Pants with a toy mouse while Cyborg, Raven, and Beast Boy watch nearby. Cyborg claims Robin is turning Starfire into a cat lady which Beast Boy says is worse than cats and that they have to stop him. Raven, knowing that Starfire wouldn't choose a cat over them, lies to Starfire, claiming that Sassy Pants is giving her bad allergies. Starfire, shocked, apologizes to Raven and decides to remove him from the tower. Beast Boy tells her to toss him out near the garbage cans, but Starfire says Sassy Pants is too precious to her and that they'll go find new living arrangements. She bids them goodbye forever and flies off, shocking Cyborg and Beast Boy as they realize Robin's plan worked.

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Several months later, Starfire and Sassy Pants have moved into Jump City Apartments. Starfire, dressed in an over-sized sweater and constantly twitching, returns from buying food and shows Sassy Pants a box filled with more kittens. Sassy Pants screeches, but Starfire promises him that he will always be her favorite kitten. Several more months later, Starfire is sitting with her cats when someone knocks on the door. She becomes anxious at the idea of visitors and opens the door to see Cyborg, Raven, and Beast Boy. Cyborg urges her to come home, but Starfire says she can't as she needs her own space for her kittens. She remembers that it's dinner time for her kittens and enters the kitchen. Raven spots Sassy Pants under a table and Cyborg entices him with a ball of yarn, causing him to walk up to them. Beast Boy scolds Sassy Pants for transforming Starfire from a cool, alien lady to a cat lady. Cyborg theorizes that the relationship he has with Starfire now can't be the one he had in mind and Raven claims that he'll take off the cat suit if he really cared about Starfire. Sassy Pants licks himself indifferently, and the Titans decide to leave.

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Sassy Pants watches them leave from the window, but Robin notices his reflection and realizes the extent of his plan. He says that while Starfire loves him, it's only because she's a cat lady. Robin claims that Starfire is much more than a cat lady and he's more than a cat. He dons a dog suit and barks, chasing all of the cats out of the apartment. He hides behind a couch when Starfire returns to the living room with dinner, and sends her a note which says that the kitten have left. Starfire begins crying at the loss of her babies, but Robin barks and runs up to her. Immediately, Starfire cheers up and returns to her original outfit, petting the puppy. She says that they should go play outside and is joined by the rest of the Titans. Beast Boy says at least Starfire isn't a cat lady anymore as the ball rolls up to Raven. Cyborg tells Robin that he hopes he learned something, but he only tilts his head and looks up at them. Raven scoffs and throws the ball, saying that there's never a dull moment when living with pets. The sound of screeching tires, a dog yelping, and a thud is heard.



Cast and characters

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  • This episode was advertised as "A Cat's Fancy".
  • This episode was the last to air during a week of brand new episodes celebrating the third season premiere.
  • This is one of the few episodes in which Robin doesn't say, "Titans, go!".
  • This episode aired exactly one year after "Brian".
  • Running Gags: Starfire calling Robin "Sassypants." Beast Boy warning that Starfire will become a cat lady. Robin saying "Meow."
  • Food Content: Robin eats cat food and later eats lasagna in the comic strip scene.
  • Deaths: It is assumed that Robin is hit by a car in the end of the episode.
  • This episode aired with a rerun of "Some of Their Parts".



  • The title can refer to the popular North American magazine Cat Fancy.
  • The entire comic book-like scene is a reference to the Garfield comic series: Cyborg saying that he can never get a date and making lasanga references Jon, Beast Boy saying that the cat pushes him off the table and his transformation into a dog is similar to Odie, and Robin, while wrapped in a blanket, resembles Garfield. He also eats the lasagna and thinks "Monday," referencing how Garfield thinks because he can't talk.
  • Jump City Apartments is owned by Lexcorp Industries (Lex Luthor).
  • In Starfire's apartment there are pictures of the various versions of Catwoman from TV and movies including:
    • Batman (1960's) (TV)
    • Batman: The Animated Series (TV)
    • The New Batman Adventures (TV)
    • Batman Returns (movie)
    • Catwoman (movie)
    • The Dark Knight Rises (movie)
    • Catwoman: The Series (1990's) (comic)
  • A fortune cat, known in Japan as a maneki-neko, can be seen in Starfire's apartment.


  • Cyborg states he can't get a date despite being in a relationship with Jinx.


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