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--Halloween was the one day of the year we looked forward to. Carving pumpkins, trick-or-treating, haunted houses, I was just trying to get all that back.[[Raven explaining her reasoning for summoning the Halloween Spirit.|[src]]]

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"Halloween" is the nineteenth episode of Season 2 of Teen Titans Go! and the seventy-first episode overall. It is also the third holiday episode in the season and the fifth overall. The episode first aired on October 30, 2014 on Cartoon Network.


Raven tries to put the spirit of Halloween back into the holiday.[1]


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Raven dons her costume, Sparkleface from Pretty Pretty Pegasus, and greets the other Teen Titans with a "Happy Halloween", and uses her magic to place Halloween decorations around the living room, but the Titans are unresponsive. She tries scaring Starfire with a paper ghost, but she claims that it isn't scary. Raven attempts to scare Robin by showing him a carved jack-o'-lantern, but he moves out of the way to continue flipping through the channels. She attempts to entice Cyborg with the idea of free candy, but he simply says that they could go buy some at the store. Raven attempts to entice Beast Boy by reminding him about his love of costumes, but he reminds her that they were costumes every day.

Raven gives up and asks the Titans why they're unresponsive to their favorite holiday. Robin clarifies that Halloween was their favorite holiday, but now it's President's Day. Starfire urges her to remember what happened to them last year when they vomited candy after consuming them with the wrappers still intact. Cyborg explains to Raven that Halloween isn't scary anymore and Beast Boy tells Raven that he doesn't have time to be scary because he's a grown man before he begins playing with a ball of yarn. Raven tries to convince the Titans otherwise by scaring Starfire, but she doesn't respond and Robin restates their belief that Halloween isn't scary anymore.


Raven summons the Halloween Spirit to make Halloween scary for the Titans.

Disappointed, Raven retreats to her room where she gathers various ingredients and places them in a pumpkin, summoning the Halloween Spirit. She asks the spirit to show the Titans that Halloween is still scary and it complies — by transforming them into little kids. The Titans are frightened by Raven's decorations and Raven asks the spirit why it transformed them into little kids. The Halloween Spirit explains to Raven that she mentioned they were too old to be scared.

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The doorbell rings, and the Titans, terrified, open a video feed and mistake the trick-or-treaters for monsters. Robin calls Code Red, and the tower goes into lockdown with missiles aimed at the little kids, causing them to run away in fear. Robin sighs in relief when he is scared by the Halloween Spirit and kicks the pumpkin off the couch. The pumpkin shatters and releases the Halloween Spirit who quickly disembarks to frighten the little kids. The Titans question the spirit's identity and Raven puts the blame on their transformation and his summoning to the Titans' claim that Halloween wasn't scary anymore. When questioned further by Beast Boy, Raven summons Ancient Legends and reads the legend of the spirit.

Halloween Spirit

The Halloween Spirit's true form is released.

According to the book, the Halloween Spirit fed off the fear of others and terrorized the land until he was defeated by the townspeople confronting their fears, resulting in his banishment. Raven concludes by informing the Titans that they can defeat the Halloween Spirit and reverse the Titans' transformation so long as it is before the full moon sets. She instructs the Titans to carve jack-o'-lanterns and create their own costumes in order to collect candy to fuel the spell needed to transport the Halloween Spirit back to its realm.

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Once outside, the Titans are terrified by every costumed kid that walks by and they begin to rethink their decision. Raven motivates them into facing their fears so that they can collect candy and leads the Titans on a trick-or-treating spree. As they celebrate the amount of candy received, the Halloween Spirit approaches them and enchants several decorations with life in order to scare the Titans. The Titans attempt to attack them with their powers, but to no avail as Raven deduces that their powers won't work so long as they fear the creatures. After a chase sequence, the enchanted monsters manage to corner the Titans and Raven reveals the truth over the Halloween Spirit's summoning by explaining that she wanted to reignite the Halloween spirit instead of ruining it. However, the Titans reassure that it's been the best Halloween due to them enjoying the experience of being afraid. Motivated, Raven instructs the Titans to consume the candy in order to power up and defeat the monsters, which they manage to do, converting them back into decorations.

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Raven confronts the Halloween Spirit and has the Titans light the candles inside of their jack-o'-lanterns, which unleashes beams of light that ensnare the spirit. Raven opens another pumpkin and the spirit is banished back to its realm just as the full moon sets. The Titans are restored to their teenage selves and Raven thanks them for spending Halloween with her. Robin returns the thanks by thanking Raven for showing them how fun Halloween can still be. Raven tells them that there's one more thing and she turns on a flashlight and says, "Boo", launching the Titans into a scare. As she watches the Titans flee in terror, Raven says that she loves Halloween.



Cast and characters

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  • Robin, Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Starfire's likeness appears on Mt. Rushmore, their appearance resembling those of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln.
  • The Titans are dressed up as characters from the 1985 incarnation of ThunderCats. Robin is dressed as Lion-O, Starfire is dressed as Cheetara, Beast Boy is dressed as Tygra, Cyborg is costumed as Panthro, Raven is dressed as villain Mumm-Ra, and Silkie is dressed as Snarf.
  • Raven uses a dragon scale as an ingredient when creating the Halloween Spirit. The scale bears a resemblance to the one used in the TV show Dragon Tales by Max and Emmy to travel to a fantasy world populated by dragons.
  • The Halloween Spirit is similar to character from Gravity Falls, the Summerween Trickster.
  • The instrumental version of Michael Jackson's single, Thriller, can be heard when the Titans carve Jack O'Lanterns and create their costumes.
  • The chase sequence is a parody of the Scooby-Doo franchise's chase scenes.
  • The Halloween Spirit is defeated in a ghost-trapping method similar to the one used by the Ghostbusters in the Ghostbusters franchise.



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