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"Grandma Voice" is the fiftieth episode of Season 1 of Teen Titans Go! and the fiftieth episode overall. It first aired on 30 April 2014 on Cartoon Network.


In order to defeat Mother Mae-Eye, Cyborg starts using a grandma voice, but soon that persona takes over and he begins making the other Titans dress warmly and clean their dishes.[1]


In front of Justice Java, Mother Mae-Eye confronts the Teen Titans with her magical wooden spoon. She shoots a red beam at Cyborg and a hawk-transformed Beast Boy, successfully shooting them back. Robin charges at Mother Mae-Eye, but the witch slams her spoon on the ground, knocking him onto his back. She cackles at her victory as Starfire mockingly asks if she may give Mother Mae-Eye one of her eye blasts. The witch blocks the attack by transforming her spoon into a mirror, rebounding the attack off a fire hydrant, lamp pole, sewer grate, and fighter jet until it hits Starfire and Raven. Robin attempts to attack the witch from behind, but she deflects, forcing the Boy Wonder back as he dubs Mother Mae-Eye a tough grandma.

Cyborg scoffs at this remark, claiming the witch can't compare to his own grandma - who is known for acting sweet one minute and then knocking sense the other. Raven distracts Mother Mae-Eye and attempts to use her soul-self to grab the witch's weapon as she reveals her grandma was a succubus who sucked people's souls. Mother Mae-Eye flings Raven back and informs the Titans that they'll receive a spanking for acting naughty before demonstrating on Beast Boy. Beast Boy comments that they could use Cyborg's grandma for back-up, but Cyborg activates a program that alters his voice into a grandma voice in order to act her response which Starfire compliments until she is knocked back by a red beam. Still roleplaying, Cyborg proclaims that Grandmama would give Mother Mae-Eye a whooping and attacks, forcing the witch to flee.

Cyborg sasses at Mother Mae-Eye's flight and proclaims that she knocked sense into the witch. The Titans laugh and Robin remarks that no one can really knock sense, but Cyborg states otherwise and demonstrates before asking if any of the Titans would like some knocked into them. Starfire declines but expresses her delight toward the grandma voice, pleasing Cyborg. A few hours later, the Titans return to Titans Tower with Cyborg continuing his roleplay much to the annoyance of the others. Beast Boy tells Cyborg the moment's pass, but Cyborg reveals he can't stop doing the voice no matter how hard he tries, forcing Raven to punch him with her soul-self.

The next day, Robin greets the other Titans but they are dumbstruck by Cyborg - now dressed as a grandma - cooking waffles. Grandma greets the Titans as Robin and Beast Boy attempt to ask Cyborg what he is doing. He, however, slaps sense into Robin and orders him to call him grandma before sweetly telling them to wash their hands for breakfast. Starfire washes her hands first and is followed by Robin as Raven comments that the dress doesn't suit Cyborg before the Boy Wonder spots a cat-transformed Beast Boy licking himself. While eating, Robin tells the Titans that Cyborg's subconscious must have developed a grandma-like persona. The Titans stare at him worriedly as Grandma prepares to slap more sense into him. Robin nervously changes his statement into praising Grandma, who kisses him in response, disturbing him.

Grandma tells the Titans to clean up their mess, but Beast Boy groans that cleaning is boring. She tells them that in order to make it exciting, they should listen to music. Starfire questions the effect of this and Grandma demonstrates, imploring Robin to begin dancing and mopping. Beast Boy begins washing the dishes as Raven uses her magic to clean the dishes and Starfire skillfully stacks them. Moving along to the beat, Robin and Starfire dance together while scrubbing the kitchen as Beast Boy wipes the windows. Raven uses her magic to put away the kitchen utensils and clean the table. Grandma dusts the rest of the kitchen and dances before shooting fuzzy sweaters at each of the Titans. She extends her arms and the Titans embrace in a group hug before leaving the kitchen. Robin nuzzles up to Grandma and proclaims his love for her as she thanks him with a kiss.

Grandma walks past Beast Boy's room and spots the Titan playing video games. She takes the controller away from him much to his protest, but Grandma remarks that Beast Boy must finish his homework. Beast Boy reveals that he doesn't have homework since he doesn't attend school, but Grandma sees this as sass and threatens to smack sense into him. That night, Starfire and Raven attempt to board the elevator but Grandma grabs Starfire and claims the Tamaranean isn't leaving the tower in her outfit due to the revealing nature of it. Robin, however, states that Starfire looks good forcing Grandma to knock sense into him which shoots him out the window. Starfire retorts that Grandma didn't have to smack so much into sense as Raven snickers. Grandma questions Raven for laughing and sends Starfire off to change before scanning over Raven's outfit and deeming her fit to go outside. Raven thanks Grandma, but she mistakes this as sass and scans the half-demon to determine that she didn't.

The Titans regroup at the couch with Robin revealing a change in heart and deciding to return Cyborg to normal. Raven wonders how they can accomplish this and Robin (in a grandma voice) proclaims that they have to smack some sense into Cyborg. Beast Boy and Starfire express uncertainty at hitting an old woman, but Robin reminds them that Cyborg is male. Raven, however, agrees with the two, claiming that it's wrong to attack old people and those disguising as one. Beast Boy protests that they hit old people on a regular basis but Starfire reminds him that they are evil. Robin, thinking for an evil old person, proclaims he has an idea.

Grandma disembarks from a bus in front of Mother Mae-Eye's Pies and spots the Titans trapped in an oven on top of the pie shop. They scream for help as Beast Boy begins eating the pie batter. Grandma ponders who committed a terrible act and catches the attention of Mother Mae-Eye, angered that someone dared to call her pie terrible. Grandma remarks that her pies are terrible for using the Titans as her ingredients and orders the witch to prepare for a grandma fight. The two stand-off and begin charging at one another slowly due to their elderly age. Grandma begins to mock Mother Mae-Eye, but the witch throws a purse at her. In retaliation, Grandma performs a finger wag and blasts Mother Mae-Eye with a laser. The witch summons rolling pins as Grandma trades her hands for spoons. The two battle until Mother Mae-Eye transforms one into her wooden spoon which she uses to destroy Grandma's curlers revealing her identity as Cyborg.

Shocked at the revelation, Mother Mae-Eye decides to teach him a lesson and hits her with a rolling pin, freeing Cyborg's subconscious from his grandma-persona. Cyborg remarks that sense was knocked into him before spotting the ghost of his grandma-persona who proclaims her love for Cyborg before dissipating away. Mother Mae-Eye cackles in victory and transforms the spoon into a propeller to flee but is quickly shot out of the sky by Cyborg. He asks about the Titans' condition but Robin, Starfire, and Raven are mostly terrified of an obtuse Beast Boy who is eating the pie batter happily. Back at the tower, Robin consoles a grieving Cyborg as Beast Boy reminds him that they'll always have the memories they spent with Grandma and plays the record they danced to when performing chores. The Titans dance to the beat as Grandma's ghost rises from her grave outside the tower and break-dances.



Cast and characters

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  • This episode premiered exactly one year after "Driver's Ed" and "Dog Hand".
  • Running Gags: Grandma knocking sense into the Titans.
  • This episode aired with a rerun of "Be Mine".


  • Beast Boy is playing the same video game from "Driver's Ed".
  • Third time Robin is sent flying out of the tower ("Laundry Day", "Tower Power").


  • Batgirl's likeness appears on an obscured Jokes + Yolks sign on an overhead shot of Cyborg and Mother Mae-Eye.
  • Starfire and Mother Mae-Eye play a round of Mother, May I? at the beginning of the episode.



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