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--Beast Boy! You are a ... a ... a ghost![[Starfire to Beast Boy's "ghost".|[src]]]

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"Ghostboy" is the ninth episode of Season 1 of Teen Titans Go! and the ninth episode overall. It first aired on 21 May 2013 on Cartoon Network.


Beast Boy pretends to be a ghost haunting Starfire so she will do his bidding. When she figures out the ruse, she and the other Teen Titans convince him that he’s actually dead.[1]


Robin gets ready for the day by putting the remaining accessories onto his uniform. He opens the closet only to be met with Beast Boy, roaring at him in his Raptor form. Without flinching, Robin puts his cape on and praises Beast Boy on his effort as he walks away, depressing the green Titan. At the kitchen, Cyborg is busy spreading jam onto a piece of toast and humming to himself allowing Beast Boy to sneak up to the table in the background. He transforms into an owl and begins to regurgitate owl pellets into his best friend's cereal. Not even turning, Cyborg tells Beast Boy he is not amused of the prank causing Beast Boy to walk away, groaning.

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On the couch, Ann and Raven open a bag of chips and prepares to eat one until they spot Beast Boy as a cockroach on it. Not even fazed, the alicorn and half-demon tell Beast Boy his wit never gets old causing him to transform back into his human form. The Titan exclaims that the others aren't any fun as Robin walks by stating they are sick of him constantly pranking them. Raven adds in that they're not gullible enough to fall for them causing Beast Boy to remember a Titan who is. Outside, Starfire is watering the plants as Beast Boy prepares for an ultimate scare from the female Titan. He sneaks up to her in the form of a gorilla as she is disturbed by a mosquito. Starfire throws her water can into the air, hitting Beast Boy's head and blasts the mosquito. She catches it in her hands as Beast Boy pokes his injury and shouts in pain, causing Starfire to wonder if Beast Boy is in the form of a mosquito.

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The green Titan grins wickedly and transforms into his normal self, hiding in the bushes as he pretends to die. Starfire decides to get help, but Beast Boy proclaims it is already too late, and "dies". Starfire is distraught at her teammate's death as Beast Boy steps out from his hiding place and scares her. Regaining her composure, the female Titan then realizes Beast Boy is a "ghost". Using her mistake as an advantage, Beast Boy scares her off and proclaims the prank to be the start of something beautiful.

Starfire roams the hallways of Titans Tower looking for her teammates so she may inform them of the events that have transpired, but Beast Boy catches up to her and stops her in her tracks. He tells her that, on Earth, there is a custom to do whatever an accidentally killed denizen's ghost commands. Starfire agrees and Beast Boy has her clean the dirty clothes on the floor in his room. She starts to sniff the clothes to see which should be cleaned and which should not as Robin enters to room asking why she is sniffing the clothes.

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Starfire proceeds to tell him the truth but a hidden Beast Boy shushes her causing the female Titan to lie. She tells Robin that sniffing clothes was good luck on her planet, causing Robin to walk away. Starfire asks why Beast Boy hid and not floated through a wall and he lies that, on Earth, ghosts earned that ability after a couple of days. As Starfire cleans the clothes, Beast Boy delivers a bulldozer-full and truck full of clothes, depressing her. While Raven is meditating and Cyborg is lifting weights on the couch, Robin looks up from his comic book and notices the amount of time Beast Boy has gone without attempting a prank. Starfire collapses on the floor and the others ask her where she's been as her appearance is disgusting. She informs them that she's been sworn to secrecy by a ghost, causing the others to realize Beast Boy has pranked her. Starfire is enraged at the news, but Raven decides to teach him a lesson.

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The next day, Beast Boy awakens in a coffin and sees the other five Titans mourning his "death". The green Titan quickly realizes it is a prank and attempts to call their bluff by proving he's not transparent. However, he successfully swipes through a nearby pole and walks through Robin. Beast Boy screams in fright at the reality of his situation and runs through a wall causing the others to explode in laughter as soon as he leaves the room. Robin praises Raven on her decision to place a Spell of Transparency on him, but she tells them to quiet down. On cue, Beast Boy returns to the room, deciding to fulfill his life long dream of jumping into a volcano, and takes off. Raven reveals the spell won't last long enough for him to safely jump through the volcano and the four chase after their teammate.

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On the mountain, the four Titans race to the top when Cyborg spots the silhouette of a mountain lion. Believing it to be Beast Boy, Cyborg runs over to the animal and is brutally mauled to pieces. He returns to the group and dies of his wounds, transforming into a ghost. Raven notes the irony and the four continue on their way. Cyborg, Raven, Ann and Starfire fly above a treacherous terrain which Robin proclaims is no match for an acrobatic expert as himself. However, the ledge gives way and he falls toward his death. Cyborg attempts to save him, but Robin passes through him and crashes on the ground, dying instantly. He returns to the others as a ghost, ecstatic that he finally has a superpower.

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The volcano begins to erupt and Robin warns that they must be careful. He lists all the dangers of the volcano and Starfire states laserbeams as one. Raven and Ann question her about the laserbeams when two strike and disintegrates them. They return as ghosts, asking where they had come from while Ann realizes she can fly without her wings. Starfire reveals that on her planet, it is not uncommon to be struck by a stray laserbeam. Robin tells the girls to focus as they have to reach Beast Boy before he decides to jump. The five fly towards the top as a rock slide begins. The ghost Titans begin to cower in fear before they remember their status as ghosts. Robin worries for Starfire, but she dodges with elegant grace and catches one stating rock slides are no match for her when a stray laserbeam disintegrates her. Robin decides to float through the mountain as the Titans are now ghosts. As they float through the side of the volcano, Raven notices that the spell has worn off as Beast Boy prepares to jump.

Ghost Titans

The Teen Titans as ghosts.

The others arrive just in time to warn him that he is still human, but are shocked when Beast Boy reveals he knew all along it was a prank. Robin reminds him that they all died trying to rescue him and Starfire attempts to push him. Beast Boy prepares to leave but trips and falls into the volcano. He returns to the Titans as a ghost and they begin to laugh at him as he exclaims his death was not funny. Starfire agrees with him but later laughs saying it is hilarious. The other Titans laugh at Beast Boy as the episode circles in on the four and cuts to black. The episode resumes, showing the Titans remembering their current standing as Cyborg wonders out loud what to do now.



Cast and characters

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  • This is the first new episode that aired as a single segment, it aired along with a rerun of "Legendary Sandwich."
  • Beast Boy reveals his life long dream is to jump into a volcano.
  • Running Gags: The Titans dying and reviving as ghosts one by one until they're all dead.
  • Food Content: Cyborg is seen spreading jam on a piece of bread with Beast Boy, in owl form, regurgitated pellets into his cereal.
  • Deaths: All of the Titans die once in this episode.
    • Cyborg is mauled by a mountain lion he believed was Beast Boy.
    • Robin falls to his death after a ledge collapses from under him.
    • Raven, Ann and Starfire are hit by stray laserbeams.
    • Beast Boy falls into a volcano.
    • Two of the Titans' deaths could have been avoided. Starfire, Ann and Raven could have easily floated toward Robin and catch him or Robin could have activated his grappling hook. Beast Boy could have transformed into a animal with flying capabilities.


  • Cyborg dies for the second time ("Laundry Day").
  • Beast Boy is naked for a second time ("Laundry Day").
  • Two hints about future episodes are in the episode. Starfire exclaiming she can't lie is explored in "Starliar" and Robin gaining powers is the plot for "Super Robin."


  • There is a poster in Robin's room seen as he opens the closet. It is an advertisement for The Flying Graysons circus act, referencing Robin's family and former life in the circus business.
  • Batman, Plastic Man, the Flash's symbol, The Joker, and Two-Face appear on separate shirts and a plush toy in Gorilla Grodd's likeness appears in Beast Boy's room.
  • Robin is seen reading a Plastic Man comic.


  • When Robin is putting clothes on, multiple costumes are seen in his closet. However, in "Laundry Day" he apparently has nothing else to where when his current costume was dirty.


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