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--It's so easy for everyone else to "chill out." I've tried, but it just doesn't happen.[[Robin.|[src]]]

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"Dude Relax" is the seventh episode of Season 1 of Teen Titans Go!, and the seventh episode overall. Alongside "Laundry Day", it first aired on 14 May 2013 on Cartoon Network.


Robin attempts to learn how to be lazy.[1]


The Titans are relaxing in the living room when Robin enters, ordering the Titans into battle as soon as they are alerted to a crime. He checks his communicator but is informed about the lack of crime in the city when a beeping noise sounds. Robin presumes this to be an alarm, but Beast Boy reveals that his bag of microwave popcorn has finished heating. Cyborg, Raven, and Starfire share that a week without crime has affected Robin with mission withdrawal as noted by his twitching eye. Beast Boy and Starfire implore Robin to relax, but he nervously chuckles prompting Raven to ask if he knows how to relax. The Boy Wonder brags about his relaxing skills, but Cyborg reminds him that he tried to turn sleeping into a competition. Robin states that as leader he must remain vigilant but agrees to relax as the others head to their rooms. As they leave, he looks at his communicator and pleads for it to ring.

Cyborg is tinkering with the T-Car when Robin enters, asking the robotic Titan if he can join him in relaxing. He states that the two could upgrade the T-Car for the next mission, and leans on a lever which drops the vehicle onto Cyborg and destroys the car. Cyborg asks him to relax somewhere else and the Titan nervously leaves. Robin knocks on Starfire's room and she asks if he would like to join her in a spa mask. The leader agrees and the two soon sit across one another with spa masks. Starfire asks if Robin can feel the treatment working, and he reveals he added acid to the mixture in order to increase pain tolerance as the Tamaranean flies out of her room in pain. Raven tends to her bonsai as Robin prepares to inform her on a fact concerning the plant. She denies and slams the door in his face as the leader informs her that she missed a spot. Outside, Robin spots Beast Boy playing fetch and is invited to a game. He takes the chance to prove his arm exercises are working and throws the ball which slams the green Titan's eye and leaves him motionless.

The annoyed and injured Titans confront Robin who pleads that his job as leader requires his vigilant nature when the communicator reveals a crime alert much to his delight. He calls the Titans into action, but Starfire and Beast Boy inform Robin that he is staying in Titans Tower to learn how to relax. He asks how they plan on stopping him and Cyborg responds by placing a collar around Robin's neck which electrocutes him whenever he attempts to leave the tower. He tries to bypass the electric fence, but the Titans leave to combat the crime.

On the couch, Robin activates the Titan Computer in order to help on the mission. He drags an icon of Starfire to the center and is greeted to an image of her combating a tentacled monster. Robin tries to give her advice, but the Tamaranian disconnects his call. He tries to lead Raven and Cyborg but the two are attacked by the tentacles. In frustration, Robin orders Beast Boy to turn into a pterodactyl but he remains a pigeon. The Titans command Robin to relax and disconnect with him. Dejected, Robin is alerted to the elevator's ding which reveals Beast Boy's arrival.

Robin asks Beast Boy how he can be in two places at once, but the green Titan reveals he sometimes replaces himself with a green painted animal. Robin attempts to remove his collar to help on the mission, but is electrocuted. Beast Boy tells him he can relax, but Robin reveals that his attempts have all ended in failure. The green Titan decides to teach him how and tests him into ignoring his communicator for the rest of the day. He orders Robin to stand and tsks at his butt print stating that to relax, he must be one with the couch. Beast Boy begins to demonstrate for Robin and hums as Robin wonders how he should hum. The green Titan silences him and disappears under the couch as Robin pleads for him to wait.

Robin attempts to follow Beast Boy's example, but is distracted by the communicator. He reaches for it until Beast Boy returns taunting Robin that if he answers it, he would be better at something than Robin. Motivated by this, Robin throws his communicator aside and proceeds to relax as he becomes one with the couch. Inside, he meets the Couch Spirit who asks Robin what he wants. Robin reveals his determination to learn how to relax, but the Couch reveals something is holding him back. Robin states it's because he's the leader, but the Couch decrees it to be something else and orders Robin to discover the reason. He is alerted to a beeping, but ignores it only to find the spirit gone when he is surrounded by a horde of communicators who chase after him.

Hiding from the communicators in a tent, Robin finds himself in his childhood circus, the last place he was able to relax. He witnesses a baby version of himself being mistreated by the circus animals and deduces this as the reason he is unable to relax. The Couch confirms this much to Robin's dismay but reveals Robin can truly relax as the animals aren't here to bother him anymore. Back on the couch, Robin begins to relax and turns off his communicator to enjoy his day off. Meanwhile, the monster has imprisoned Starfire, Raven, and Cyborg as the female Titans each try to reach Robin through their communicators. Cyborg asks why the pigeon (which he believes to be Beast Boy) is just sitting there and pleads for help. In response, the pigeon flies away.



Cast and characters

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  • This episode hints that Robin's real name is Dick Grayson.
  • Raven is revealed to own a Bonsai.
  • It is revealed that Robin can't have Beast Boy be better at something than him.
  • Running Gags: Robin injuring the Titans due to being unable to relax. Raven saying, "No" whenever Robin suggests something.
  • Food Content: Beast Boy is drinking a soda when he returns.


  • A nod to Beast Boy's painting of animals green is later seen in "Super Robin" where an elder Robin painted a cat green in honor of his teammate.


  • Bane, Deadman, Harley Quinn, Scarecrow, and the Joker can be seen as stickers in the elevator.
  • A poster of Brainiac, Darkseid, Doomsday, and the Metallo exoskeleton can be seen in Cyborg's room.
  • The Batman Begins Trilogy musical score can be heard at one point.


  • When Robin is calling the Titans, the bird that Beast Boy painted green somehow managed to turn off its screen.


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