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--Um, ... my, uh, ... my license was suspended. Yeah, I was in a little fender bender.[[Robin to the Teen Titans.|[src]]]

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"Driver's Ed" is the third episode of Season 1 of Teen Titans Go! and the third episode overall. Alongside "Dog Hand", it first aired on 30 April 2013 on Cartoon Network.


Robin enrolls in a driver's education course, not knowing that the instructor is a crook using Robin as his getaway driver.[1]


Beast Boy is playing a video game where he reaches the boss level, claiming that its defeat will be his greatest achievement in life. As he depletes the boss' life bar to a small margin, Robin breaks down his door and tells him there's an emergency. Beast Boy quickly abandons the game to follow Robin, as he loses the video game match. While driving Robin in the T-Car, Beast Boy asks about the emergency which Robin reveals is a monster case of hunger, and pulls over at Burger Splode!, a fast food restaurant, angering Beast Boy. The next day, Cyborg is backing up his data when Robin enters proclaiming another emergency. He yanks Cyborg free of his wire prompting the computer to warn about lost data. The emergency turns out to be a need to purchase a video game which Cyborg is annoyed about.

On Wednesday, Starfire is picking berries from a plant, and warns Silkie that he cannot eat the berries. Robin smashes through the window, and grabs Starfire stating there is another emergency. As soon as they are gone, Silkie devours a bucket of berries and swells up as a result. The emergency turns to be a trip to the movies, enraging Starfire. The following day, Raven is battling the Foul Demon, and renders it unconscious. As she is about to transport it back into the demon world, Robin breaks through the ceiling and takes her away for another emergency. The Foul Demon wakes up, and smiles evilly as he enters Raven's room. The emergency is revealed to be a trip to the beach, angering Raven.

The Foul Demon eats a seagull as the Titans gather in the living room when a canister is released, replaced by Robin. He unsuccessfully tries to get the teenage heroes to head to the car, but Raven sarcastically asks about the big emergency. When Robin reveals his emergency, Cyborg angrily remarks that Robin has been receiving rides for stupid reasons, and adds that he ruined his weekly data. Starfire agrees with Cyborg, but Cyborg cannot identify her. Beast Boy asks Robin why he can't drive himself, and he reveals his license was suspended for destroying the Batmobile. After the Titans finish laughing at him, Robin reveals he found a guy online to help him reinstate his license. Raven questions the legality of this, but Robin states he'll pass since he is a master driver.

Robin walks toward a car with the word student over a car, and instructions taped to start the engine. After doing as he was told, Robin changes the radio station and starts dancing to the beat. Behind the car, a man jumps out from a bank carrying bags of stolen money as an alarm rings to announce the theft. The man drops the bags into the trunk of the car, and takes out a clipboard before entering the car passenger-side. He watches Robin dance for a few seconds before stopping the radio, and reveals his name to be Ed. He explains that every time Robin makes a mistake he will get a deduction and fail if he gets too many. Robin asks about the alarm, but Ed has Robin start driving after deducting him for the question.

Ed has Robin turn a left, and deducts him for not signaling. He looks back to see a horde of police cars chasing them, and has Robin make a right will increasing the speed. He marks two more deductions for attempting to ask a question, and for crashing into a fire hydrant. Once arriving on a road built on the edge of a cliff, Ed instructs Robin to drive onto the sea. Robin questions this, but Ed deducts him twice. The Boy Wonder swerves into the sea, as the police cars arrive at the edge of the cliff. As the car sinks, Robin aks if he passed, but Ed reveals that he failed.

Back at the Titans Tower, Raven, Starfire, Cyborg, and Beast Boy mock Robin for failing his driver's test. Starfire admits to having pleasure in laughing at Robin's failure, but attempts to cheer Robin up by reminding him that many people fail the driving test. Cyborg asks Beast Boy who Starfire is as the Foul Demon flies behind them. Robin tells Starfire that he is a great driver, but a bad test-taker. He promises to take the test and pass until he does so as he is a master driver. After he walks away, Raven and Cyborg agree that Robin will fail.

Ed robs a pawn shop before entering the car where Robin reassures him that he will pass. He hears an alarm and starts to ask until Ed begins to deduct him. As they are chased by more police cars, Ed deducts Robin for bad music. They reach a blockade, but Robin swerves into the air which Ed deducts for as he was only in the air for three seconds. Robin drives the car into Food Bear where Ed is seen stealing food from the aisle. He deducts Robin for not turning into the cereal aisle as they are chased through more aisles by police cars. Eventually, the police cars crash, and Robin drives the car back onto the street. Ed reveals that Robin has failed, and instructs him to meet him in front of a casino.

After failing once more, Ed instructs Robin to meet him in front of the money factory and at the end of the rainbow. Ed robs both of these places, and Robin fails his driving test both times. Meanwhile, at Justice Java, a street cafe, the Titans are sitting at a table when the Foul Demon peers out from a sewer. Cyborg demands to know who Starfire is as Raven spots Robin waiting in front of a jewelry store. Beast Boy reveals that Robin is supposed to be meeting his driving instructor when the alarm rings. The Titans watch Ed, with stolen jewelry, enter the car and drive off. Raven and Starfire realize that Robin is being used as a getaway driver without his knowing, and Cyborg states they have to warn him.

Robin hears a car horn, and turns around to see the Titans waving their arms while driving after him. He deduces that the Titans are probably trying to mock him for not being able to drive and not having superpowers. Ed tries to get Robin to make a right, but Robin tells him that he's gonna drive. Robin swerves quickly as Cyborg activates rockets to catch up to him. Using his grappling hook, Robin turns onto another street as the T-Car crashes into a building. He drives up the side of a building, as the T-Car follows. The two cars ride on top of buildings and slide off one to enter space. After avoiding asteroids, Robin drives back to Earth as the Titans crash into multiple ones.

The two cars land on the rainbow, which Robin successfully drives. The T-Car bounces off the rainbow, and onto a street where it explodes. Raven scolds Cyborg for his driving as a stray tire hits his head, causing him to ask when Starfire arrived. Ed catches his breath before handing Robin a passing test. Robin cheers, but Ed reveals that he only passed him because he doesn't want him as a getaway driver. He mocks Robin for not knowing, but Robin reveals that he did knew and states that's the reason why he isn't warning him about the demon. The Foul Demon grabs Ed and smiles evilly as he drags him back to the demon world. Robin cheers for his victory by claiming he is a master driver.



Cast and characters

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  • Each member of the Teen Titans is revealed to have a driver license.
    • Raven is revealed to be able to drive without hands.
  • Robin's mask is revealed to be glasses.
  • Cyborg is revealed to have a cousin.
  • Running Gags: Robin declaring he is a master driver. Random appearances of the Foul Demon. Cyborg unable to recognize Starfire.
  • Food Content: Ed steals food from the grocery store. The Teen Titans, except Robin, are shown eating at a street cafe.


  • This episode marks the first appearance of the T-Car.
  • This is the first episode where Raven becomes a demon.
  • Food Bear is visited for the second time. The standee of Batman promoting Bat-O's is also seen again. Also, the man walking his dog is the same man Robin frightened when explaining why he wielded a staff ("Legendary Sandwich").
  • The plot of "Super Robin" is alluded to when Robin states that the Titans laugh at him for not having superpowers.
  • This episode begins the seagull's running gag.


  • Aqualad (Kaldur'ahm), advertised as "DJ Aqualad" is said to be performing at nightclub, The Cave.
  • Mumbo, advertised as Mumbo Jumbo, is advertised to perform at a casino.
  • Jonah Hex's likeness is used on a casino's marquee.
  • The street cafe, Justice Java, has Superman as their mascot.
  • Joker's likeness appears on the restaurant, Jokes & Yolkes.
  • Ra's al-Ghoul can be seen on a picture on Raven's wall.
  • Daniel Dreinerg's Nite Owl and Animal Man can be seen on a poster and a drawing of Krypto the Superdog, Catman, and Catwoman can be seen in Beast Boy's room.
  • Robin destroyed the Batmobile, and was seen attempting to convince Batman through the phone to not check out the wreckage.
  • The boss in Beast Boy's video game is a brain, a reference to the Doom Patrol's nemesis, the Brain.
    • In addition, the game over screen says "you are die", which is an allusion to bad video game localization.
  • Pawn Stars is alluded in the store, Pawn Dudes.
  • The "Benny Hill" "Madcap Chase" is parodied with the show's theme, Yakety Sax by Boots Randolph, playing during the super market chase.
  • King Kong, Speed Racer, Smartphones, tablets, Hip-hop music, and Freddy Krueger are referenced.


  • When the Titans (except Robin) are sitting at a table, a background of the stores (including the jewelry one Ed robs) can be seen, but Robin and the car are nowhere in sight. Immediately, the alarm sounds and Robin is there. He couldn't have gotten there that fast even if he was in a car.
  • On Robin's first driver test, he is seen to only get seven deductions, but has eight.


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