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--Who knew that under that dark cape and darker scowl along with that hot temper and hotte attitude that a mix of happy, pride, card reading, scared, loving, angry, royal, lazy emotions exist?[[Starfire regarding Ann and Raven's Emoticlones.|[src]]]

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"Colors of Raven" is the twenty-fifth episode of Season 1 of Teen Titans Go! and the twenty-fifth episode overall. It first aired on 18 September 2013 on Cartoon Network.


A mysterious prism creates five Anns and Ravens, each of a different color and with a different aspect of her personality. The Ravens and Anns disrupt life in the Tower so much that the others decide to use the crystal to put them back together again. But first they have to catch them.[1]


A Bat-O's truck drives past the Jump City Museum which is blown up by Doctor Light during his theft of a mysterious prism. At that moment, Robin pilots the T-Bird over the museum and challenges the Teen Titans to defeat Doctor Light while using a one-liner. The villain defeats Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Starfire but is thwarted when Raven and Ann open a portal that transports him to a cell at the Jump City Juvenile Correction Facility. While returning to the plane, Robin notes that Raven failed to use a one-liner to which she deems stupid.

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Returning to Titans Tower, Robin asks the others what they should do with the mysterious prism due to Doctor Light's incarceration and the destruction of the museum, but they begin to play catch with the artifact. Raven suggests to stop using the prism as a ball, but her monotonous voice confuses the others as they are unsure what emotion she is displaying. Starfire kicks the prism to Beast Boy, but it thumps him on the head and begins to glow. Frightened, the Titans throw the prism until it lands in Raven's arms and entraps her inside with Ann, since she was touching her back. The prism splits into ten separate crystals and each release a different Emoticlones.

Beast Boy declares that they split Raven and Ann into eight, but is corrected that Raven and Ann were split into ten. The red-cloaked Raven, Rage, hit Cyborg as punishment for refusing to listen to her as the pink-cloaked Raven, Happiness, celebrates her freedom by hugging Silkie. The gray-cloaked Raven, Timidity, expresses her uneasiness at being at the Tower while the purple-cloaked Raven, Passion, enthusiastically kisses Beast Boy. The orange-cloaked Raven, Laziness, burps and falls on the floor. Meanwhile, the red Ann, Anger, begins to destroy the CD rack, the pink Ann, Joy, bounces around with her wings open, the scarlet Ann, the cardreader, starts to look for cards, the purple Ann, Pride, unintentionally burns Robin and celebrates herself, and the orange Ann, royalty, demands a royal hoof manicure. The Titans realize that Ann and Raven were split into the five core parts of their personalities. Robin, Starfire, and Cyborg note the advantage of knowing what Raven and Ann are feeling and the then of them in battle as both Rages hit Robin.

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Later on the couch, the fifteen Titans are preparing to watch a movie when Cyborg is attacked by Red due to suggesting an action movie and yelling. Red Ann tries to calm down, but she ends up exploding. Robin suggests a horror film, but Timidity vomits in queasiness. Purple Ann burns Robin as Starfire suggests a comedy which they all agree to as noted by Robin who deems it to be the fastest the Titans have ever agreed on something. However, he is punched by the two Rages, vomited on by Gray and burned again by Purple Ann. The next day, Cyborg cooks pancakes for breakfast which is charmed into dancing giraffe and llama shapes by Pink. Orange continues to relax and Purple kisses Beast Boy as Robin is slammed onto the table and thrown against the window by Red. Recovering, Robin notices a distress signal and calls the Titans to combat a monster terrorizing Jump City. However, the ten Anns and Ravens are distracted which leaves the monster free to continue rampaging.

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Back at the tower, Robin praises knowing how Raven and Ann truly feel, but decides to use the prism into restoring the original Ann and Raven due to the Emoticlones causing chaos. Beast Boy expresses regret in getting rid of the two Oranges who Cyborg feels should not be listening to their plans. Royalty reminds the others that she won't mind while Laziness reassures that she doesn't care when the others break down the door. The Reds refuse to recombine with the others as Purple calls the prism very stupid, Gray declares the prism to be too scary and the Purple Raven and the Scarlet Ann agree as long as Beast Boy accompanies them. The Reds order the Emoticlones to take flight and throws a bed at the window before they flee through portals and scatter around Jump City.

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Robin tracks the Emoticlones through the Titan Computer and declares that the four must split up to capture them in their respective crystals. Beast Boy declares he's going after the Purples, but is told no by Robin. As such, he and Cyborg decide to go after the two Pinks whom they declare to be the biggest threats as a result of wanting to play with her. Robin and Starfire decide to go after the rest and track Scarlet and Gray who bids them to go away as she cries on a park bench with Scarlet comforting her. Unnoticed, Starfire taps the crystal on their heads, absorbing them.

Beast Boy and Cyborg chase after the Pinks who are enchanting various objects around the city with life. The three decide to have fun as Pink enchants other objects into life. They enter a rocket which soars into the sky and releases the four onto unicorns and sliding down rainbows which Beast Boy and Cyborg celebrate. Meanwhile, Robin and Starfire track the two Purples who has opened a kiss-and-burn booth. Seeing no other choice, Robin prepares himself to distract Passion and Pride with a kiss and a burn. However, Starfire pushes him aside and absorbs the Purples with the crystal. The two Reds pursue Robin and Starfire and knocks the leader down before wrapping Starfire with a demonic tentacle and roaring. Whilst roaring, Starfire taps Red's tongue and Anger's wing with the crystal, absorbing them.

File:Orange's hiding spot.png

Beast Boy and Cyborg picnic with Pinks and all of her creations until the Pinks notice the crystal and touches it much to the Titans' dismay. As they are absorbed, Pink's magic vanishes and reveals the setting to be in a disgusting alley causing Beast Boy to throw up. The Titans return to the tower dismayed as they were unable to find the Oranges despite searching the whole city. Robin notices a pile of trash at the couch as Cyborg removes a piece and unearths the Oranges. They greet them as Starfire expresses shock that Oranges has been at the tower the entire time. Beast Boy, enraged that the Oranges ate all of the food and wasted the toothpaste, taps them with the crystal which absorbs the two.

Robin inserts the last crystal into the prism which begins to glow and float in the air before releasing Ann and Raven. She catches the prism and thanks the Titans for making them whole again. However, they are unable to determine if she is actually expressing gratitude. Starfire questions the events of the episode wondering how all five emotions could exist in Ann and Raven's stoic demeanor.



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  • This episode was first teased at as a storyboard on the Cartoon Network website.
  • Beast Boy had the most interaction with all the Ravens:
    • Passion constantly kissed Beast Boy.
    • Rage did not make an attempt or attacked him.
    • Happiness played with him and Cyborg.
    • Laziness liked to sit around with him.
    • Timidity was the only one who did not have a relationship with him.
  • In total, Starfire caught most of the Ravens, which she collected three of them: Gray, Purple, and Red.
    • Cyborg caught Pink, although this is slightly confusing to believe. When Cyborg and Beast Boy are enjoying Pink's realm, she happened to spot the gem shard in Cyborg's pocket and touched it, capturing herself. So in a way, Cyborg did catch Pink but she mostly set the trap on herself.
    • Beast Boy only caught Orange.
    • Robin is the only member who didn't catch any of the Ravens, although he's the one who put the prism into one to bring back Raven.
  • First episode with Raven's name in the title.
  • Second instance the "Benny Hill" theme was played ("Driver's Ed").
  • Third episode to begin at night ("Girl's Night Out", "Tower Power").
  • Running Gags: Rage attacking Robin and Cyborg. Passion kissing Beast Boy.
  • Food Jokes: Happiness turns Cyborg's pancakes into animal shapes before disintegrated by Rage. Beast Boy and Cyborg eat trash after Pink's magic made them believe it was food.
  • This episode aired with a rerun of "Parasite".
  • This is one of Tara Strong's favorite episodes.[2]


  • Raven used her powers to transport Doctor Light into Jinx's cell room at the Jump City Juvenile Corrections Facility ("Girl's Night Out").
  • When Robin and Starfire found Rage, she is seen using Raven's pose from "Dog Hand".


  • A bronze memorial statue in the likeness of Superman was used to reflect Doctor Light's attacks and shoot Starfire. The engraving at the base of the statue reads "RIP: Defeated by Doomsday Taco", referencing the 1992 comic book storyline, "The Death of Superman".
  • Dracula and the Green Lantern logo appear as stickers on a mailbox.


  • Gray does not have pupils but in some shots she is seen with visible pupils.
  • Beast Boy eats hamburgers with Pink despite being a vegetarian. This is the third time the error has appeared on the show ("Legendary Sandwich", "Laundry Day").
  • Doctor Light should not have been transported to the Jump City Juvenile Corrections Facility as he is an adult.


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