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--Cute, but if you want to drive me crazy, you'll have to do better than that.[[Raven to her subconscious.|[src]]]

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"Crazy Day" is the twenty-eighth episode of Season 2 of Teen Titans Go! and the eightieth episode overall. It first aired on 29 January 2015 on Cartoon Network.


It's Crazy Day again and Raven must do her best to avoid being driven completely crazy by the other Titans.[1]


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Raven wakes up with a headache and says that she needs peace and quiet throughout the door. She reaches the living room and is startled when Robin begins yelling and flailing his arms. Raven asks him what was that and he responds by saying it was crazy. Raven, distraught, realizes that it's Crazy Day and the Titans yell out the name of their made-up holiday before embarking on crazy action. Robin dances weirdly, Starfire blows a bubblegum bubble through her nose, Cyborg separates his head from his body and uses his body to hit his head up a test of strength game, and Beast Boy transforms into a donkey and dances around. Raven stares at her teammates as they continue to do crazy things. Beast Boy and Cyborg eat cereal with forks while Starfire claims that wearing big shoes would drive someone crazy.

Raven uses her soul-self to conjure a fist and slams it on the ground, demanding the Titans to stop. Robin denies her request, stating that they'll stop when one of the Titans is crowned Captain Crazy for being crazier than the rest. The Titans resume dancing until Raven interrupts again by claiming to not understand the point of the holiday. Robin tells her that there is no point and the Titans, in union, ask if that's crazy. Raven summons demonic tentacles to grab her teammates and tells them that it's not the day to be acting crazy. Beast Boy reminds her that it is the day as it's Crazy Day and Starfire questions why she never participates in the holiday. Raven answers that it's because the Titans drive her crazy every day and lets them go before telling them that she's going to lie down. Robin interrupts her and asks if she's going to lie down on the ceiling and deems it crazy.

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In her room, Raven questions why the Titans have to do Crazy Day when she has a splitting headache and grabs her head in pain. Her eyes take on a yellow color and Raven's consciousness is transported inside her mind. Raven questions where she is and a voice in Raven's likeness answers that she's in her mind and will break it. Her surroundings change to kitten heads, pile of books, a statue in a pegasus' likeness, a man in the likeness of a clock who poops out a creature with wings sprouting out of Raven's head and more. Raven calls the effort cute and tells her subconscious that she'll have to do better than that to drive her crazy. Her subconscious tells her that she knows exactly what would drive her crazy and begins laughing which Raven deems annoying. Raven's voice answers that she hurt her feelings and Raven smiles.

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Meanwhile, the Titans gather outside Raven's room and Robin asks if they should go in there to see what's going on. Beast Boy asks if Robin was crazy, and he responds that he is and slams down the door. The room is filled with swirling books and Cyborg nervously asks for Raven. On the ceiling, the yellow-eyed Raven responds with a crazy voice, telling the Titans that Raven isn't here, but that she's taken over her mind and body. Cyborg theorizes that Raven is going after Robin's Captain Crazy title and Beast Boy responds that crazy voice rule. He begins mocking Raven's crazy voice and Starfire claims that Raven is the craziest of them all. As Raven lowers herself from the ceiling, she tells them that she's been called the Lord of Madness on occasions. In Raven's mind, Raven is watching the Titans through her eye holes and tells her subconscious that she won't be able to drive her crazy if the Titans haven't done so. Raven's voice tells Raven that if she wants her out, then she'll have to find her. She summons a path for Raven to follow.

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Raven comes across a sphinx in the likeness of Starfire who tells Raven that if she wants to pass then she'll need to answer her riddle. Raven tells her to go for it as she loves riddles, but becomes frustrated when Starfire is unable to word the riddle properly. Raven claims that Starfire is beginning to drive her crazy, but catches herself and tells Starfire to take her time. Starfire is unable to think of the riddle and Raven questions if she even knows the answer. She tells Raven that the answer is river and Raven answers Starfire's riddle by saying it's river. Saddened, Starfire opens a door and tells Raven that she may pass.

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The Titans watch Raven perform by dancing upside down with a lamp shade over her head. Beast Boy and Starfire praise Raven's craziness and Cyborg claims to know who the next Captain Crazy is. Robin refuses to give his crown up to Raven and decides to up his craziness. He slaps himself repeatedly and Starfire informs him that Crazy Day is supposed to be fun. Beast Boy tells Robin that he's starting to scare them and Cyborg tells him he's acting crazy which Robin says is a good thing. He decides to embark on crazy training and performs push-downs, rides a bendy straw like a bull, reduces a discounted TV store in Gorilla Discount by dressing up as a gorilla, and dancing wildly.

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Raven comes across a chessboard with Beast Boy in the likeness of the pawns and Cyborg as the likeness of the rooks, knights, bishops, queen, and king. The king tells Raven that they challenge her to a game of checkers, but Raven corrects him yet the Beast Boy pawns are unable to note any difference. Raven grunts in frustration, summons chess pieces and moves a pawn forward. The chess pieces are confused at Raven's request to move and begin dancing in place. Raven questions how chess pieces don't know how to play and the queen tells Raven that they've never been chess pieces before. Raven yells at the pieces, wondering how she can win if they don't know how to move, but catches herself before she can go crazy. The chess pieces realize that since Raven can't win, they can't lose and thus are the winners and begin to celebrate. Raven gets an idea and tells them to celebrate. A rook high-foreheads a pawn and knocks down all the pieces. Raven tells them that since they surrendered their king, she wins.

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Back at Titans Tower, Robin and Raven have one final stand-off to determine the title of Captain Crazy. Robin orders Raven to go and she puts on a pair of Groucho glasses, causing Robin to sigh in defeat as he is unable to compete with that. Meanwhile, Raven reaches a door in the likeness of Robin, who claims that no one drives her crazier more than him. He tells Raven that she'll have to answer a riddle, but she claims to have already done that. He decides to challenge her with a game of chess, but Raven informs her that she already did that as well. Unable to think of an obstacle, Robin lets Raven pass. Inside the door, Raven enters a pitch-black room and realizes that the voice is actually Trigon.

File:Raven discovers the voice belongs to Trigon.png

Raven realizes that Trigon was using imagery of her friends to drive her evil and Trigon confirms her suspicions. He asks if it work, but Raven said that it didn't as she already spends all of her time with them. Trigon claims that her friends look pretty fun, and Raven tells him that he should spend more time with them. At Titans Tower, the Titans are sitting with Raven when tentacles sprout out of her mouth and swallow them. Inside Raven's mind, Raven transports her captured friends into Trigon's mind. Driven by their madness, Trigon takes on the likeness of the Titans and claims that they're driving him crazy.

File:Robin dubs Raven Captain Crazy.png

As a result, Raven's body and mind is broken out of his control and she vomits out her friends. She questions why they're looking at her and Robin says they're looking at the new Captain Crazy. Raven informs the Titans that she's not crazy, but that their craziness keeps them sane. Beast Boy tells Raven that her reasoning makes no sense. Raven awakens, revealing the recent events to have been a dream, and says it's Crazy Day.



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  • Running Gags: The Titans acting crazy.
  • Food Content: Starfire blows bubblegum out of her nose. Beast Boy and Cyborg eat cereal with forks.
  • This episode aired with a rerun of "Robin Backwards".


  • The door in Robin's likeness claims that no one drives Raven crazier than him which could be a reason for Raven liking him the least out of all her teammates ("Thanksgiving").
  • Robin's outfit when he is performing wild movements is his dodgeball uniform from "Artful Dodgers" and "Boys vs. Girls" only it is recolored red.


  • The Justice League TV series Gorilla's Grodd's likeness appears on the store Gorilla Discount.
  • Two-Face's likeness appears on a store called Dent TV which refers to his original name as Harvey Dent.
  • The Starfire sphinx requiring Raven to answer a riddle to pass refers to the Sphinx outside of Thebes who wouldn't let people answer unless they answered her riddle in the Greek myth of Oedipus.


  • When the Beast Boy pawns begin falling, none of the back pieces are visible. Also, the rook statue is next to the pawns when it should be behind them as the pawn in front it had not moved.


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