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--Tell me. What do females do on a "girls' night"?[[Starfire to Raven.|[src]]]

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"Girl's Night Out" is the thirteenth episode of Season 1 of Teen Titans Go!, and the thirteenth episode overall in the series. It first aired on 18 June 2013 on Cartoon Network.


When Robin, Cyborg and Beast Boy won't let Starfire, Ann, and Raven come along on their "Boys' Night Out," the girls spring Jinx from prison and the four of them have a wild night of their own.[1]


Robin and Cyborg are on the couch waiting for Beast Boy to get ready so the three could have a boy's night out. They excitedly howl like dogs when Beast Boy arrives, his hair combed with the exception of one single strand. After Robin and Cyborg compliment him on his hair, Beast Boy transforms into a dog and howls in celebration of their night until Cyborg informs him that they already did that. The green Titan apologizes as Starfire flies toward him, delighted that Beast Boy has combed his hair before wondering if he has plans for the night.

The male Titans reveal that they are going on a crazy, unplanned boy's night out throughout Jump City. Delighted by the idea, Starfire asks if she could join but they refuse with the lie that it's for boys only and that she does not have enough "crazy" to join them. In response, Starfire grabs Raven and Ann, who were both heating popcorn in a microwave, and lies about their plans for a girl's night out while Raven and Ann try to escape Starfire's hold. Starfire then tells the boys that they don't have enough "crazy" to join her Ann, and Raven, but Robin, Beast Boy, and Cyborg rebuff Starfire's claim and leave for their boy's night out while howling like dogs.

Starfire then asks Raven what a boys' night out is and she responds that they eat, make lame jokes, burp, and other guy stuff before heading towards the kitchen. Starfire protests that she could do those things, but Raven informs her that boys need time alone to be boys causing Starfire to think that Raven also doesn't believe she has enough "crazy". She asks about the activities in a girls' night out, but Raven doesn't know as she's never been on one causing her to imagine all the horrible things that occur such as teddy bears, flowers, and rabbits. Starfire decides for the two to have a girl's night out, persuading Raven and Ann (who were going to watch a movie together) with puppy dog eyes. Raven and Ann reluctantly agree and warns Starfire that she's not gonna bring the "crazy". Starfire reveals that she knows the perfect person that will and throws Raven and Ann through the wall of Titans Tower to start their girls' night out.

Meanwhile, Robin, Cyborg, and Beast Boy are walking down the street in sync with each other before breaking into a dance to start off their boy's night out. At the Jump City Juvenile Correction Facility, Jinx is standing in her jail cell when Starfire, Ann, and Raven enter through one of Raven's portals. Jinx wonders if the two were there to gloat about her being in prison again which Raven admits to doing when she is bored. Starfire reveals that she and Raven are planning a girls' night out and asks her to join them as she can bring the "crazy" due to her status as a criminal. Jinx accepts and is broken out of prison by Raven after Starfire pleads once again with puppy dog eyes. Starfire warns Jinx that if she tries to escape then she'll obliterate her before demonstrating on the prison wall.

Starfire takes Raven, Ann, and Jinx to Wacka Doodles, a theme park which claims to be the funnest place in the galaxy. Jinx notes that the two need her help with the "crazy" while Raven punches away a mascot that was annoying her with Ann burning the costume, both lamenting over their loss of watching a movie by themselves. Still walking in sync on the sidewalk, Robin, Cyborg, and Beast Boy (with his hair uncombed) reach Hat Shoppe where the three unanimously agree on having a Hat Party. After buying the hats, they each try a different one on and dance with them.

Back at Wacka Doodles, Starfire notes that the long line to ride the Bumper Cars would prevent the three from enjoying themselves. Raven decides to go home, but Jinx lies about free kittens in the parking lot which gets rid of all the people in line. However, the four are unamused by the ride causing Starfire to admit that the boys were right and she lacks enough "crazy". Jinx offers to guide Starfire in the way of "crazy" by proposing her to free her of her handcuffs. Raven starts to tell Jinx they'll never release her when Starfire destroys the handcuffs with the remainder of obliterating her if she tries to escape.

Jinx hexes the bumper cars and leads the four onto the streets of Downtown Jump City. They round a corner and drive into a Taco Truck. A police car catches them speeding and follows them causing Raven to think that they're all going to jail. Jinx, Ann, and Starfire tell her to lighten up and enjoy herself while they are chased by numerous police cars and two helicopters. The four pass by an alley where Batman and James Gordon are sitting in a police car and laughing.

Raven asks Starfire, Ann, and Jinx if they could pull over, but they deny before spotting a road block. They drift onto a corner and lose control of the bumper cars, spinning out of control until it crashes into a building. The building collapses and launches into the air with Starfire, Ann, Raven, and Jinx riding it until it collapses. Raven notes how that's the first time she'd ever ridden a building when the Jump City Police Department surround the four.

Meanwhile, Robin, Cyborg, and Beast Boy are excited over the crazy fries at Yum Yum Kitty Dinner and decide to eat the fries in crazy ways. Back at the Jump City Juvenile Correction Facility, Starfire, Raven, Ann, and Jinx are imprisoned in cells and reflect on their girl's night out. Jinx tells Starfire she has more "crazy" than it even means and agrees with Raven that the night was fun. Starfire then decides to continue with the night and escape the correction facility again.

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Sitting on the sidewalk, Robin states that the night was the best boys' night out ever while Beast Boy and Cyborg mock how the girls spent their night, thinking they watched movies about vampires kissing. Starfire, Raven, Ann, and Jinx come to a halt in front of the three when a spotlight shines upon them causing the three to run as police cars chase after them. Robin, Cyborg, and Beast Boy call the girls' night lame and howl like dogs to end their night while Starfire, Raven, Ann, and Jinx fly away from a helicopter.



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  • It is revealed that Raven visits and mocks Jinx in jail when she is bored.
  • Raven, Ann, and Starfire are the first Titans to go to jail.
  • This episode is featured as the game Titans' Night Out in the Teen Titans Go! Arcade app.
  • Food Content: Raven and Ann are interrupted when eating their popcorn. Robin, Cyborg, and Beast Boy eat fries in crazy ways. The girls crash into a taco truck.
  • This episode aired with a rerun of "Double Trouble."


  • Second time Batman and James Gordon have a cameo appearance together ("La Larva de Amor").
  • Second time Lex Luthor's likeness appears on printed money ("Hey Pizza!").
  • The first street the girls drive through is the same street where Robin was conducting his driver's ed test with Ed ("Driver's Ed").


  • Batman and James Gordon appear in a squad car parked in an alley.
    • Dracula is featured on a cover of the Lovin' Bats! book seen on the passenger-side dashboard of the squad car.
  • In the male Titans' shared thought bubble, Cyborg imagines himself wearing the Riddler's iconic green question-mark bowler derby.
  • Lex Luthor's likeness appears on the money paid to the Hat Shoppe.
  • During the Hat Party, Beast Boy can be seen wearing Green Arrow's iconic feathered emerald archer's cap.
  • Beast Boy's hairstyle in the beginning of the episode resembles The Little Rascals character, Carl "Alfalfa" Switzer's, complete with the springing effect.
  • The Gangam Style, Robot Dance, and Runnng Man dance moves are performed during the Hat Party.
  • The male Titans break dance and share a fist bump.
  • Wacka Doodles' motto, "Funnest Place in the Galaxy" is a slight reference to Disneyland's motto, "Happiest Place on Earth".
  • Freddy Krueger is referenced.
  • Robin, Beast Boy, and Cyborg act like Pac-Man when eating the crazy fries.
  • An unnecessary amount of police cars chasing the girls and creating a road block is a reference to the film, The Blues Brothers.
  • Jinx, Starfire, Ann, and Raven riding the building in front of the moon is a reference to the famous scene in the movie E.T: The Extra-Terrestrial where Elliot rides his bicycle.
  • Beast Boy playing the keytar is reminiscent of the famous music star, Jimmy Hendrix.
  • One of the hats that Beast Boy wears during the Hat Party is the Cat in the Hat's red-and-white striped hat.
  • During the keytar scene, Robin is wearing a construction hard-hat, Cyborg sports a cowboy hat, and Beast Boy dons an Indian headdress, similar to three members of the 70's disco band, The Village People.
  • Beast Boy states that the girls watched lame vampire movies all day, a reference to the Twilight film series.


  • Unless the phrase is meant to refer to a single person (possibly Starfire or Jinx), "Girls' Night Out" is incorrectly punctuated in the title.
  • Raven only has one half of popcorn in the tub when she and Starfire talk about a girls' night out. However, after microwaving it, she has a full tub again.
  • Raven's never microwaves her popcorn, only puts it in the microwave talks to Starfire and then takes it out again.


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