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--My name is Ed. I'll be your driving instructor.[[Ed to Robin.[1]|[src]]]

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Ed is a burglar who posed as a driving instructor in order to use Robin as a getaway driver when enacting robberies around various locations in Jump City.


Encounters with the Teen Titans

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Ed was sentenced to a court hearing and had Beast Boy assigned to him as a lawyer. However, Beast Boy accidentally declared his defendant guilty and had him sent to jail.[2]

Pretending to be a driving instructor, Ed tricked Robin into working as his getaway driver which was disguised as a driving test in order to reinstate Robin's suspended license. He successfully managed to rob several stores around Jump City and evaded the Jump City Police Department by ushering Robin routes and roads to take. While enacting the latest of his robberies, the scene was witnessed by Beast Boy, Cyborg, Raven, and Starfire who attempted to warn Robin about Ed's true nature. Mistaking their intentions into humiliating him, Robin successfully drove around the city and outer space while Ed watched, terrified. After crash landing, Ed gave Robin a passing grade admitting to only have done so after firing him as his getaway driver. He cockily boasted that Robin didn't have a clue, but the Titan revealed he was aware of the robberies and wasn't warning him about the Foul Demon. The demon soon dragged Ed, screaming for his life, back to the demon world.[1]

While Raven, Starfire, and Doctor Light ate at Justice Java, Ed fled from Diamond A'Plenty while pursued by a cop.[3]

Ed was apart of the crowd who ran into Jump City Electronics during the Black Friday sale.[4]


Ed is a manipulative person with the intention to only better himself. He maintains a cool demeanor when pursued by the police and doesn't seem fazed when fleeing from gunshots or driving off cliffs. However, he can be quite cowardly as he delivered a high-pitched scream when the Foul Demon dragged him to another dimension. He is also cocky as shown when he bragged about his successful plan to Robin. Ed talks in a slow and serious manner to emphasize his adult appearance and not seem like a criminal.

Physical appearance

Ed is a middle-aged resident of Jump City with light brown hair and skin with a lighter brown shade of his hair. He wears a pink shirt under a dark-green jacket which briefly overlap his khaki pants. He wears plain black shoes and black-rimmed glasses on his face.


Ed has no super-powers, but is capable of a few abilities that help him evade the Jump City Police Department.

  • Manipulation: Ed was able to disguise his true intentions as a driving instructor and used this power over Robin in order to enact his crimes around Jump City.
  • Strategy: Ed was able to use his brain in order to plan successful routes which would hasten his escape from the Jump City Police Department.


Teen Titans Go!


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  • Ed was the first villain to be banished to a another dimension.
    • Out of the others, he was the only one not to be (directly) banished by Raven.
  • His name is a pun on the term Driver's Ed which was noted by Robin in the episode.
  • Though voiced by Jeff Bennett, Ed's voice strongly resembles that of actor Ben Stein, noted for his role as the monotonous economics teacher in the film, Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986) and as Dr. Arthur Neuman in The Mask (1994).
  • Ed could also be a reference to a polite bank robber played by Billy Bob Thorton in Bandits (2001).


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