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Dark Robin[nb 1] is a teenage superhero. He was trained by Batman and became one of his most talented pupils, allowing him to join the other best Robins on Team Robin. He is also Ann's boyfriend.


Early life

At some point in his life, Dark Robin was trained by Batman and became one of his best students. As such, he was one of the four Robins to make up Team Robin, a crime-fighting group comprised of the best Robins.

Meeting the Teen Titans

When the Teen Titans were too lazy to fight Brother Blood, Robin decided to call in Team Robin to help defeat him and save the Jump City council. He, alongside '60s Robin and Girl Robin crashed through one of Titans Tower's walls, shocking the Titans. Robin introduced the team to the Titans, and while the others responded with "hi," he simply acknowledged them with "sup.", causing Ann to have feelings for him. Raven questioned the existence of three other Robins when she was corrected by Girl Robin, who informed her of others while Dark Robin added that the four who made up Team Robin were the best of the best. He left with the others to combat Brother Blood and arrived a second later by crashing through the other side of the tower. Dark Robin joined Team Robin as they congratulated one another on their successful performance. Noticing the Robins' need to be the best, Beast Boy came up with an idea to get him and the others to serve them.

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Dark Robin performed pull-ups when Robin interrupted the Titans' plotting by asking if the team's coordination inspired them to be more active. Beast Boy thanked Robin and when Robin answered, Beast Boy claimed he wasn't speaking to Robin, but to the Robin who did all the work. Dark Robin immediately assumed Beast Boy meant him and thanked the Titan for realizing who did all the work. However, Beast Boy claimed to be talking to the Robin with smooth legs, which '60s Robin and Girl Robin thought meant them. When Robin claimed that he was the best, because he was the classic Robin, Dark Robin challenged him to prove his theory. After '60s Robin and Girl Robin both campaigned to be considered the best, Dark Robin argued that he was the best, if not the toughest, and demonstrated his claims by breaking his arm, causing '60s Robin and Girl Robin to scream and Robin to vomit. After adjusting his arm, Dark Robin was challenged to obtain pizza for the Titans in order to prove that he was the best and followed Robin out the tower's windows without hesitation.

File:Dark Robin massages Raven and Starfire.png

As Robin retrieved the pizza, Dark Robin returned to the tower and massaged Raven and Starfire's backs to prove that he was the best. When Starfire praised his magical fingers, Robin grew frustrated and threw Dark Robin, along with '60s Robin and Girl Robin, into the elevator which he closed by using his birdarang to press the button. Brother Blood returned to Jump City with another crime and easily captured the Teen Titans. As the Titans implored Robin to summon Team Robin, Robin refused and they attempted to contact them but to no avail. Irritated by their attempts, Robin performed the call and attempted to take it back when Dark Robin, along with Girl Robin and 60's Robin, busted down the doors of the Jump City Weapons Depot. When Brother Blood spotted them, he summoned Hurtbot to intercept them. Dark Robin, not threatened by the robot, ordered the others into battle, but were crushed by the robot's anvil. He, Girl Robin, and '60s Robin were roped together and placed beside the Titans underneath the Death Circle and were ordered to scoot in closer to accommodate for the weapon's range.

File:Teen Titans and Team Robin roped up.png

As the Death Circle got closer, Robin mocked Team Robin's attempts to save them and announced that he was back in the running to be the best Robin, but Dark Robin harshly reminded him that he was the first to get captured. After Cyborg reasoned that there was no true way to determine the best Robin due to their differing characteristics, Starfire listed Dark Robin's talent at foot messages his trait and he responded by saying that the secret was in focusing on the toes. Robin realized that they should focus on being themselves than on who is the best, causing everyone but Dark Robin to smile as he noted that they were going to be dead soon anyway. However, Super Robin managed to unplug the Death Circle, defeat Hurtbot, and tie up Brother Blood, saving Dark Robin and the others.[1]


File:Team Robin Cacaw.png

Unlike the other Robins, Dark Robin is more brooding, pessimistic, and quick to violence. When he and the remaining members of Team Robin met the Titans, he was the only to not smile or say hello, simply saying, "sup?" and speaking with almost no emotion. After Robin realized a life lesson, he was, once again, the only one to not smile. Dark Robin also has a tendency to destroy a light-hearted mood as shown when he ruined a moment by reminding them that they were about to die. He treats Ann like a special girlfriend, and he even gave her fire when she needed it. He has a high regard of himself as shown when he assumed that Beast Boy meant him as the "Robin who did all the work" and believed that people didn't accredit him enough. This was also shown when he accepted Starfire's compliment and shared his secret technique with her, but did not thank her unlike when he thanked Beast Boy for praising him and '60s Robin and Girl Robin who thanked Cyborg for their compliment. His willingness to prove that he was the best exceeded to the point where he inflicted self-harm by breaking and reattaching his arm.

File:Dark Robin challenges Robin.png

As noted by the above incident, he also mostly expresses himself violently as he slammed his fist into his palm in a crushing moment when saying that Team Robin was comprised of the best Robins and when he voiced his massaging as violent attacks. He was also not above threatening his friends as he challenged Robin to prove that he was the best and grabbed his shirt angrily. However, he was quick to praise one of his teammate's accomplishments following their battle with Brother Blood and demonstrated loyalty when he responded to Robin's call despite Robin having mistreated him earlier.[1] He did not even scream when Brother Blood caught him.

Physical appearance

Dark Robin looked like the other Robins in physical traits, but with a more muscular build and shaggier messy hair. He also wore a different attire. He wears black gloves and a red suit with a long-sleeved shirt and pants. The pants branch off into a black color from the knee down and connect to his gray shoes. At his waist, his suit takes on a different color scheme with his crotch area red with black fabric on either side. The back of his pants are completely black. Around his waist is a yellow belt and on his chest are three stripes of yellow with the Robin logo placed on his left side. He wears a long black cape which is colored yellow in the exterior. His mask had curled spiky edges unlike the masks of the other Robins.


File:Team Robin exercising.png

As a Robin, Dark Robin was trained by Batman to be a skilled martial artist and detective.

  • Conditioning: Due to his training, Dark Robin achieved peak physical condition for the purposes of fighting crime. He is able to perform multiple pull-ups with ease.
  • Skilled martial artist: Dark Robin is an expert martial artist, but not at the level of Robin or Batman.

Other skills

  • Pain tolerance: Dark Robin is able to break and reattach his arm without minimal reaction, only gritting his teeth and allowing a short yelp to fix it. He appeared to be in no pain afterwards.
  • Robin communication: Dark Robin is able to understand and converse with other Robins by simply saying, "Robin."
  • Masseur: Dark Robin is able to perform expert back and foot messages which earned him praise from Starfire.


  • Batarang: Whenever he was called by Robin, Dark Robin would appear with one raised batarang in his hand.
  • Grappling hook: Dark Robin used a grappling hook to leave Titans Tower in order to defeat Brother Blood and to return to it.


Teen Titans Go!

  • 212b


  • This incarnation of Robin is Tim Drake dressed in his pre-New 52 costume, yet he is moodier than his comic book counterpart.


  1. As named in the credits of "The Best Robin".[1]


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