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--Wish you could make two of me. Then I wouldn't have to ... wait a second![[Cyborg to Raven.|[src]]]

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"Double Trouble" is the fifth episode of Season 1 of Teen Titans Go!, and the fifth episode overall. Alongside "The Date", it first aired on 7 May 2013 on Cartoon Network.


Cyborg convinces Raven to create a magical double of himself and Beast Boy so they will both always have someone to play with.[1]


Cyborg, dressed as a caveman, is pursued relentlessly by Beast Boy, who has taken the form of a T-Rex as part of a game the two play, Caveman and Dinosaurs. Cyborg desperately tries to outrun Beast Boy, but the dinosaur grabs him by his loincloth and swallows him whole. Beast Boy is forced to spit his friend out and transforms back into his human form, announcing himself as the winner of the game. Cyborg pleads for him to pick another game, but the green Titan reveals it is his turn to pick the day's activities and he wants to continue with the game. The robotic Titan states he doesn't want to be eaten anymore and a grinning Beast Boy tells him he has a thirty second head start and proceeds to count as Cyborg runs to Titans Tower.

Raven enters the bathroom to check on her hygiene, and is shocked by her foul demonic breath. She grabs her toothbrush and opens the cabinet only to find Cyborg wedged inside. He explains that he is hiding from Beast Boy, but Raven only asks for the toothpaste which Cyborg spills on her before falling onto her. Cyborg asks for Raven's help, but she refuses choosing to restock the toothpaste by doubling it. Cyborg then wonders and asks if Raven could clone him, but she denies as they walk into a hallway. Starfire and Robin, holding pizza boxes, approach to figure out the commotion which Raven explains. Cyborg reveals his plan is to use the double to play with Beast Boy while he relaxes. Robin sides with Raven and Cyborg, depressed, asks her to duplicate the pizza so he drown his sorrows in food. Raven agrees, but Cyborg jumps in at the last second, creating an exact double of himself.

The two Cyborgs celebrate as Beast Boy enters the room, shocked to see two of them. Cyborg introduces the clone to Beast Boy, and he decides to judge the two of them to make sure the clone is an exact replica by a game show, Are You Really Cyborg? Clone Cyborg answers all the questions correctly and he agrees to play Caveman and Dinosaurs with Beast Boy. Excited over his victory, Cyborg enters his room to relax only to realize he is bored. He finds Beast Boy and Clone Cyborg playing Invasion of the Bubble Bots 2 and asks if he can join, but Beast Boy reveals there are only two controllers. A depressed Cyborg leaves the room unnoticed by the two. He heads to the living room where Raven is meditating and asks if she can make a double of Beast Boy that he could befriend. Raven refuses, but agrees to duplicate a video game controller so Cyborg could join the two. However, he activates a mirror from his chest, causing the spell to ricochet off walls and duplicate Robin's sandwich and Cyborg's hairdresser until it eventually strikes Beast Boy.

Beast Boy awakens from his nap only to find his double staring back at him. The two transform into various animals simultaneously before high-fiving each other in happiness. Cyborg then tries to befriend the Clone Beast Boy, but Clone Cyborg win his friendship after revealing he is a clone as well. Starfire encourages Cyborg and Beast Boy to be best friends again, and they agree after a few awkward seconds of hesitation. They decide to eat a bag of Tofu chips, devour ice cream, and play video games, but the clones have beaten them to their plans, emptying the food and frying the controllers. The Titans decide to have a vote about the fate of the clones and smile smugly at their victory as the odds are in their favor. However, the clones have created even more replicas of Cyborg and Beast Boy, and through their support, kick the Titans out of their tower.

Saddened by the loss of their home, Robin tries to cheer the Titans up by reminding them of the memories they'll always have. However, Beast Boy and Cyborg can only recollect memories from a few months ago. Starfire theorizes that Beast Boy and Cyborg are doubles as well. Robin tracks Cyborg's pizza deliveries to an apartment and the Titans enter to find the original and now obese Beast Boy and Cyborg playing video games inside. They reveal that they found Raven's spell book and used it to create doubles of themselves while they take a vacation.

Robin blames the doubles' takeover of the Tower on the two, but they reveal they foresaw such an event and activate their back-up plan, "Go Time". The tower, containing the doubles, rockets into space and is replaced by a new one. Starfire inquires on the fate of the doubles they had lived with, and they reveal their plans to become travelling hobos before leaving. Raven asks Beast Boy and Cyborg where they had sent the tower and they smile smugly. On a distant planet, the doubles are running for their lives from a real T-Rex before they stop to dance to the music.



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  • Cyborg's line, "I am a genius! I am a genius! I’m a genie in a bottle, I’m a genius!" was improved by Khary Payton.
  • Cyborg's favorite food is revealed to be pizza, and his favorite video game is Invasion of the Bubble Bots 2.
  • It is hinted that the Teen Titans have been living with doubles since the beginning of the series.
  • Food Content: Cyborg asked Raven to clone a slice of pizza. Beast Boy and Cyborg were annoyed when their clones beat them to the tofu chips and ice cream.



  • Cyborg's outfit during the game, Cavemen and Dinosaurs, resembles Fred Flintstone from the 1960s show, Flintstones.
  • A picture of Batman can be seen on the floor of Beast Boy's room when he and Clone Cyborg are playing video games. Also, a cardboard cut out can be seen in the real Beast Boy and Cyborg's apartment.
  • A drawing of the "VENDETTA" title card with Killer Croc's silhouette, referencing his debut appearance in Batman: The Animated Series'", is seen in Beast Boy's room.
  • Alfred Pennyworth's picture can be seen in a framed portrait in the Titans Tower washroom.
  • Clock King is referenced in a Fugate billboard outside the apartment building.
  • A drawing of Krypto the Superdog and Man-Bat can be seen in Beast Boy and Cyborg's apartment.
  • A plush toy in the likeness of Martian Manhunter can be seen outside the washroom.
  • Metallo (John Corben)'s photograph with the right half of his face torn away is first clearly seen on the wall of Cyborg and Beast Boy's apartment. Another image—a poster of the Metallo exoskeleton—is also seen within the apartment, but is obscured behind Starfire's hair.
  • Mr. Freeze's likeness appears on a ice cream container saying, "You WILL scream!"
  • Cyborg singing, "I am a genie in a bottle" references singer Christina Aguilera's song, Genie in a Bottle.
  • Jaws, King Kong, Mega Man, and Shutter Shades are referenced.
  • Beast Boy questioning Cyborg and his magical double parodies the television show, Jeopardy!


  • When Cyborg asks Raven to duplicate the pizza, they are standing in a hallway, but after he is cloned, the Titans are in the living room.
  • Cyborg uses a mirror to rebound the spell, but it should have duplicated the mirror.


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