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--Stupid cupid baby![[Raven to the baby.[1]|[src]]]

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Cupid is a baby who was brought to Titans Tower by Starfire as a means to spread the celebration of Valentine's Day.


Starfire brought the baby to Titans Tower as a way to celebrate Valentine's Day, claiming that he was Cupid. As he made his way to Robin, he fell but quickly got up again. Robin thought the baby was cute at first, but Cupid began shooting arrows at him. As he avoided the arrows, Robin questioned the identity of the kid's parents, but Starfire answered that he was not a baby, but Cupid. At the Valentine's Day dance, Raven was battling Terra when Cupid began shooting arrows at her, causing her to become distracted and be crushed by a giant rock as a result.[1]


Teen Titans Go!


  • Cupid is the second character to represent a holiday mascot after Second Santa for Second Christmas.


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