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"Head Fruit" is the forty-second episode of Season 2 of Teen Titans Go! and the ninety-fourth episode overall. It first aired on 7 May 2015 on Cartoon Network.


When Beast Boy’s head starts to rattle, Robin suggests that he should find a hobby so that his brain will stop shrinking. Beast Boy and his brain agree to take up gardening.


Beast Boy is strumming the guitar and shaking his head, causing a "rattle" which intrigues the other Titans, who are relaxing on the couch. Robin catches Beast Boy's attention and Raven asks about the rattle, but Beast Boy assumes they mean a song he's working on. He resumes strumming his guitar until Starfire stops him and shakes his head, causing the rattle. Beast Boy explains it's his "rattle" and Cyborg asks how long his head has been rattling. Beast Boy answers a couple weeks when Robin grabs him and asks Cyborg to give him a hand. Cyborg begins shaking Beast Boy like a maraca until Robin scolds him and reports that he believes Beast Boy's rattle is a result of brain neglect, causing it to shrink. Starfire tells Beast Boy that the brain holds information, experience, and must be challenged to grow, but Beast Boy explains that he neglects his brain because it gets him into trouble. When questioned by Cyborg, Beast Boy answers that his brain is always wandering and in the clouds and he decided to keep his brain from going out of control by neglecting it. Robin tells Beast Boy that it's unacceptable to neglect his brain and tells him to start using his head.

Beast Boy decides to take Robin's advice, but takes his words literally as opposed to figuratively, using his head to knock down doors, open canisters, bathe, and type on his laptop. The next day, Beast Boy approaches the Titans with multiple bruises but with his rattle intact. Raven informs him that he wasn't supposed to literally use his brain and the Titans offer him math, reading, and brain teasers to fulfill Robin's orders. Beast Boy refuses each of them and Robin requests that he at least takes up a hobby which Raven explains is fun for him and challenging for his brain. Beast Boy decides to talk to his brain about it and retreats to his room. There, he has a conversation with his brain, who communicates by rattling. They insult each other at first until his brain gifts him pizza. Beast Boy tells his brain about the others wanting them to start a hobby and lists requirements that the hobby mustn't have. His brain suggests gardening which Beast Boy says is perfect.

Beast Boy takes up gardening, but finds it unappealing as his crops die and animals attack him. He returns to the tower, telling the Titans that he hates hobbies as it was like work without pay. Robin tells him that most hobbies are like that, but informs him that his rattle is gone, upsetting Beast Boy as he liked his rattle. He tries to walk, but falls and Cyborg tells him that since his brain's growing, he's going to need time to adjust to its size. Beast Boy fears his brain's growth as he believes his brain would abandon him. Later, Beast Boy goes up to the Titans and shows them a branch has begun growing out of his head. While he tries to pull it out, Robin tells him that the branch is a sign of Beast Boy and his brain's new found friendship and that it’s a good thing. Three weeks later, the branch has grown into a tree and Beast Boy wonders how a tree growing out of his head is a good thing. Cyborg responds that it's because of the fruit growing out of his head and Starfire offers juice made from that fruit which Robin enjoys. Raven asks who wants to climb Beast Boy's tree and the others readily agree, frustrating Beast Boy. After Robin calls a team meeting in Beast Boy's head tree house, he shakes everyone out and shares his worries about his brain looking for a way out.

The next day, the Titans plan another fun filled day in Beast Boy's head tree until they find Beast Boy sprawled on the floor and unresponsive. Cyborg determines that Beast Boy's brain really did wander and Raven deduces that it must have wanted Beast Boy to take up gardening in order to learn how to plant a tree to escape. Robin admits that Beast Boy was right and chides himself for not listening. He resolves to return Beast Boy's brain and deduces that it went into the clouds. The Titans head up to the clouds where they find a paradise and Beast Boy's brain. They chase after it, but the brain uses the clouds and its quickness to evade the Titans until it is cornered. However, the brain jumps off the edge of the cloud, landing on the back of an eagle to soar to freedom. Starfire is upset for losing Beast Boy's brain and Cyborg wonders what they plan to do now. Robin says that for most people a brain is irreplaceable, but claims that Beast Boy will be all right. He stuffs a maraca into Beast Boy's head and he wakes up, thanking the Titans for returning his brain and his rattle. The Titans act like everything is normal and Beast Boy begins strumming his guitar and rattling his "brain" once more.



Cast and characters

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  • The title of the episode refers to a line by Cyborg when he talks about the fruit in the tree that grew out of Beast Boy's head.
  • Beast Boy's name is revealed to be Garfield Logan. This was briefly hinted at in "Hot Garbage" when his underpants had Garfield sewn onto the waistband.
  • Aqualad's real name is revealed to be Garth as shown on his DCUbook profile.
  • Beast Boy does not use any of his animal transformations in this episode, making it the sixth episode he does not. The other five are "The Left Leg", "Waffles", "Knowledge", "Thanksgiving" and "Robin Backwards".
  • This is the second episode to focus on Beast Boy's intelligence, the first was "Brain Food".
  • This episode aired exactly two years after "Double Trouble" and "The Date".
  • This episode aired with a rerun of "Kicking a Ball and Pretending to Be Hurt".



  • Cyborg sings "La Cucaracha", a popular Latin song.
  • When Starfire tells Beast Boy that his brain needs to be challenged, the episode shows a challenger who says, "all your base are belong to us." This references a broken English phrase from the 1991 video game Zero Wing which became a popular meme. The phrase was a result of a mistranslation from the Japanese version to the European version.
  • On Beast Boy's DCUbook page: the Justice League picture of Martian Manhunter, Superman, Aquaman, Batman, the Flash, Plastic Man, and Wonder Woman can be seen, Superman’s alter ego Clark Kent is referenced when he asks Bruce (Batman) and Hal (Green Lantern) for a boys night out with the hashtag Don't tell Arthur, referring to Arthur Curry aka Aquaman, Aquaman is referenced in an ad for Swim Lessons, Superman is referenced in ad for "want super abs".
  • Starfire can be seen playing with a Rubik's cube.
  • Batman's likeness appears on a book.



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