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--Well, if you want to see my dark side, I do have a devilish thought ... dessert?[[Doctor Light to Raven and Starfire.[1]|[src]]]

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Doctor Arthur Light[1] is a villain specializing in utilizing the power of electricity in order to aid him in committing various crimes around Jump City and defeat the Teen Titans.


After Robin nervously agreed that his broken staff would still prove effective in battle, he decided to combat against Doctor Light. Noticing its appearance, the villain laughed at Robin as the Titan attempted to overpower him. Doctor Light defeated Robin with a single beam emitting from its head, and presumably got away with the crime he was committing.[2]

Doctor Light chased by demon dodgeball

Doctor Light is chased by a dodgeball imbued with Raven's powers.

Doctor Light led a dodgeball team known as the Fluorescent Force, but was defeated by a ball enchanted by Raven's powers.[3]

The villain attempted to steal a magical prism from the Jump City Museum until he was confronted by the Teen Titans. He easily defeated Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Starfire as they attempted to thwart him while stating one-liners. Raven later captured Doctor Light and transported him to the Jump City Juvenile Correction Facility in a matter of seconds.[4]

Date with the Doctor

Raven and Starfire bond with Doctor Light.

Doctor Light created a new device to disintegrate the Titans, but was only confronted by Starfire and Raven. He asked the two if they could wait for the others, which they agreed to. While waiting, Starfire inquired about his name and he revealed that he used to light up lightbulbs inserted in parts of his body if his finger was pulled. Doctor Light later bought Raven and Starfire lunch at Justice Java after the three got hungry. They returned to the device which was also a laser light show during which Doctor Light swore to be good and fight alongside the Titans. However, at that moment, he was brutally injured by the arrival of Robin, Beast Boy, and Cyborg and returned to evil. Starfire and Raven then tended to him, reassuring that an ambulance was on the way while the male Titans celebrated their victory.[1]

After discovering the power of her legs and taking the name Lady Legasus, Raven left the Titans to combat villains by herself and defeated Doctor Light among other villains during her crime spree.[5]

Inmates of Juvenile Correction Facility

Doctor Light imprisoned in the Jump City Juvenile Correction Facility alongside Jinx and Mumbo Jumbo.

After his defeat at the hands of Raven, Mumbo Jumbo was transported to a cell at the Jump City Juvenile Correction Facility alongside Doctor Light and Jinx.[6]

Doctor Light rampaged through Jump City and was confronted by the Teen Titans as a result. Starfire fired a flurry of starbolts, but Doctor Light used a light shield to deflect the attacks and fired his own barrage of light bolts. Starfire evaded most of them, but one sliced a building in half and topped over, threatening to crush the Titans. However, Cyborg grabbed it with his super strength and the Titans, save Beast Boy, charged. Doctor Light retaliated with a super charged lightbeam which the Titans evaded. Starfire warned Beast Boy and he ducked in the nick of time, but this caused an idea to develop and he raised his arm in order to cut it off. It is unknown if Doctor Light escaped or was returned to jail.[7]

Using crystals to create chandeliers, Doctor Light inadvertently left three by a cliff ledge, steakhouse, and dumpster, causing Robin and Starfire (disguised as a man named Jeff) to track him to an alley. The villain was courteous to them and explained he collected crystals to build chandeliers as a hobby. However, Starfire discovered he planned to harness the chandeliers into death rays and immediately crushed him underneath one of his creations. Doctor Light swore revenge on Jeff as a result.[8]

Teen Titans Go! comic book series

Doctor Light attempted to shut off the power of Jump City with a light switch, and was confronted by Robin, who had ventured off from the team to prove he was the best. However, the Boy Wonder was tired from walking several flights of stairs and the villain resolved to wait for him to recover and fight. His patience growing thin and Robin showing no sign of recovery, Doctor Light counted down to his inevitable victory without opposition and succeeded in turning off the lights.[9]


Doctor Light is a genial and goofy man, with a passion for making crystals chandeliers.


  • Light-beams: Doctor Light can shoot dangerous  beams of light out of his hands.
  • Inventing: Doctor Light built a gigantic light cannon to destroy the Teen Titans which also acted as a light show.
  • Making crystals chandeliers: Doctor Light has a hobby for making crystal chandeliers.


Raven and Starfire

Raven and Starfire are usually enemies with Doctor Light, but he bonded with them and bought them food at Justice Java. Due to their interaction, Doctor Light offered to switch allegiance and join the Teen Titans, but after a brutal beating by Robin, Beast Boy, and Cyborg, he swears revenge on all the Titans, reverting to their original roles as enemies.[1]


Teen Titans Go!

Teen Titans Go! comic book series

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  • Doctor Light's first official appearance in the Teen Titans Go! media was in the game, Drive-By Meatball Party.
  • Doctor Light was the first villain to reveal his first name, Arthur.
  • Doctor Light was the ninth villain and seventh nonspeaking villain from 2003's Teen Titans to appear on Teen Titans Go!. Following his appearance in "Colors of Raven", he became the first originally nonspeaking villain to speak because he was voiced by Scott Menville.


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